Ross’ Fantasy Report

Preseason Report:

Rookies: The only rookie I would draft from the Patriots is  Laurence Maroney because I know he is going to play!!!!  Chad Jackson is not a good pick because he has been injured for so much time.  Gostkowski isn’t the best pick because he is unproven, even though he is the best rookie kicker.  He is an option in some Yahoo! leagues.

Top Players

1. Tom Brady- I would draft Tom Brady as a BACK-UP because of Deion Branch’s hold out.

2. Laurence Maroney – Doesn’t have the wear and tear that Dillon has and will get carries

3. Corey Dillon – Will get the goal line carries giving him a lot of fantasy points.

4. Ben Watson – Has speed and ability to have a breakout year and be a top TE.\

5. Deion Branch – only if he comes out of his holdout


Laurence Maroney, Daniel Graham


Reche Caldwell, Corey Dillon

***Now with Tom Brady “being linked to balco by having a phone conversation breifly”  (according to Greg Anderson, former trainer of Giants Slugger Barry Bonds), Brady’s fantasy value will go down. 


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