Pats Weekly Report Card: Issue 2

This weeks report card includes game 1 of the preseason, plus performances in practice.

QB: C+  Tom Brady has had some off the field issues, Cassel wasn’t great, still no number 3

HB: A+  Great 1-2 punch with Dillon & Maroney, Faulk doing his thing, Patrick Cobbs emerges

FB: B-  Pass still out, Evans too slow, but Mills put on a show with 5 rec. for 75 yds.

WR: D  Branch holding out, Jackson injured, no one else is stepping up

TE: B-  Graham mostly injured, Mills just came back, Watson performing well

OL: A-  Koppen back, O’Callaghan taking over at RT, Light in midseason form

DL: B+  Injured getting healthy, LeKevin Smith stepping up, Mike Wright doing well

OLB: A-  No injury problems, Banta Cain doing well, Vrabel will stay outside with addition of Seau

MLB: B  Bruschi out, but Seau comes in, when everyone’s back, we will have a good bunch

CB: A-  Competition is strong and consistent, and how about Willie Andrews doing a little of everything

S: A-  Hawkins, Wilson, Jones, and now Harrison is back and almost 100%

K: A  No missed field goals, Gostkowski pushing ahead

P: A-  Miller had a pretty good preseason opener

A+ Performers: Willie Andrews, Garrett Mills, Patrick Cobbs, Laurence Maroney, Corey Dillon


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