More Randy Moss Rumors!!!

Well now I’ve heard that the Patriots have directly expressed interest in Moss, don’t know if this is true.  I also heard that we traded him for a second round pick, and he’s flying in for a physical, but im almost definately sure this isn’t true.  Anything you’ve heard, just post in the comments section, or in the forum so we can see all of the rumors happening.

UPDATE:  The above rumor is purely skeptical.  I myself do not believe this rumor (that Randy Moss has been traded and is coming in for a physical).  I’m just putting it out there because I’ve heard it floating around.

2 Responses to More Randy Moss Rumors!!!

  1. deadissue says:

    I trust Belichick to know what he’s doing, but if having his salary on the books means we can’t pay Warren or Wilfork when their rookie deals are up, it would be a mistake. I think they understand that…the cap room we’ve got now is to ensure there’s enough to keep the D-Line in tact for years to come.

  2. tombradysucks says:

    the patriots suck…belichick is a crybaby aswell as brady…
    GO COLTS!!!!

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