Randy Moss Trade: Pros and Cons

If the Patriots end up receiving Randy Moss, will it be the best for the team?  Here’s what I think about it:


1. We get a perennial superstar receiver in Randy Moss

2. Six weeks of his salary will already be paid leaving us with just 4.85 million this year

3. Did I mention, he’s Randy Moss!!!

4. Randy Moss is better than Deion Branch by a longshot

5. Can’t Belichick work with Moss just like he did with Dillon (by all means though, Corey has and had a better attitude, especially on the field.)


1. Its Randy Moss, we all know what happens on the field with Randy Moss

 2. He’s going to want the ball every play

3.  Over 2007 and 2008, he will have to be paid 10 and 11 million dollars, likely meaning the Patriots will have to restructure his contract

4. Will Belichick be able to turn him into a good lockerroom guy, or will he be the Mark Blount of the Patriots

5. He’s not getting any younger.

BY THE WAY, this rumor is starting to remind me of the Allen Iverson rumor, but without all of the hype.


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