We Flopped, Patriots Lose 21-0

I am speachless, and dissapointed.  Mostly, I am dissapointed with the offensive line’s pass protection.  I was actually going to predict us to lose this game, because I hadn’t predicted us to lose yet…  I have just about nothing else to say.

Game Notes:

-Tom Brady and Matt Cassel had no time in the pocket, culminating with the two sacks and fumbles to seal our fate

-Corey Dillon looked explosive in the running game, even with the terrible protection, he was able to power and maneuver his way to a good game

-Where were the receivers?

-Injuries hurt us in the long run, Brady couldn’t throw to Watson, and the defense had a gaping hole left in the middle because of Wilfork’s absence

-That leaves Rosevelt Colvin as the only starting Patriot defender not to go down with an injury this year

-Only time I got out of my seat was the direct snap to Faulk, throw to Brady, throw to Graham play.  Even though I was cheering I was like, “Wasn’t that 2 forward passes?” And sure enough…


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