Rebound Time

Boy , have the Patriots ever been more happy to see the Houston Texans? I think that the prognosticators who picked the Dolphins in pre-season should feel better about themselves because they really are a good team.
Roster Moves
The Patriots released Doug Gabriel who has 344 yards receiving with 3 touchdowns. It’s a good thing he’s gone because Lord knows our depth chart at wide receiver is stacked with talent (sarcasm). We picked up a couple defensive backs; rookie corner Justin Phinisee who played with the Chiefs through the past week without appearing in a game, but he is 23, 5’10” 197 lbs and, who knows, maybe he will make us forget about Ellis Hobbs and Eugene Wilson? And monkeys might fly out of my butt.
Also signed is Guss Scott, 5′ 10″ 205 lbs., who played with the Jets this year (another ex-Jet i.e.; CB Ray Mickins) but played with the Pats ’04-05, recording 20 tackles in ’05 while our secondary endured the tortuous embarassment that was last year. I hope that is not where we are at. Our front 7 has been solid,but what with Vince Wilfork injured, to what extent only Patriots insiders know, I worry about the defense a little.
Time for the Patriots to rebound and focus on The Texans and #1 pick Mario Williams, good luck boys.


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