Patriots Beat Up On Jaguars 24-21, Claim AFC East Division Title

Finally, we got it done.

 The scoreboard doesn’t say so, but we really dominated this game, and didn’t let up at any point.  I’m glad we took  the division, hopefully we can translate this small winning streak into a 12-4 finish at Tennessee next week.

-That Brady injury was scary, even though he came right back.  Matt Cassel was probably hyped up for a minute though.  Watch Bill put Brady as questionable for this week against Tennessee.

-We chose a gameplan, and stuck to it.  We came out from the beginning and said we were going to use a give and take passing attack, and it worked to perfection.

-David Thomas has taken advantage of his playing time with Ben Watson injured.  His two longest, diving catches were some of the best catches I have seen.  With those kinds of hands, he could be sticking around for years to come.

-Sauerbrun looked ugly.  His last punt was decent however.

-How did Ty Warren get snubbed of a Pro Bowl birth?  He really deserved it, proving again that he is an all-star player with strong play today.

-Bam Childress came out with 2 catches for around 7 yards.  Kelvin Kight hauled in one on the opening play for 9.

-Gostkowski’s 49 yard miss was his first miss after making 11 straight.

-What was up with that 74 yard Maurice Jones-Drew touchdown run?


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