One Week Seasons

Now is a great time to be a New England Patriots football player. Tom Brady has said that it is his favorite time of year and, sure enough, the New England area appears to be all aflutter about his team. He is the face of the franchise and this is his time to be noticed. On Boston sports radio station WEEI’s Dale and Holley show Ty Warren explained that after the grind of training camp, and the long regular season, the postseason can give the team a second wind. Let’s hope that it only applies to the Patriots and not the other teams.
Many people are picking the Pats on Sunday against the Jets, but many analysts also question the 9 point spread for a Patriot win, foreseeing a closer game. I also think the Patriots will win if only because I thought the loss in November was more a result of poor weather and field conditions than “Mangini-nious” smarts. Apparently they had been practicing all week outside in the rain while the Pats practiced inside. Sure he may have an edge as far as knowing the opposition (that is a two way street tho) but we have better players. Better QB, better Running backs, better front 7. Although anything is possible and our next post could be lamenting a lost season.
If the Patriots pull out the win the remaining teams are much scarier. Once past the Jets the Pats would travel to San Diego and play the #1 seeded team in the Chargers. The good news is that it would be a shootout since defense is not San Diego’s specialty. But perhaps we could use the same tact that paid off against the 2001 St. Louis Rams and focusing on locating Marshall Faulk and stopping him, with the offense falling apart behind him. The Ravens defense would be more formidable and a definite challenge. And lately the Colts have owned our defense which makes me wish to avoid them. But I am getting ahead of myself.
The injury report looks good despite no Rodney Harrison, hopefully we will see Wilfork in there to help disrupt Pennington and the running game of Leon Washington and Kevin Barlow. Brady is listed as probable due to his right shoulder which leads me to ask, what does that mean exactly? Is it just that his right arm gets tired after every game? Any possible effect of game planning mayhem for the opposition would have been lost months ago, but whatever.
Game day forecast is sunny and 50 degrees so no snow bowl yet. In fact it is highly improbable that the Pats will play in snow at all this year given the other teams in the post season, unless it snows in San Diego and in that case that means the world is ending. But back to football, I wish the boys in Foxboro all luck and encourage them to maintain their focus and enjoy their time in the sun.

6 Responses to One Week Seasons

  1. Hello Hatriot Fans,

    We run the anti-Patriot site over at Check it out for the opposing viewpoint. Usually, the real Patriots fans that visit use curse words.

    You might be interested in our prediction for Sunday’s game: Jets 103, Hatriots 2.

    Perhaps after the game we can do a cross-site postgame analysis. Sort of “he said, she said” but instead “Patriot said, Hatriot said”.

    Hater in Chief

  2. Greg says:

    Why would you waste your time updating that site constantly? Who are you a fan of?

    Whats funny is that I always looked for NY Jets hating sites (and Yankee ones too) as a little kid.

    By the way, the link doesn’t work

  3. Halley says:

    I love this site…almost as much as I love my gopher boy 🙂

  4. Oops, bad link.

    I Hate The New England Patriots

    While you keep winning, we keep hating.

    – Hater in Chief

  5. Tim G. says:

    Hater in chief, I think you really are a Patriots fan… deep down somewhere, very deep, but seriously

  6. Greg says:

    Haley, you spelled your own name wrong 🙂

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