It’s Done

‘My god…

 I want to curse a million times, but I don’t think that would be good for the sites image and stat count, so I’m going to hold in my tongue.

I’m going to make a few statements, then I am going to go into mourning, and you probably won’t hear me unless something big happens until after the Pro Bowl.

How could we allow the biggest comeback in a conference title game ever?  That’s not what dyanasties do, and sadly, this one doesn’t seem to have much more time to win another championship.  This was our game, our season, and we just didn’t get it done.  I am dissapointed to say the least, and I don’t feel like waiting an entire year just to see us make another run at a title.  Last year, we were more deserving to lose, and didn’t seem very threatening, this year was completely different.  The game was ours for the taking.


P.S. Root for the Colts to get their @$$#$ kicked 2 weeks from now.  GO BEARS!

I also want to say that I do have a lot of respect for Peyton Manning, Bob Sanders, Joseph Addai, Tony Dungy, and the rest of the Colts.  They did make the NFL’s greatest all time conference championship comeback and they did it against one of the greatest dynasties of all time as well.


24 Responses to It’s Done

  1. I want to say that it feels great that the Evil Empire went down. Anytime a Boston sports team lose, it’s a beautiful thing.

    NY rocks!

  2. Rick Tanner says:

    The Patriots got exactly what they deserved after the disrespectful act they gave when beating the Chargers. There was no honor in how they celebrated that victory. Now they will go down as allowing the biggest comeback in playoff history. Seems poetic. Go Colts!

  3. You know what I find amusing, Rick. Patriots fans n suicidal mode and then whining about how they lost. Gee I wish I rooted for a team that had that much success. I am a Vikings fan and my team has stunk for years and it ain’t getting better either. Try being a Vikings fan. Boston fans make me laugh. They whine about the Yankees never mind their team spends just like the Yankees. They whine about losing to the Colts. This shows you the arrogance and the stupidity of Bostonians. I am so glad I am from there. You couldn’t pay me to live there. I lost a lot of respect for Boston fans when they chanted wife-beater to Jason Kidd and harassed his ex-wife and his kids.

    You stay classy, Boston.

  4. Greg says:

    The Evil Empire… that’s a new one lol

    Rick, Actually, I’d say the Chargers had a lot more disrespect than the Patriots. Patriots were celebrating an amazing win, they have the right to do that. Losing to the Colts isn’t the worst thing to me. Whats the worst is losing the way we did. I would have rather lost last week against the Chargers, when we really deserved to lose.

    Leslie, you’re making generalizations about Boston fans that are inaccurate for many of them. In fact, I thought it was disgusting when the fans chanted wife-beater to Kidd.

  5. David Hollander says:

    You ungrateful, spoiled little piece of crap. As a Bears fan, I was in cloud nine celebrating my team’s first nfc championship in 20 years and the first think I could say was “I wonder what New England fans will be crying about when Peyton gets his first.” Ditto with the Red Sox– a team that made the Series as recently as the 80’s and won’t shut up about their bad luck even after winning it all. Go to hell, douche****.

  6. Doug Bennett says:

    The greatest NFL playoffs come back is still the Buffalo Bills vs. Houston Oilers when the Bills were down 35-3. This was greatest comeback in a championship game.

  7. Michael says:

    You need to check some spelling errors 🙂 I hope the Colts beat the bears though.

  8. Wicked Awesome! says:

    PATSIES FANS ARE FAGS!!!!!!!!!! Muuuhhahhhhhhhahaahahahahahahahahaahh, hey just think you get to watch RECHE CALDWELL all next year!!!!!!! HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHH, BUH BYE

  9. Greg says:

    How could Reche Caldwell drop those passes with those eyes? Its physically impossible for him to take his eyes off the ball 🙂

  10. Greg says:

    David Hollander, r u serious?

    You’re calling me spoiled because I’m pissed off my team lost… You can just calm down

    If you read my previous post, you would see I said, “PATS FANS APPRECIATE THE DYNASTY BECAUSE IT MAY BE OVER NEXT WEEK” I would call that appreciative, not spoiled. I know that the Pats probably won’t have a team this good for the rest of my lifetime.

    Its amazing all the fans that really hate the Patriots out there.

    You’re site must be picking up popularity, Hater in Chief 🙂

  11. soxylady says:

    Wow…people get angry about Boston fans, eh? Well Greg, I think they’re a little ignorant. How can you not be upset about a team you have a TRUE passion for losing? Unless you’re a bandwagon fan, I find it impossible not to get emotionally involved with “your” team. And I agree with you, I would have rather lost to the Chargers. Anyone but the Colts – but hey, that’s what rivalries are all about, right?

  12. Greg, you don’t really believe the Chargers were disrespectful, do you? Certainly LT, as an individual, had a few things to say about the Pats, but the Bolts, as an organization, did not dis the Pats. LT is not the Chargers, nor is Merriman.

  13. Greg says:

    Yeah, I’m surprised how many non-Patriots fans come to the site… I had to delete one comment I couldn’t moderate it had so many curses, its actually kind of funny

  14. (Speaking in continuation of my previous post) Though I have to admit, however, that LT is certainly one of the most important representatives of the Chargers…

  15. Greg says:

    Well, I didn’t think the Chargers were really disrespectful. I just was really upset with LT because he didn’t let it go, although he did have reason to be upset (I would throw a fit if it happened to me right after I lost, I think I would go and punch somebody)

  16. Greg says:

    I agree, you make a genuine point. Somebody was just saying the Patriots organization as a whole was bashing the Chargers, sort of like you’re point. Didn’t mean to make a generalization!

  17. Greg: I hate the Pats mainly because of Belichick and Brady. Robert Kraft rubs me the wrong way, but which sports owner does not. Belichick is a great coach, but a horrible human being. Look up Wikipedia for details. I also think he reneged on his contract with the Jets in which he signed an agreement to coach them when Parcells retired. As for Brady, he is a spoiled little punk. That’s all I have to say. I do respect them for winning and winning with a small budget. Give them credit. I only wish they were classy like the Vikings.

  18. soxylady: What are you talking about? Patriots fans have it freaking good. Their team is in it every year. What is there to complain? Try being a Vikings fan and then get back to me. Patriots fans whining is like Red Sox fans whining how the Yankees overspend when their teams do the same thing.

  19. soxylady says:

    Leslie: Every fan, who is a true fan and not a bandwagon one, is going to be upset if their team doesn’t make it all the way.
    And yeah, I’m a Sox fan, so until 2004 I had my whole life to be disappointed by my team. I DO know how it feels. I don’t need to be a Vikings fan to feel the pain. Honestly.

  20. Greg says:

    Soxylady… Thanks for trying to put some sense into these people :). Maybe they don’t know, but the Patriots only made the playoffs 6 times before 1994. And in the early 90’s they were the worst in the whole league.

  21. soxylady: Well then those fans need to look in the mirror. There is more to life than sports. Red Sox fans need to realize that there is life after baseball. No one is dying if they lose to the Yankees.

    Greg: You really think it’s going to me or Jets fans better that the Pats were horrible? C’mon.

  22. Greg says:

    Leslie: What are you talking about? I don’t remember saying anything about the Jets?????

  23. […] Blog. How could we allow the biggest comeback in a conference title game ever? That’s not what dynasties do, and sadly, this one doesn’t seem to have much more time […]

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