Some Patriots vs. Colts Thoughts

-Props to Peyton Manning and the Colts.  Manning did a wonderful job rallying his team from down 18.  It seemed it was something that the Patriots would do

– I was dissapointed with the lazy defense.  Ellis Hobbs said it himself, the defense just got lazy in the second half

-Corey Dillon: 7 carries 48 yards 1 td… Laurence Maroney: 8 carries 13 yards 1 fumble…  What does that show?  It shows bad playcalling…  It seems that Dillon gets it going every week, but McDaniels and Belichick never keep handing him the ball.  When we had that lead 34-31 with under 3 minutes to go, the ball should have unquestionably gone to Dillon.

-Penalties were a real killer.  But what can you say, they’re a part of the game…

– Tom Brady choked…  Yes, Tom Brady choked.  I’ve looked at his final pass at least 25 times and have come up with one reasonable explanation: Tom Brady choked and panicked, and through the ball into coverage when he should have thrown it away.

Personally, I would have rather had the Colts come in, and stomp all over the Pats.  I wouldn’t care if the Pats lost 42-0.  The frusturating thing is that the game was ours for the taking.  I would have rather not even had won the Chargers game, or even make the playoffs.  But I guess this all means that the Colts are now our #1 rival, no questions asked.


2 Responses to Some Patriots vs. Colts Thoughts

  1. When there was about 3 minutes left in the game, I almost shut it off, I guess the whole “what you don’t see won’t hurt you” mentality. My husband thought I was crazy.

    I probably shouldn’t have made the comment in the first half that Manning chokes in the big games while Brady comes through. I ate my words.

  2. Tash says:

    That’s the question I’ve been asking all year! Why do the Patriots give up on Corry Dilion in the 2d half of close games (or games that turn out close…). The Colts stringth is their pass defense – not their run defense… Run them into the ground!

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