Pro Bowl: Belichick and Tomlinson “Kiss Up”


I’ve got to say it was quite interesting seeing Belichick and the staff coaching the game yesterday.  It was cool seeing Josh McDaniels making the play calls and Belichick actually smiling DURING a game.  Too bad Warren, Brady, Seymour, and Samuel weren’t there though.  At least we did have Matt Light, but he didn’t play a very good game.

It was interesting when the AFC had the ball on fourth and goal at the one, and seeing Josh McDaniels making the call to Peyton Manning.  Did anyone else hear him say, sneak it if you can?

Where did Bill Belichick get that red flag?  So apparently he does have a sense of humor!

And last but not least, Belichick and Tomlinson made up, or according to Ladainian, kissed up.  And everybody was happy as the AFC won 31-28, and hopefully Belichick will never coach in the Pro Bowl again (means Pats will go to the Superbowl).

Now, its really on to the offseason!


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