Rumors 2/12/07: TAG ASANTE!

This year, Asante Samuel looks like one of the top players on the open market.  Sources say he and Nate Clements are looking for signing bonuses between $14 and $17 million.  Knowing the Pats player personnel, that’s going to be too high a price tag.  It looks like the only way to keep him will  be assigning him the franchise tag.  The franchise tag will give Asante a 1 year deal that gives him the pay of the average salaries from the top 5 cornerbacks in the NFL.  Pricy, but it looks to be less than what he might be asking for, and it seems that it may just be the only way to keep him.  Another rumor, thanks to Eye on Foxborough, states that Asante doesn’t want the tag, but that just may be too bad.  Keeping Asante for at least 1 more year will prove if he is worth the big cash, and it will give us time to find a replacement. 


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