Patriots Mock Draft 1st Round Update, Quick Rumors and Notes

1st Round Mock Draft

After hearing Ted Ginn Jr.’s interview, he seems like the kind of player New England would like to have.  With that, I’ve made some changes to the Patriots 1st round mock draft.  Feel free to leave your own opinions on who you think the Patriots should draft.

Pick #24 – – Ted Ginn Jr.  WR Ohio State

Pick #28 – – Michael Griffin S Texas

I will be providing an in depth 7 round mock draft after the combine on Wednesday.

Heath Evans Resigned

The Patriots resigned RB/FB Heath Evans to a two year deal.  His presence is needed with the expected release of Corey Dillon on March 2.

Patriots For Runningback in Draft?

With Corey Dillon leaving, runningback once again becomes a first day possibility for the squad.  Look for the Patriots to lean towards Minnesota halfback Gary Russell and Louisville runningback Michael Bush in the second round.  Russell is a toss-up, as he missed the last year due to academic ineligibility (ala Maurice Clarett).  Michael Bush is another bruiser who could compliment Maroney well.

Chad Jackson Out Next Season?

Apparently, Chad Jackson tore his ACL against the Colts and his status is in question for next year.  Great…  This will really help his development.

The Return of Antowain Smith?

This could be another possibility with the release of Corey Dillon.  Antowain knows our system, and is a bruiser, particularly late in the year.

Daniel Graham Talks Going No where

With Asante Samuel being tagged, Daniel Graham is the most important unrestricted free agent scheduled for free agency on March 2.  But according to Graham’s agent, talks of a new contract have been minimal and limited.


2 Responses to Patriots Mock Draft 1st Round Update, Quick Rumors and Notes

  1. matthew says:

    y would pats get another WR if they already got donte, welker, and washington?

  2. Greg says:

    This mock draft was made way before the Pats made those signings. If you go to the home page, you can see the most recent mockdrafts.

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