Patriots Notes and Rumors : 3/23/07

Patriots Look At Linebacker Edgerton Hartwell

This is old news, but the Patriots are looking at free agent linebacker Edgerton Hartwell.  He is a solid player, and can provide good depth.  The Patriots have been tracking him for a couple of weeks, and I think that if he’s signed, that may mean that Junior Seau won’t be.

Redskins Release WR David Patten

The Redskins have released WR David Patten after he spent only 2 seasons.  He was relatively unproductive.  Could there be a return (to the Patriots) in the making?

Patriots Sign Free Agent Cornerback Eddie Jackson

The Patriots signed free agent defensive back Eddie Jackson to a two year contract.  He is a good special teams player and a decent nickel back, however he tore his ACL late last season.  The Pats signed him to a two year deal which likely means he won’t play this year.

Patriots Resign Several Players

Bam Childress 🙂 – He was an exclusive rights free agent.  1 year contract.

Mike Wright – He was exclusive rights.  I think he might have walked away for a big contract if he wasn’t.

Rashad Baker – Restricted free agent

Corey Mays – exclusive rights free agent

Gene Mruczkowski – restricted free agent


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