4/10/07: Quick Notes and Rumors

Patriots Discuss Contract with Free Agent Cornerback Tory James

I think this would be a very solid signing.  He could compete to start, and is great insurance if the Patriots trade Asante.  As Tash pointed out, he has durability, missing only 2 games over the last 9 years.  He has size.  At 6’2″, he would be the Patriots’ biggest cornerback.  He also has skill, shown by his 39 carreer interceptions.  Despite his age (turning 34 in May), he is still a top contributor.

Randall Gay Leaves New York Without a Contract Offer

Eric Mangini brought in restricted free agent cornerback Randall Gay for a visit today.  The Patriots tendered Gay a $1.3 million contract, which means the Jets would forfeit a 2nd round pick if they signed him.  However, Gay left New York without a contract offer.

Patriots Match Todd Sauerbraun Offer

The Patriots matched the Broncos’ 1 year contract offer to Todd Sauerbraun.  This will open up a big training camp battle between him and Josh Miller.  Although I like Miller, I’d have to give a slight edge to Sauerbraun.  If he can keep up what he did last year, he could be a long-time Patriot.

Redskins Interested in Samuel

This is kind of old news, but the Redskins are going to contact the Patriots about Asante.  If we traded, it would probably involve the 6th overall pick, but the Pats would likely have to forfeit the 28th overall.  I’ll discuss what the Redskins could offer later.


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