Patriots Day 1 Recap: Long Term Investments



While the actual draft wasn’t all exciting for Patriots fans, the Pats really picked up some long term investments.  First, starting with the only player the Patriots drafted, Brandon Meriweather.  Meriweather, a former ‘Cane, has a lot of talent.  However, character issues pushed him late into the first round.  He is a hard worker, bulking up tremendously since he came in as a freshmen, and is versatile, as he can play safety, but maybe even corner in nickel packages.  He also leaves the window open for Eugene Wilson to return to cornerback.

 The Patriots traded the 28th overall pick to the 49ers for the Niner’s 2008 1st round pick and a fourth round pick (110) this year.  This was a great trade.  The 49ers pick has the potential to be a top 10 pick, leaving the window open for a really big impact player in 2008.  In my opinion, the patient move was the smart move here.

The Patriots also traded their 91st pick to the Raiders for an ’08 third round pick and an ’07 seventh rounder.  Although this will statistically be a good trade (Pats will move up to beginning of the round next year), I didn’t agree with it.  Louisville runningback Michael Bush was still on the board, and should have been selected.  The Patriots still might be able to nab him tomorrow at 110, but not if the Falcons select him first at 109.  However, the value of this trade can’t be determined yet.

For now, we wait for a 9-pick day 2.  With all of those picks, it is a virtual certainty that the Patriots will be wheeling and dealing all throughout the day (keep in mind several of these picks are compensatory and can therefore not be traded). 


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