Rumors: Patriots Look at Another 2 Free Agents

This is kind of old, but I’ll throw it out there nonetheless.  The Patriots are looking at another 2 potentially large impact free agents.

 The first is Chris Brown, ex-Titans runningback.  Brown is large, at 6-3 and 220 lbs and is plenty powerful.  He was the Titans starting back between 04 and 05 and ran for more than 1000 yards and 6 touchdowns in 2004, while missing 5 games.  He was put on the bench last year, but is still a productive runner at age 26.  He would be a good fit next to Maroney.

The other guy was ex-Bears defensive tackle, Ian Scott.  Scott was big, and a good fit for the 3-4, however, he signed with the Eagles one day after visiting the Patriots.  Scott was the first free agent to visit and not sign a contract.

The Patriots were also still looking at linebacker Edgerton Hartwell, however he signed with the Bengals on May 3rd.



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