Patriots Passing Camp Notes

Patriot’s passing camp opened on Thursday and concluded Thursday as well.  Tomorrow, (instead of day 2 of camp), the Patriots are traveling to Louisiana for the wake of Marquise Hill.  Although many players were glum, they were able to come together and put forth a solid team performance.

  • First off, several players were not in attendance:
    • Donte Stallworth
    • Laurence Maroney (shoulder)
    • David Thomas (foot)
    • Jarvis Green (funeral prep)
    • Randall Gay (funeral prep)
    • James Sanders
    • Brandon  Meriweather
    • Chad Jackson (torn ACL)
  • Quarterbacks
    • Tom Brady: Back in control, looked in form
    • Matt Cassel: Threw a couple of picks but still looked good
    • Vinny Testaverde: Still not signed, but working out with team
    • Matt Gutierrez: followed up an amazing rookie minicamp with another amazing performance.  If the Pats sign Testaverde, they may end up keeping four quarterbacks so they wouldn’t risk losing Gutierrez via waivers
  • Runningbacks
    • Justise Hairston: Once again looked explosive, making an argument for a roster spot
    • Sammy Morris: Wore a red non-contact jersey
  • Receivers / Tight Ends
    • Randy Moss: The one everyone wants to know about.  Randy Moss had an up and down day.  He caught one deep touchdown pass from Brady, but on some plays, wasn’t able to create enough separation.  However, he did seem to be working on his chemistry with Brady, and seemed to be working hard.
    • Wes Welker: The way he’s looking, I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a 100 catch season.  Welker looked tremendous, showing soft hands, and good speed.  With Moss and Stallworth drawing attention on the outside, Welker will be extremely affective.
    • Kyle Brady: Caught a lot of passes from Brady, and all ready looked like a player who has been on the team for years.  If he grasps a good knowledge of our system, he could be a pretty high impact player over the next two years.
  • Linebacker
    • Adalius Thomas: Lined up at inside linebacker as well as outside linebacker
  • Defensive Backs
    • Rodney Harrison: Good news here!  Harrison looked very health, very good, and ready to contribute.  At one point, breaking up a surefire touchdown pass near the goal line with a flying tip.
    • Mike Richardson: A big knock on Richardson coming out of school was his speed.  However, Richardson had a big break up on one of the NFL’s all-time fastest receivers, Randy Moss.
    • Chad Scott: Looked pretty good, at one point he intercepted a Matt Cassel pass.  If the Patriots don’t work things out with Asante, I wouldn’t feel too bad with Chad Scott starting at corner, as long as he can stay relatively healthy.
  • Special Teams
    • Stephen Gostkowski: Didn’t miss a single field goal during practice, taking some from 50+ yards.  I wanted the Patriots to draft him initially (after watching the college skills challenge) and I believe he can be one of the NFL’s all-time greatest kickers.
    • Josh Miller: Seems to be past his shoulder injury.  Was holding kicks and had some nice tight punts.

The Patriots 3 day mandatory mini camp begins on Tuesday, so I can’t wait until then.  Be sure to check back tomorrow for updates on Marquise Hill, and next week for continuing coverage of the mini camp season.


2 Responses to Patriots Passing Camp Notes

  1. Rak says:

    Outstanding coverage on the pats…..keep up the great work

  2. Greg says:

    Thanks for the support

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