Patriots Day 2 Mini-Camp Notes

  • Players Out
    • Pretty much the same list as yesterday except surprisingly, Laurence Maroney suited up and was on the field
  • Quarterbacks
    • Vinny Testaverde continues to practice
    • Tom Brady looked particularly sharp
  • Runningbacks
    • Sammy Morris looked especially good in the receiving game
    • Although Maroney was dressed, he didn’t participate much in the actual practice
  • Wide Receivers
    • Randy Moss is still looking great, making several very nice catches
    • Reche Caldwell, and Jabar Gaffney both were looking very good today.  Both of them made several very nice catches.
    • Kelley Washington struggled tremendously.  So far, he hasn’t done anything to outplay any of the receivers on the roster.  If the season started tomorrow, he would probably be the odd man out.
    • Wes Welker continues to look like the best receiver on the field.  If you’re not a Wes Welker fan yet, you will be soon.
  • Linebackers
    • Rookie Oscar Lua looked pretty good in his extended practice time, as players ahead of him were out of action
    • Adalius Thomas had a very solid practice
  • Defensive Backs 
    • Rookie Mike Richardson from Notre Dame continues to work hard.  He already made an interception this week, and is playing some decent one on one coverage this week.
    • Chad Scott is continuing to amaze me.  He intercepted another pass today, I think his third in the minicamp season.  He had a great year last year, and I’m expecting even more from him this year (especially if Asante isn’t playing until week 10)
    • Eugene Wilson seems to be getting beat a lot in coverage.

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