All Quiet on the New England Front

This is certainly football’s most boring time of the year.  For the next month and a half, there is going to be nothing to report.  Free agency, the draft, and the minicamp season are all over.  Next up, is training camp.  Until then, the Patriots might make a move for a veteran or two, but thats about it.  Here’s my June/July outlook:

1. Randy Moss will choose his jersey number

Definately the most anticipated breaking story of the summer.  Will Randy Moss choose his jersey number?  We will certainly all wait in extreme anxiety and we’ll bring you the scoop as soon as it happens 🙂

2. What to do with the vets?

Two players are expected to sign with the Patriots, but have yet to do so.  Vinny Testaverde, quarterback, participated in all of the Patriots minicamps, but has yet to sign with the team.  Bill Belichick said that Troy Brown would be part of the team next year, but we have yet to see him resigned.  Maybe the Patriots will resign these two guys this summer.

3. Asante Samuel’s Contract Situation

This is an obvious problem.  Asante has threatened to hold until week 10, and he seems very determined to do so.  There may be a remote chance that the Patriots get something done with Asante early this summer, however, I doubt it.

4. Look at Some More Free Agents

The Patriots have been rumored to be speaking with runningback Chris Brown and his agent, but reportedly, Brown is playing a wait and see game.  I think he would be a nice compliment to Maroney if the Pats signed him.  There is also Daunte Culpepper.  If the Dolphins release him, the Patriots have been rumored to be in a line of suitors for his services.


One Response to All Quiet on the New England Front

  1. jake says:

    why would the pats go for Culpepper when we have Brady and Castle. Chris Brown would be a nice addition, however.

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