Patriots Sign Two Veteran Defensive Lineman

Likely to fill the gap in depth left by the passing of Marquise Hill, the Patriots have announced the signing of two defensive lineman, Rashad Moore and Kenny Smith.  Both are over 300 pounds and each have a decent amount of playing and starting experience. 

Moore, 28, has started 18 career games in 48 appearences and has racked up a total of 87 tackles.  His numbers are pretty solid, and he should have a legitimate shot at making the roster. 

Smith, 29, is an interesting story.  In four years with the Bucs, he only played in 30 games, with 10 starts.  In those 30 games he recorded a very respectable 69 tackles.  In 2005, he was on injured reserve with Oakland, before spending 2006 out of football.  If he is still in shape, could he be a nice fit? 

One Response to Patriots Sign Two Veteran Defensive Lineman

  1. jake says:

    Rashad Moore and Kenny Smith sound like they are more than decent signings. However, it will be tough to make it far on the depth chart considering the patriots already have great defensive linemen. Ty Warren (who should have been in the Pro Browl this year), Richard Seymour, Vince Wilfork, and the promising rookie Kasheem Brown who may be a surprise pick of this years draft. Even though, they should still have a liginament shot at finding a spot on the patriots superbowl caliber team.

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