Antoine Winfield to the Patriots? Asante Samuel Update!

Could the Patriots acquire disgruntled Vikings cornerback Antoine Winfield via trade?  The Pioneer Press seems to think they can:

If the Vikings trade outspoken cornerback Antoine Winfield, the Patriots, who have two first-round draft picks next spring, would seem a logical destination. New England cornerback Asante Samuel, by the way, is holding out for more guaranteed money.

Although it seems like a good fit, is Antoine Winfield worth a first round pick?  If Asante Samuel is traded, it seems like it would be.  If you got another first rounder via a Samuel trade, our own first round pick would become expendable.  Maybe a better scenario would be 2008 second rounder, 2008 fourth rounder, 2009 conditional draft pick.  I would go for that.  Also, if the trade got done before Asante was resigned or traded, it could show Asante that he is no longer needed (and won’t be franchised next season), so he may just play.

And for those of you who heard the Asante Samuel to the Jets rumors, don’t worry.  Remember when Deion Branch tried to seek a trade to the Jets last season, the Patriots stopped it (and ended up getting a better pick too).  The Patriots only problem could be if the Jets offer the Patriots the clearly better trade, and Asante the best contract.  Then a grievance could be filed (as in Deion’s case), and it may force a trade to New York.  However, consider that the Patriots would likely demand first round picks from the Jets, making the trigger hard to pull on both sides.


4 Responses to Antoine Winfield to the Patriots? Asante Samuel Update!

  1. PatsFanInFL says:

    Are you saying the Patriots would receive Winfield, and would give the Vikings a first round pick and Samuel? If so, I wouldn’t do that. That’s a horrible trade. If you are saying we would send Samuel to the Vikings and would receive Winfield and the Vikings first rounder for 2008, then that may make sense.

  2. PatsFanInFL says:

    By the way I think Samuel is crazy not to sign and play. He could already hold out after next season suffering through is nearly $8M insulting paycheck. He’s only had one very good season. He seems to think he would have been a shut down corner in the NFL without the Patriots training him. I’m not so sure of that.

  3. Greg says:

    No, that’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying the Patriots could acquire Winfield for a first or second round pick, then turn around and trade Samuel to another team for an early first rounder, or a first and a second or third, something like that.

  4. Justin says:

    Winfield would be nice. He would be even nicer if Asante Stays as well. However, if the Pats get two first round picks from Asante, they must use one on a good cornerback, or do a trade for someone like Winfield.

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