Troy Brown Update (Or lack there of)

From the Herald: 

   A private person, Brown has kept largely tight-lipped this offseason. Sources close to the receiver yesterday reiterated his desire to play next year, preferably with the Patriots, who seem to be taking a wait and see attitude towards his health.  ‘‘My intention is to play,’’ Brown told the Associated Press earlier this offseason. ‘‘That’s what the deal is. We’ll see what happens. I’m not writing anything in stone but my intentions are to play.’’  Brown’s represenatives in the offices of agent Gary Uberstine declined comment, and the receiver could not be reached.

So it looks like Belichick and Pioli are just sitting and waiting to see how Mr. Reliable recovers.  I’d prefer if they just signed him to a contract now, to take away any risk of him walking to another team.


2 Responses to Troy Brown Update (Or lack there of)

  1. Justin says:

    They should just sign him and get it over with the Patriots fans won’t worry.

  2. WV Fan says:

    Troy still has much to contribute to an NFL team…on and off the field. He is a leader in a=every sense of the word and by the looks of the “Most Wanted in the NFL,” many of these young guys could benefit from the example he sets.

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