Patriots Hall of Fame

So it is a little slow around Foxboro these days so I thought I’d discuss the new Hall at Patriot Place which will be opened next year to honor former Patriots players.  Fans can vote for who they think deserves to be inducted. The Patriots have announced 3 candidates for the Hall of fame: running back Ron Burton, tight end Ben Coates, and wide receiver Stanley Morgan.

Ben Coates played from 1991 to 1999 for the Pats and had some great years catching passes from quarterback Drew Bledsoe.  In 1994 he caught 96 passes, a single-season NFL record that stood for ten years when Tony Gonzalez caught 102.  He’s also the Pats’ all-time leading receiver at Tight End (wikipedia).

Stanley Morgan played from 1977-1989, drafted by the Patriots in the first round.  He helped the Patriots to Superbowl  XX following the 1985 seasib and appeared in the Pro Bowl four times.  In 1979 he led the NFL in receiving touchdowns.

 Ron Burton was an old schooler at running back who played for the Boston Patriots from 1960-1965, being their first draft choice ever.  He doesn’t possess the gawdy numbers running backs put up these days, his highest single season total was 548 in 1962 (tho over 1000 all purpose yards that year), but he blazed new ground for the Patriots.  He has the first 100+ yard rushing performance in a game for the Patriots.  He is also in the Northwestern University hall of fame as well as in the College Football hall of fame.

As one can tell from the amount of words I spent on Burton he would be my pick this time around. You can vote at

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