Training Camp Preview: Quarterbacks

Training camp is starting on July 27 (Friday), and leading up to that, I will be previewing all of the teams positions.


The quarterbacks are pretty much a set deal.  Tom Brady is the franchise guy, and our starting quarterback, barring injury.  Matt Cassel is entering his third year, and is quietly becoming a heck of a guy who has starting potential.  Vinny Testaverde has said he will sign a contract with the Patriots after two-a-days, so the 21 year veteran will be our third quarterback.  There is also Matt Gutierrez, the rookie from Idaho State.  He looked very impressive in mini-camp, so we will see what he can do in training camp.


Tom Brady

Vinny Testaverde (pending)

Matt Cassel

Matt Guttierrez

Predicted Depth Chart

1. Tom Brady.  Rating: 97

2. Matt Cassel. Rating: 78

3. Vinny Testaverde.  Rating: 72

4. Matt Gutierrez (practice squad). Rating: 66


None really.  Matt Gutierrez is only battling himself.  He is worth a practice squad spot, but would he clear waivers?  If Belichick doesn’t think so, he will need to prove his worth so that Belichick will keep four quarterbacks (ala Tom Brady in 2000).



2 Responses to Training Camp Preview: Quarterbacks

  1. Amanda says:

    Tom Brady will be staying in his 1st string position for a while. No questions asked

  2. Greg says:

    I never said Brady wouldn’t be starting down the road. I just said Cassel has starting potential, not with the Patriots, he will likely be traded.

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