Thursday Afternoon Practice Notes

– The team was back in full pads after being in shorts and helmets in the morning.  With that being said, this was one of the more energized practices yet.

– Randy Moss was not on the field for the second straight practice.  For his sake, the the team’s sake, for his reputations sake, he needs to get on the field.  However, I aknowledge his injury, and I don’t want to downplay it.

– Ellis Hobbs was stepping up throughout practice, on several occasions breaking up accurate passes.

– Bam Childress was on fire, catching everything in sight.  He faces tremendous odds to make the roster, but good days like this and continued versatility may give him a chance.  GO BAM!

– Sammy Morris was really struggling to haul in passes.  However, he has played so well thus far, I’m not going to take anything into it.

– Kevin Faulk on the other hand, was doing really well.  He had a couple of nice runs, and a couple of nice one-handed catches (if full speed, would have been closelined by Eugene Wilson)

– All 3 units got practice reps, so all players could try to make their impressions on the coaching staff.


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