Training Camp Stock Report: Week 1

 Players Who Helped Their Stocks:

1. Jabar Gaffney – Gaffney was a standout at training camp.  With Donte Stallworth out, Gaffney was able to step in next to Randy Moss, and performed extremely well.  He was virtually catching everything in sight, showed focus, and ran crisp routes.  Another strong week next week, followed by a strong preseason showing, and Gaffney could secure an early roster spot.


2. Brandon Meriweather – Not a lot of people knew what to expect when Meriweather took the field, but after one week, he’s looking like he was worth a first round pick (up to this point).  With Chad Scott injured, Meriweather moved into corner, and played particularly well.  With his versatility, he should be on the field most of the time.

3. Randy Moss – I got a scare when he hurt his hamstring a couple of days ago, and I was thinking, “oh no,” but then he surprised me and was back yesterday (even though it was essentially a walk through).  And furthermore, as the week progressed, he seemed to get better and better.  He was running so fast, Brady had trouble with timing.  And he didn’t seem to have any problems catching the ball.

4. Sammy Morris – In the first week of camp, Sammy Morris proved why the Patriots picked him up.  He was great catching passes out of the backfield (except for Thursday), and ran proficiently as well.  Right now, he’s slightly ahead of Kevin Faulk for playing time.

5.  Ellis Hobbs – This week was the first time Ellis was placed in the no. 1 corner position.  He responded with a solid week and seemed to progress as the week wore on.

Players Who Hurt Their Stock:

1. Josh Miller – I personally thought that Josh Miller was decent, but apparantly BB thought differently.  Today, he worked out free agent punter Mitch Berger, so something is obviously wrong.

2. Matt Cassel – Cassel certainly didn’t kill his stock or anything, but he looked off target and inconsistent much of the week.

3. Kelley Washington – He didn’t exactly play badly, but he didn’t play well either.  After falling behind in minicamp, it would seem his only way to make the roster is to make a name for himself, but so far, he hasn’t done that.


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