Patriots Final Roster Predictions

With the final cut less than two hours away, I thought I would make my predictions for the Patriot’s final roster.  Here it goes:


1. Tom Brady  2. Matt Cassel  3. Vinny Testaverde  4. Matt Gutierrez

Note: Gutierrez has looked too good to cut, and he likely won’t clear waivers, and Bill Belichick won’t cut Testaverde, which would leave the team with four quarterbacks.


1. Laurence Maroney  2. Sammy Morris  3. Kevin Faulk  4. Heath Evans (FB)

This is really a no brainer choice.  Quinton Smith gets a nod on the practice squad after he clears waivers.


1. Randy Moss  2. Donte Stallworth  3. Wes Welker 4. Jabar Gaffney  5. Kelley Washington  6. Reche Caldwell

Reche didn’t play in the back-up’s game, so I think that gives him the lock on a roster spot (but will he hold on to it)?  The Patriots might have to think twice about cutting Bam Childress, as it is getting harder to tell if he will clear waivers, and he can bring some real versatility to the team (same with CJ Jones).


Ben Watson

Kyle Brady

Marcellus Rivers

David Thomas is recovering, but he will go on PUP.  Rivers played well enough in the preseason to warrant a roster spot, but will he be able to hang on to it once David Thomas.  Garrett Mills is a hard cut, but he just hasn’t done enough.  If he somehow clears waivers, he will be on the practice squad.


C: Dan Koppen LG: Logan Mankins RG: Stephen Neal RT: Nick Kazcur LT: Matt Light, Bench: Ryan O’Callaghan, Billy Yates, Ross Hochstein, Wesley Britt

Usually the Patriots don’t keep 10 lineman, but they have had problems with depth this year.  Billy Yates, Ross Hochstein, Gene Mruczkowski, and Wesley Britt aren’t too strong.  Possibly, Clint Oldenburg or Mike Elgin can replace one of them, or the team might keep just 8 or 9. UPDATE: 57 players, so I cut Mruczkowski


DE: Richard Seymour, Ty Warren DT: Vince Wilfork.  Bench: Jarvis Green, Mike Wright, Le Kevin Smith, Kareem Brown.

This is the best defensive line in football, if not of all-time.


OLB: 1. Mike Vrabel 2. Rosevelt Colvin 3. Pierre Woods ILB: Tedy Bruschi, Adalius Thomas, Junior Seau, Larry Izzo, Eric Alexander, Oscar Lua

Lua depends on how bad his injury is.  The other thing, is that I think the Patriots will keep Justin Rogers over Chad Brown, but I like Chad, and I’d like to see him be on the team this year. UPDATE: 57 players, so I cut Brown.


1. Asante Samuel  2. Ellis Hobbs  3. Randall Gay  4. Tory James

The thing here is versatility.  Meriweather is a corner as well as a safety, which is nice to have.


SS: 1. James Sanders 2. Brandon Meriweather 3. Mel Mitchell

FS: 1. Eugene Wilson 2. Brandon Meriweather 3. Willie Andrews

This position suddenly becomes interesting with the Harrison suspension.  James Sanders will definately start, but it means more playing time for Meriweather at safety.  Also, Wilson might be injured, which would push Meriweather into the starting lineup.  Mel Mitchell may be cut when Rodney returns,  but for now, he provides solid special teams play.


K: Stephen Gostkowski P: Chris Hanson (tentative) LS: Lonnie Paxton

The Patriots get to keep 55 because of the Samuel exemption and the Harrison suspension.

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