Refreshed look with refreshed season

I tried giving the site a new look before the season started.  I like this one more because it maximizes the side bar, making it a lot easier to access the site.  I also think it seems more professional, and clean.  Tell me what you think!

I  also want to encourage people to use the forum.  It takes only about 30 seconds to sign up.  I want to try my best to create a Patriots blogging community, not just a simple blog.

Lastly, I am still interested in more writers for the site.  Andrew and I have been working alone, and when the season starts, things are going to really pick up.  If you want to write general articles, you may.  There is no restriction to what you can write, and no demands on how much you write.  You could write once a month for all I care.  Above all, I could really use someone who would be willing to find daily links about the Patriots.  I’ve tried doing it, but I never seem to finish while I am writing other articles.  If you are interested in writing for, email me at .  I would like to see a brief tryout article, then I can sign you up within five minutes.  I may also be able to get you an email account like, but I’m still working to try and set that up.


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