Wilfork Would Have Been Top 5

I found this article in the Herald interesting:

“I remember watching him drop,” said Bills scouting director Tom Modrak. “When he got close to New England, I said, ‘Oh no. This is where he’s going.’ He couldn’t have gone somewhere out west so we’d only have to see him once every three years?”

The story of Wilfork’s slide shows that even in a billion dollar league where good drafting is the most time-tested way to build a champion, mistakes occur. Repeat the ’04 draft and Wilfork would probably be a top five pick. He’s coming off the most dominating training camp and preseason of his young career and appears ready to make the leap from above-average nose tackle to superstar.

I still remember draft day ’04, and how surprised I was when he dropped.  Makes BB look even better now.


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