Patriots Dominate Both Sides of the Ball, Win 38-14

Today was a truly dominating win for the Patriots.  Everything they tried seemed to work to perfection.  The aerial attack was absolutely amazing.  Maroney was running the ball pretty consistently, and Sammy Morris provided a very nice change of pace, gaining 47 yards on nine carries.  Randy Moss looked out standing, as he finished with nine receptions for 183 yards and a touchdown.  He had to great catches on the sideline, a leaping grab in the first quarter, a diving one in the third, and outsped everyone for a 51 yard score in the third.  Wes Welker also looked good coming out of the slot.  Although he did flat out drop one, he made nice moves after catches, including a touchdown, he finished 6 receptions for 62 yards.  I also want to look at the outstanding play of the offensive line.  Brady was only hurried once the whole game.  At the right tackle spot, O’Callaghan rotated with Kazcur, and both played very well.  Defensively, everything went great.  Warren, Green, and Wilfork were wreaking havoc all day.  Thomas Jones could get anything by Vince, while Jarvis Green provided an excellent pass rush, and Ty Warren did a little of everything.  The biggest impact player on defense was Mike Vrabel.  He picked up 2.5 sacks, but if a couple of plays went his way, it would have been five.  Junior Seau also stood out to me, he seemed to be flying in for touchdowns all over the place, and even played fullback on Heath Evans’ touchdown run in the fourth.  Adalius Thomas looked good in coverage, and Meriweather was flying around there too… Oh yeah, they say that Ellis Hobbs is a half decent kick returner too.

Great game! 

3 Responses to Patriots Dominate Both Sides of the Ball, Win 38-14

  1. joe says:

    Hey, just found the blog – I subscribed to the RSS feed.
    I’m Joe from Indianapolis (great place to be a Pats fan believe you me)

    I think you’re exaggerating on Brady’s protection. He actually didn’t have much time in the pocket today. He was knitting me some mittens and he BARELY had time to finish the left mitten and still manage to throw for 297 yards, however the right mitten is definitely not complete. I’d like to see the O-line step it up next week, as it will be getting chilly soon.

    What a great game. Sort of reminds me of the Cincy game last year where everything just seemed to go right. Let’s see how it goes next week. I’m sure I’ll be popping back in.

    – Joe

  2. John says:

    BELICHICK worse than BONDS

    IF Bonds took he only tried to effect HIS play.
    IF Belichick intercepted opponent radio frequencies and video taped defensive play calling he STOLE specific OPPONENT TEAM info that would severely change the outcome of the game.
    What is worth more the HOME RUN RECORD or THREE SUPER BOWLS?
    IF Bonds took he only took Aaron’s record.
    IF Belichick stole opponents information he cheated the NFL out of 3 legit SUPER BOWLS.

    This is really bad.
    Where there is proof people get stung.
    Which one gets stung first?

  3. Greg says:

    Belichick didn’t cheat his way to three superbowls. If the info is used, it is likely against division rivals.

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