Analyzing Both Sides of the Patriots Spying Incident

All of the nonsense about the Patriots spying on the Jets has been going on for a few days now.  Every site I go to (including my own), people are shouting crazy things about what could happen to the Patriots.  So I just want to say a few words about it, and say what IS possible, and what isn’t.

First, I want to say that the Patriots really did cheat.  I don’t think there is any debate about that, the only debate is what the punishment to be.  I also want to say that I am disgusted by Belichick, if he is guilty.  Apparently having the right players just wasn’t enough, and he just had to go ahead and cheat.  But I will point out that in his favor, it is said that many NFL teams do this.  And wasn’t it just last year that the Dolphins bought a tape that had all of the Patriots’ signals on it?  Shouldn’t that be constituted as cheating as well.  Since the Dolphins weren’t punished, shouldn’t the Patriots escape punishment as well?  On the other side of the argument, cheating is cheating.  And in no way do I approve of it.  And even if the Dolphins didn’t get a punishment, shouldn’t the Patriots get one anyways.

Regardless of any counterarguments, it looks like the Patriots are going to be punished by Goodell.  There have been some reasonable ideas thrown around there, and then there have been some that are absolutely rediculous.  I’ll let you know that reading those comments have annoyed me as much as reading the countless articles and comments about how Rajon Rondo can’t shoot the ball and will pull down the Celtics (which he won’t).

#1 Most Annoying and Irrational Theory: Patriots Will Forfeit the Game Against the Jets or Future Games.  Okay, in no way, shape or form will this happen.  What’s done is done.  And what people commonly forget is that the video wasn’t to relay information in that game, it was to cheat for future games, so punishing a game that wasn’t affected by the incident is out of the question.  Think, is the MLB taking away home runs from Barry Bonds because they think he cheated?  No.  As for future games being forfeited, I’m not going to comment.  Those theories are so preposterous, that they are barely worth mentioning.

#2 Most Annoying and Irrational Theory: Patriots Have Cheated Since Belichick started.  Think about this one, just think about it.  Do you really think that is possible?  Do you really think that all of the Patriots heroics and last minute wins were caused by learning coaching signals within the blink of time?  I just don’t buy it, and I’m sick of hearing it.

#3 Most Annoying and Irrational Theory: Bill Belichick Will Be Banned from the NFL.  Come on, you’ve got to be kidding me.  I think a suspension is possible, but not a lifetime ban.  Wow, I can tell people really thought these things through.

#4 Most Annoying and Irrational Theory: The Patriots Will Lose Both of Their 1st Round Picks.  Cheaters or not, that is just to harsh of a punishment.  I’m thinking a couple of second day picks.  Mark Clayton of ESPN said the maximum punishment would be and 2nd and 5th rounder.  Don’t get me wrong, that’s horrible.

What I Think Is Possible:

Despite these whack theories, the most accepted theory seems to be that the Patriots will lose a third round pick or fourth round pick, and a second day pick.  There is also rumor that Bill Belichick may be suspension.  To me, a suspension is most logical.  If an NFL Player cheats, and uses performance enhancing drugs, he is suspended four game (for a first offense).  Bill Belichick also cheated, so wouldn’t it make sense to suspend him four games.  Also from a fan’s perspective, this will kill the team, it may be necessary to send a message (I don’t think draft picks are as affective).

In the future, I just don’t know what I’m going to think when I see Bill Belichick coaching on that sideline.  Although I appreciate all he’s done, his suspension might just work for the better good.

15 Responses to Analyzing Both Sides of the Patriots Spying Incident

  1. TS says:

    The worst part about this whole cheating scandal is the fact that it may have resulted in an injury to Chad Pennington… As long as he is out, Belijerk should be out!

  2. Greg says:

    I think they were stealing defensive signals only. But if that is true, then maybe you do bring up a good point.

    Belijerk… That’s pretty good.

    How bout… “Belicheat”

  3. DSM says:

    Your comments on #2 don’t match the theory you’re attacking.

    I, for one, don’t believe that the various Patriots accomplishments are all due to Belicheck’s cheating: the team has had a depressing amount of talent. However, that’s entirely separate from the question of for *how long* Belicheck’s been cheating.

    What I find impossible to believe is that BB suddenly decided he needed to start cheating in a game against *the Jets*. There appears to be a long history of his pulling these moves, and it seems likely to me that if he’s willing to do this against a team the Patriots should be able to beat handily without it, then he’s done it in games where there was more at stake. This is Belichick we’re talking about.

    So it seems to me quite plausible at this point to believe theory #2, that the “Patriots Have Cheated Since Belichick started”, and you don’t need to assume that every Patriots achievement is on account of his skullduggery. (Word of the day.) ISTM that the last few years are now tainted, whether they’re directly traceable to the franchise’s misbehaviour or not. The asterisk is there for good.

    I agree, however, that a suspension of Belichick is in order. I’d throw in the loss of two first-round draft picks, though; but then I’m a Colts fan.

  4. Patsfan says:

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  5. suckas says:

    this is why the pats will never be america’s team.

  6. Greg says:

    Funny, considering their name is the Patriots lol.

  7. La-Z-Boy says:

    The important thing for Patriots fans is that the three Super Bowl titles* will remain on the books no matter how the NFL rules on this.

  8. Bobby says:

    How do we know exactly when the first time the patriots cheated was.. When you cheat you bring into question evrerything you have accomplished. Look at his record in cleveland …before video tape was such a tool.. Im sorry we dont know what he uses the tape for, plus stealing radio signals , is a on the spot thing, at the very least this game should be a no contest. I agree the patriots have more talent on paper than the jets..but how bout you dont cheat.

  9. ral-mpo says:

    you cheated you suck..whoever posted this blog has battered women syndrom …Oh this is the first time we cheated, its for future events its not the fact that brady was smashed 5 times legally and 1 personal foul.. last time these teams played in the regular season.. they probably cheated in that playoff game against the jets too..!! You all are sore losers and even worse winners , change your turf again..assholes, the jets are getting too close..Strip em of the super bowls they won.. like they did michigans final fours.. Brady is probably as shitty as he was projected to be, its just hes soo…good when they know the blitz is comming …. Oh and by the way the Yankees are comming assholes 26 to 6 …scoreboard, there was no curse you just sucked forever..

  10. fernando says:

    belijerk loves stealing married women throwing his money around so i would say he is unethical and this incident he is definetely guilty of.

  11. fernando says:

    how about we play the game the way it was mean’t to be played.your suppose to guess what the other team is going to do it takes the excitement away from the game and as usual the fans are the ones getting screwed.if a hitter knew what a pitcher was going to throw,what’s the point of watching the game?

  12. John says:

    Belichick worse than Bonds.
    Where there is proof people get stung.
    Which one gets stung first?

  13. John says:

    BELICHICK worse than BONDS

    IF Bonds took he only tried to effect HIS play.
    IF Belichick intercepted opponent radio frequencies and video taped defensive play calling he STOLE specific OPPONENT TEAM info that would severely change the outcome of the game.
    What is worth more the HOME RUN RECORD or THREE SUPER BOWLS?
    IF Bonds took he only took Aaron’s record.
    IF Belichick stole opponents information he cheated the NFL out of 3 legit SUPER BOWLS.

    This is really bad.
    Where there is proof people get stung.
    Which one gets stung first?

  14. Mark says:

    Let’s get this straight.

    Video taping coaches signals by team staff in certain locations is against the rules – the Pats broke that rule – they were caught and they were punished.

    Spying IS NOT against the rules and is therefore not cheating…stealing signals IS NOT against the rules and is therefore not cheating. I’d describe it even further than that — it’s not only not cheating — Let’s face reality — STEALING SIGNALS (IN SOME FORM) IS EXPECTED OF ANY RESPECTABLE COACH.

    I coached Sr. Babe Ruth — even in the 16 to 18 year age group, the team participated looking for signals.

    Beyond the manner in which they did it (video taping) — what we have here is political correctness invading professional football! STEALING AND SPYING ARE PARTS OF THE GAME – PERIOD!

    This keeps up and I’m going to join my wife watching Desperate Housewives.

  15. Ben Macone says:

    Why has everyone forgotten that the Patriots cheated to win? At least a few wins over the season should legitimately be taken away.

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