Patriots Punished For Spying Incident

Well, Goodell has made his decision about the Patriots.  This is the punishment:

Team Fined $250,000

Belichick Fined $500,000

1st Round Pick (if they make playoffs)

2nd and 3rd Round Pick (if they don’t make playoffs)

That essentially means we lost a first round pick.  The penalty is too excessive, and not aimed at the right purpose.  Taking away the pick hurts the team, and everyone in management.  A suspension of Belichick would teach him the right lesson, and hurt the team for the four games he is suspended.

In my opinion, Goodell is a terrible commisioner.  He is mad with power, and is trying to reform the league with an aggressiveness that isn’t working.  What’s going to happen, is that these excessive punishments are going to create resentment for Goodell across the league.  He will go from a commisioner with respect, to a commisioner without.

Hopefully, the Patriots can appeal this punishment.  Because, under no circumstances, is punishing the team a first round pick going to help the league.

You see, I had a pretty harsh view on Belichick, that was until I saw some of the recent comments on my blog.  There was a commenter on my last post that believed that the three Superbowls should be removed from the Patriots.  Who thinks that is rediculous? 

What people aren’t understanding, is that the cheating itself didn’t make much of a difference, if any.  There is a 40 second playclock.  That means, you would have to film the signals (10 seconds), send them to the Patriots sidelines (10 seconds), interperet them (25 seconds), send them to the offense (10 seconds), have Brady interperet them……….  It’s just not possible.  The only thing they could do is possibly cheat at halftime.

The other thing that people don’t understand is that the Patriots were trying to steal DEFENSIVE SIGNALS.  People keep saying that it affected the WHOLE game, saying the defense sucks, etc.  I get frusterated when people make statements, not knowing the entire situation.

HOWEVER, IN NO WAY AM I SUPPORTING THE CHEATING, IT WAS TERRIBLE.  Terrible, that is, for Bill Belichick.  It shows he doesn’t have any integrity, because even if he just attempted to steal, it was the intentions that matter.  I just don’t think the team should be getting punished as much, I think it should be a direct punishment to Belichick.


14 Responses to Patriots Punished For Spying Incident

  1. nando says:

    so much for the old second half adjustments.

  2. GREG says:

    If Bill the Super Coach truly sent a camera to the opposing teams sidelines to film the calls he should be removed from coaching period.

  3. juju says:

    I have 3rds row seats to the Pats game on Sun. Any ideas on what to put on a sign I hold up? Mind you…I’m a Pats fan, so putting hand signals won’t happen.

  4. Ben says:

    Lights Camera Action!

  5. Patriot Eric says:

    This cheating stuff seems to go way beyond the video spying. Some sources tell me more stuff will come down about the Pats with more penalties. Read this. Yikes!

    I am trying to stay loyal fellas, but it’s getting tough. These guys seems like real scumbags.

  6. Patriot Eric says:

    I am also worried about our fans looking like idiots on Sunday night. New England/Boston fans already have a lousy reutation.

    Stay classy, people!

  7. DSM says:

    “What people aren’t understanding, is that the cheating itself didn’t make much of a difference, if any.”

    Apparently the set of people who don’t understand your point includes Belichick, who seems to have been doing this for some time. So he at least thinks you were wrong, and he’s considered a modern-day coaching maestro.

    I honestly don’t understand how Patriots fans who have praised BB’s skills in the past suddenly think he’s such an idiot that he didn’t realize that it was obvious that “it’s just not possible” to have used the stolen information to his advantage. Why was he doing it otherwise?

    It’s far more likely that the cheating offered small but real benefits, and he thought it was worth the risk.

  8. Greg says:

    Well, people think it made a diffence every play. It made a difference in “halftime” adjustments

  9. Gary says:

    True, Bellichek got busted cheating (which is deplorable by all means). Tell me this, do you really think that the Patriots were the only ones doing it? Trust me, this doesn’t excuse what happened, but for everyone to come down on the pats (including pats fans) just needs to calm down. Everyone out there is trash talking the pats as if we were the only ones. I didn’t hear the nation for comments when Merriman got busted for steroids, but here goes LT just running his mouth like it’s going out of style. Anyway, if you are Pats fans, you will stick with them. I do believe that the majority of the players were not involved. And as far as how it helped them? With the sort amount of the time the coaches have with the players and the short amount of time the coaches have to review film, it would not help. The only thing it would help, is if the pats played a team the second time that season. That is if the opponent wasn’t smart enough to change their signals throughout the season. So i do think people are making too much out of it. Just calm down, back our players and stay true to the team. That is if you are a REAL fan and not just one joining up within the past 5 years.

  10. Lights Camera Action
    Let the Randy Moss Era begin! 🙂 (for the sign)

    Anyone know what happened to the pats cameraman?
    He shouldn’t lose his job over this…

  11. Naz says:

    I’m sick of the media overreacting over this…obviously players hate the playoffs, so they are just smiling at what just happened. We all know Belichick and Mangini don’t like each other and this was just a move by Mangini to get something on Belichick.

    This kinda reminds me of the Barry Bonds situation, nobody cares if guys like Giambi or Sheffield took steroids, but the guy at the top in home runs does it its a bigger deal, just like the patriots winning all the SBs.

    I really want to hear from more coaches, Bill Parcells said himself the punishment was too harsh.

  12. Mark says:

    Let’s get this straight.

    Video taping coaches signals by team staff in certain locations is against the rules – the Pats broke that rule – they were caught and they were punished.

    Spying IS NOT against the rules and is therefore not cheating…stealing signals IS NOT against the rules and is therefore not cheating. I’d describe it even further than that — it’s not only not cheating — Let’s face reality — STEALING SIGNALS (IN SOME FORM) IS EXPECTED OF ANY RESPECTABLE COACH.

    I coached Sr. Babe Ruth — even in the 16 to 18 year age group, the team participated looking for signals.

    Beyond the manner in which they did it (video taping) — what we have here is political correctness invading professional football! STEALING AND SPYING ARE PARTS OF THE GAME – PERIOD!

    This keeps up and I’m going to join my wife watching Desperate Housewives.

  13. forcryingoutlous says:

    Cardinals crushed. Two down, who’s next up? So much for all those complaining that the difference between the Patriots and the other teams is a taping session.

  14. Carlton Maughan says:

    In response to the recent accusations against the Patriots and Bill Belichick, there is only one thing that can be said regarding the issue that has taken the NFL by storm.

    Roger Goodell is a MORON.

    Even if we ignore his John Wayne style of operating as commisioner, we cannot overlook his utterly idiotic decisions during his tenure in office. Sure, the mistakes made by Pacman Jones and Tank “I’m preparing for the apocalypse” Johnson were not small errors, but did they truly warrant full season suspensions? Doubtful. If Goodell really wanted to make a difference in the league, he should have joined on with the NFL Players Union, rather than attempting to impart his viligante justice on the NFL itself.

    Short and sweet, Goodell is an idiot. Does he honestly think that the Patriots are the only team in the NFL utilizing “illegal” film and now, possibly, audio? If he does, he is an even bigger idiot
    than we previously anticipated.

    What actually happened is not about Bill Belichick, but rather should be focused on Eric “The Genius” Mangini, who was so frustrated at his inability to steal the Patriots signals, that he felt the need to squeal on Belichick and his sign-stealing compatriots. Sure, Belichick may have been stealing the signals, but do we honestly believe that the Jets weren’t doing the same? Hopefully not, considering that the Jets head honcho worked under Belichick, and most likely learned his trade, and most likely his sign-stealing techniques, under the tutelidge of, possibly, the most talented and respected coach in the history of the league. Is “Mangenious” really going to disrespect his teacher and become the highest paid tattle-tale in the history of the NFL?

    Hopefully not, because the common knowledge among NFL personel is that sign stealing is as much a part of the game as first downs and fumbles. Should Belichick and the Patriots be punished by John Wayne reincarnate? I hope not. And I honestly hope that someone finds some dirt on Roger that will help knock him off the pedestal he finds himself on at this juncture.

    Where is Monica Lewinsky when we need her…..

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