Patriots Notes 9/15: Injury Report, Free Agent Visits

There hasn’t been much going on with the Pats this week in terms of actual football.  The whole cheating incident has covered up most other stories.  But I’ve tried my best to dig up all of the team’s happenings.

The most obvious is the injury report.  It has fluctuated throughout the week, but the most recent has only three players listed.  Tom Brady is listed under full participation, and probable.  Stephen Neal and Mike Wright are both listed as “limited participation” and questionable.  Interestingly, David Thomas is no longer on the injury report, which means he will likely play tommorow.  This also probably means that Marcellus Rivers will be released (again).

The Patriots also worked out two interesting free agent names this week.  One of them was David Greene, the former Seattle third round pick.  The other was Wali Lundi, the surpriseing 2006 rookie of the Texans.  I think Lundi would be a nice pickup, and David Greene could at least be on the practice squad.


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