Patriots Roll Again, 34-17

Once again, it was a blowout, but things really looked shaky in the second half.  Tom Brady was off target on his second half throws, and he seemed to collapse as he got repeatedly frusturated.  He was also spreading the ball around more, as Randy Moss only had three catches.  Of course, Donte Stallworth and Ben Watson were the two stars of the game.  I’m going to start a new post-game wrap up, so tell me what you think.  I believe that anyone reading this site saw the game, so it isn’t necessary for me to provide a recap, just analysis.

Who’s Up

1. Donte Stallworth – finally looking like he is getting into stride with the offense.  This was his second straight strong performance, and I’d even go as far as to call this game his breakout game.

2. Ben Watson – How many teams still run an end around?  Not many.  In fact, I haven’t seen one for years… but Ben Watson allows you to do creative plays like that, especially with a blocking TE prescence in Kyle Brady also on the field.  Big Ben is still one of the league’s premier tight ends, and is one of the most underrated players on the Patriots.

3. Junior Seau – 2 interceptions says it all.  Sure maybe they were lucky, but they were awesome (especially his freakishly retarded celebration or whatever during the return).  Junior Seau provided an ultimate level of intensity on Sunday, and he was even in on pass rush as well.

Who’s Down

1. Tom Brady – I wouldn’t say he’s down much, as his game would be a fantasy for most quarterbacks, but he just looked really off target in the second half.

2. Chris Hanson – Many of his punts were off the side of his foot.  He looked inaccurate and shaky.  His days with the team may be numbered. KEN WALTER!!!

3. Heath Evans – Did not look very good, also dropped a sure first down on a dump off on a critical third down.

Team MVP’s

Offense: Ben Watson, TE.  He really is an eletric player.  Belichick was using him on short routes all season, but once he let him go out on some posts and flies, he responded well with a six catch, 107 yard, two touchdown game.

Defense: Junior Seau, LB.  This was an obvious pick, as he had two interceptions.  But I just can’t stress enough how much energy Seau brings to the team.  He is as important to this team as any other player.

Looking Ahead…

Next week, the Patriots will face off against the Dallas Cowboys, in what will be the second biggest test of the season (Colts).  The Cowboys barely came out of Buffalo undefeated, and are not as strong as the AFC’s strongest.  Still, they are a top 5 team in the league, and this game will be a challenge nonetheless.  It’s about time something interesting happened.


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