Waiting for Sunday

It is Thursday night and I for one am pretty excited about this game coming up on Sunday.  The Patriots haven’t played Dallas since 2003, and have never won at the Cowboys’ home stadium.  This also could be the toughest opponent of the year.  Our defense will have to crush Julius Jones, a hard runner who first broke a thousand yards rushing last season.  Vince Wilfork will have to face off against pro bowl center Andre Gurode.  Considering how important it is to get to QB Tony Romo and force some of those picks we saw against Buffalo on Monday that will be a key matchup to watch.  Tony Romo is said to be the master of the broken play, so he could be most effective after he fumbles the snap and our DBs are trying to keep up with Terrell Owens and co. 

 This also is somewhat of a clash of cultures-New England vs. Texas. John Kerry vs. George Bush.  Well maybe that’s a bit of the stretch, but these are two teams with multiple Superbowl victories in their pockets.  Also, if not the most disciplined, dominant team in the league, the Cowboys’ performance Monday showed heart and tenacity.  Or look at in another way, the Bills are just that much less disciplined in not bleeding the clock.  I am highly confident that the Pats will prevail and find it somewhat hard to believe that they are only 6 1/2 point favorites, with the oddsmakers predicting an “over-under” of 53 points.  Evidently the Vegas experts don’t give our New England defense much of a chance.

By Sunday night there will be at least one less undefeated team in the NFL, and I am pretty sure the Cowboys will be the odd team out.  But how both teams play will go far in showing to the league what each team is really made of, and for the ‘boys they have the pride of the NFC to play for.  My prediction: New England-31 Dallas-17.


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