They Say that Tom Brady Guy is Pretty Good…

Six touchdowns. Six! Now of course, they were mostly the work of the receivers (Moss and Stallworth in particular), but wow, six. This team is so dominant that its… almost boring.

But seriously, I can’t write anything about it anymore. We can’t be stopped. It’s so amazing to watch, and as a fan, I am so spoiled.

I remember last year, before the Championship Game against the Colts, I wrote (quote) “Patriots fans should be appreciating this. As fans, we have been completely spoiled, and if the team loses tommorrow, it could be the end of the dynasty. I wish I had appreciated the last few years more.”

I guess I was wrong about the end of the dynasty thing, but about being spoiled, I’m not. Right now, Boston fans are so spoiled. We’ve got the Red Sox in the Series, the Celtics on the brink of contention, and the Patriots admist a dynasty, and possibly the greatest performance by a single sports team ever. Right now, if you turn on ESPN, you’ll see a story about Brady and Moss, the Red Sox comeback, or the Celtics’ preseason trials. It’s not very often a city has this kind of success.

So instead of doing a game recap of yesterdays 49-28 demolishing, I’m just going to try and send a message about what we’re experiencing. I will guarantee you right now, that the Patriots will never be this good again (except maybe next year). Appreciate it. Because three or four years down the road, Bruschi, Harrison, Seau, and Troy Brown, will all be retired, Brady will be on the tail end of his career, and the Patriots will be forced into rebuilding mode.

You are spoiled, I am spoiled, we all know that. But don’t let it get to you. Take a step back, and ask yourself, “has I team ever played like this, will I ever see it again?” The answer is no. So appreciate what we’ve got, because before you know it, it will be gone, and then, you will wish you had this team back.


5 Responses to They Say that Tom Brady Guy is Pretty Good…

  1. Jeff says:

    Great point!

  2. Only fans that don’t “appreciate” the hard work by the Sox and Pats are spoiled. The white colored cocktail drinking non grinding fans who right blogs are spoiled. Fans that work 60 hours a week and grind out work on a daily basis appreciate guys that go a hard 90 feet (lets go Ortiz run hard!) And guys that give up snaps for the team. A true fan never gets spoiled and appreciates and enjoys every play with a passion. If you want to work on your writing take a journalism class,if you want to be a bias New England fan (we love you Tommy Heinsohn) than continue writing this blog. Let do this Patsssssssss!!

  3. Greg says:

    This is called a blog, and by that, I incorporate my opinion, I am actually very experienced in the field of journalism, but I wouldn’t exactly call this blog journalism. If you would prefer me to write more journalist-type entries I can, but I feel you can get that on most nes sites, so why provide more of the same?

  4. yo mama says:

    the pats have a pretty big chance of cr4ushing tthe clts

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