Patriots Notes: Week 8

The big news this week was the sighting of Richard Seymour at practice for the first time since being eligible to come off of PUP.  In response, Bill Belichick released defensive lineman Santonio Thomas, who was on the team for depth.  That must mean that there is a chance that Seymour plays this week, or certainly next.  The Patriots could also potentially sign Chad Jackson to the roster, as he is likely ready to go.  Signing Jackson may give him a chance to showcase himself, and why he believes he should be held over Kelley Washington.



3 Responses to Patriots Notes: Week 8

  1. jakeJakeJAKE says:

    We are dominating every team we have faced this year, our least margin of victory…17 points. Lawrence Maroney is coming back from injury as well as Richard Seymour (who turns out to be pretty good!), it is scary to think about how badly we can demolish our next opponents. I mean, we have been playing at this extreme level without our starting running back! Sammy Morris is good but, he is no Lawrence Maroney. I would look for a big run game against the Redskins if Maroney is 100%. The Redskin defense is expexting the pass game, which I’m sure will be effective if the defense new the exact playcall we were running!

  2. Rak says:

    who do u think is a canidate to be cut if we take Jackson off the PUP

  3. Greg says:

    Well, Seymour was obviously back yesterday. That roster spot was cleared with the release of Santonio Thomas. My guess, to clear room for Jackson, is that the Pats will release Kelley Washington.

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