What A Game! Patriots Win 24-20

What a tremendous game.  I was looking for a game like that all season. I’ll tell you, I had twice as many nerves in the fourth quarter than Tom Brady, as I felt my whole body tightening.  It was a great game, well played, down to the wire.

Who’s Up

1. Randy Moss – Did you see that one handed catch? ‘Nuff said.

2. Laurence Maroney – He looked really good for the first time since coming back from his injury.  Hopefully he’ll be ready for 20 plus carries next game.

3. Tom Brady – Sure, he had his worst game of the year, but he proved that he is still as clutch as they come with the ten point fourth quarter comeback.

Who’s Down

1. Referees – What kind of game were they calling?  They were horrible.  The Moss and Hobbs pass interference calls?  Come on (I sound like Tommy!)

2. Matt Light – Two personal fouls in one game.  You’ve got to be in more control than that.

3. Nick Kazcur – Continuously got blown off the line.  Robert Mathis dominated #77.  I think we may be seeing more Ryan O’Callaghan week 11.

Game MVP’s

Offense: Randy Moss – He had a terrific all around game.  The one hander, the touchdown, the deep pass caught while getting tackled.  Moss is the best wide receiver of our generation.

Defense: Mike Vrabel – Another good game.  He rose his sack total to 8.5.  Not only will Mike make the Pro Bowl and All-Pro teams, he will be in contention for defensive player of the year.

What They’re Talking About

Can the Patriots go undefeated?  Now that the Patriots knocked of the champs, people are getting serious, could the Patriots be the NFL’s first 16-0 team in history?

A Look Ahead

Are you ready for some football?  Not so fast.  The Patriots have a bye week 10.


One Response to What A Game! Patriots Win 24-20

  1. Naz says:

    The head ref was a rookie….alot of terrible calls, imagine if the Patriots had got those calls…the media would be all over that.

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