Patriots Pro Bowl Update

The Following is a list of Patriots that are ranked high in the fan voting for the pro bowl:

Dan Koppen, 2nd place, Center

Asante Samuel, 2nd place, cornerback

Jarvis Green, 2nd place, defensive end

Vince Wilfork, 2nd place, interior defensive tackle

Ty Warren, 5th place, interior defensive tackle

Eugene Wilson, 4th place, free safety

Logan Mankins, 3rd place, guard

Stephen Neal, 4th place, guard

Tedy Bruschi, 1st place, linebacker

Wes Welker, 1st place, kick returner

Stephen Gostkowski, 3rd place, kicker

Mike Vrabel, 2nd place, outside linebacker

Rosevelt Colvin, 3rd place, outside linebacker

Chris Hanson, 1st place, punter (haha)

Tom Brady, 1st place, quarterback

Larry Izzo, 1st place, Special teams

James Sanders, 3rd place, strong safety

Matt Light, 1st place, offensive tackle

Nick Kazcur, 2nd place, offensive tackle

Randy Moss, 1st place, wide receiver

Wes Welker, 5th place, wide receiver

Well, it’s good to see that some deserving players (Mike Vrabel) will be going to the Pro Bowl.  However, when you look at this list, keep in mind, that the coaches and players vote too.  Of the potential candidates, here is who likely won’t get selected:

Dan Koppen

Nick Kazcur

Chris Hanson (I can’t believe he’s #1, not that he’s bad, just that he never kicks)

Eugene Wilson (he doesn’t even start anymore)

Rosevelt Colvin (out for year)

Tom Brady (just kidding)

In addition to those players, there are some players who I think should make it, but likely won’t.  This list includes Ty Warren (who is on the ballot on the wrong position…), Junior Seau, Stephen Neal, Jarvis Green, James Sanders and Stephen Gostkowski (although he is close to first).

 Then, there are a lot of locks.  This list includes Tom Brady, Matt Light, Randy Moss, Wes Welker (receiver or returner), Larry Izzo, Mike Vrabel (he better be!!!!!!!), Vince Wilfork, and Asante Samuel.


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