2008 Patriots NFL Mock Draft, Version 2

Round 1, Pick 2: Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas

McFadden didn’t win the Heisman, so what?  He is a rare breed at runningback.  A player of his caliber only comes around once every 5-10 years (or maybe twice in this case).  I would best compare him to Ladainian Tomlinson, or Adrian Peterson.  McFadden has the true combination of speed and power.  At 6-2, 215, he is a bruiser, but with 4.3 speed.  It will be years before the Patriots get to draft at a position like this, yet alone pick up a player of McFadden’s caliber.

Other Possibilities: Jake Long, OT, Michigan; James Lauranitis, LB, Ohio State 

Round 1, Pick 32… Nobody (the Patriots are so good that they don’t think it would be fair to select twice in the first round.  Therefore, they will forfeit this pick)

Round 2, Pick 64: Vince Hall, LB, Virginia Tech

I’m not sure Hall will be around at this point, but if he is, this has got to be the pick.  Hall could be the potential replacement to Tedy Bruschi, but my only question is, can he fit into the 3-4 system?

Round 3, Pick 70: DeJuan Tribble, CB, Boston College

Randall Gay and Asante Samuel will both be free agents this year, while Chad Scott is coming off of a major injury.  Tribble will be the best player available at this point, plus he fits a need.  Tribble has a good combination of athleticism and instincts, and he has the potential to be a great starter in this league.

Round 3, Pick 96: Bo Ruud, LB

I am confident that Ruud will be a good fit in the 3-4.  If he is around here, he will be the obvious pick to make.


11 Responses to 2008 Patriots NFL Mock Draft, Version 2

  1. Matt says:

    Great first pick, I don’t know if Tribble will fall to round 3. He is on the shortest side, but he is a playmaker.

    I also don’t know if he fits what we need at CB, I’d go after a big CB who can be physical with the #2 WR’s. Then move Ellis Hobbs, to a nickel guy.

    That’s saying, if we do re-sign Samuel.

    I’ll be making a mock for my blog on Thursday.

    Nice work man.

  2. anonymous says:

    Greg, Now you listen to me. Like I said earlier, Djuan Tribble is not a value pick in the second round, and the pats top need isn’t DB. LB should be their top priority. I believed that either Vince Hall or J Leman will be undrafted by th second round. The pats might have a chance to draft them. They are underrated in my opinion. They are just as good as Dan Connor or Jame Luanaitis. One of them can be a top backup or the starter for the pats next year.

  3. Skwash la feeka! Skwash eel koolo!

    Sborrate, sgufala.

    SLUM und BRUM

    Sguffalo Bill

  4. Ben Dover says:

    Your an IDIOT if you think the Pats will take Mcfadden. They will draft a strong back up QB (after trading down a pick or two). They have nothing but dish water backing up the supermodel humper. All other picks will be defense. By the way, Tribble in the 3rd round…try 5th round, this guy sucks. BC is over rated.

  5. Greg says:

    Haha! I thought you just said the Patriots will trade down a couple of picks and draft a quarterback at around 5th overall.

    I’m glad you’re not running the team.

  6. Greg says:

    anonomous, I have the Patriots drafting Vince Hall in the 2nd round

  7. Karim says:

    There is absolutely no way Belichick draft McFadden. He has always been reluctant to bring stars in, except this year with Randy Moss & Adalius Thomas and a couple of years ago with Corey Dillon. Plus the Patriots definitely cannot afford $30m in guaranted money. I’d rather like they use this money to re-sign Moss and Samuel and trade down their first-round pick acquired from San Francisco. Belichick doesn’t need a first-round pick to make a great player. Samuel was a fourth-round pick, Dan Koppen a fifth-round pick, let alone Tom Brady who was a sixth-round pick !

  8. Greg says:

    Belichick isn’t reluctant to bring stars in, if he knows it is absolutely in the best interest of the team.

  9. Anonymous says:

    the pats are all bitches andthey will lose to the colts in the playoffs so get ready for it and all there there team can just go home befor peyton gets there and kicks there ass all over the place and tom brady is still a loser

  10. suck it says:

    ASS HOLE! ASS HOLE! ASS HOLE! your such a new england fan, “Round 1, Pick 32… Nobody (the Patriots are so good that they don’t think it would be fair to select twice in the first round. Therefore, they will forfeit this pick)” ASS HOLE! ASS HOLE! ASS HOLE! they lost the pick because they cheated for the past who-knows how many years! the Patriots SUCK! THEY ARE GONA’ GO 16-1 AFTER THE PLAYOFFS!

  11. Rick says:

    You have some pretty good picks. I think this blog is a little better even though only picks 1-20 are done. But the author talks a lot about how the pick will effect the team as well as talking about the picks.

    Check out this blog

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