Spygate: the Prequel

From Newsday:

According to league sources familiar with the situation, the Jets were caught using a videotaping device during a game in Foxborough last season that resulted in the removal of a Jets employee. After Gillette Stadium officials saw him using the recorder early in the game, he was told to stop and leave the area. He had been filming from the mezzanine level between the scoreboard and a decorative lighthouse in an end zone. The camera was not confiscated by the Patriots or stadium security.

This isn’t shocking, it’s just sad.  It seems that every team cheats. First the Dolphins, then the Patriots, then the Colts, and now the Jets.  It just seems that there won’t be an end.

 You have to wonder if the Jets cheating in the 1st matchup led to their victory in the second matchup in 2006.

 I think that most teams in the NFL cheat.  And now that more and more teams are being exposed, it is starting to remind me of baseball and steroids. 

This dilemna is just starting.

2 Responses to Spygate: the Prequel

  1. Naz says:

    Well it’s not like it’s big cheating, even what the Patriots did was nothing, mearly just overblown by the media because it was the Patriots.

    You can’t compare it to steroids and the NFL, videotaping simply is a tool to prepare teams, just like watching flim and such things. Obvoiusy it’s not right, but it’s not going to make you instantly win games.

  2. Greg says:

    Exactly. The name “spygate” says it all

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