Game 16 To Be Simulcasted on 3 Networks

In response to the many complaining fans across the country, the NFL has agreed to allow the Patriots v. Giants games to be broadcasted on NBC, CBS, and the NFL Network.  Prior to the announcement, the game would have only been available to 40% of households, now it is available to every household.

 Hopefully, this will bring on the end of the NFL Network era.  It’s pathetic.  The games get so little publicity, as the majority of fans are unable to watch their team’s games (when on NFL network).  Being in Southwestern Connecicut (without satellite), it would have been impossible for me to watch tomorrow’s game.  Hopefully, we won’t have to worry about this next year.


One Response to Game 16 To Be Simulcasted on 3 Networks

  1. game of the century says:

    I’m counting the minutes to see history. our new america’s team with the best ever coach, chic magnet qb. because the whole world will be watching, patriots will get it
    done because they thrive in prime time.

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