Report: McDaniels to Stay

Considering the Patriots offensive explosion this season, there has been question whether the man behind it, Josh McDaniels, would be receiving a head coaching job this offseason.  After the Ravens and Falcons showed interest in McDaniels, it seemed that he may be leaving.  However, McDaniels put an end to these rumors, releasing this statement:

“I am very grateful for the chance to interview for NFL head coaching positions, but I have decided not to pursue those opportunities at this time.  I plan to focus all my attention on our postseason preparation.”

This is good news, to say the least.  McDaniels is one of the top assistant coaches in the league, and it would be horrible to lose him.  Personally, I want McDaniels to take over for Belichick when Belichick decides to leave, although I doubt the Pats can keep him around for that long.


One Response to Report: McDaniels to Stay

  1. Art says:

    I personnally, don’t really like the play calling of McDaniels…He has gotten “somewhat” better., but at certain times throughout the game he makes a call that really makes no cents….I’d like to see Dante Scarneccia take over at any point..All in all great to be a Patriots fan…GO PATRIOTS

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