Patriots vs. Jaguars: Open Game Thread

Tonight, the Jacksonville Jaguars head to Foxborough to take on the undefeated New England Patriots.  The Jags barely outlasted Pittsburgh last week, despite holding the lead for most of the game.

 The Patriots are 12-2 in the playoffs under Bill Belichick, and look to move to 13-2, which would advance them to the AFC championship against the Chargers or the Colts.

I haven’t exactly been writing this off, but I haven’t been worried that the season is going to come to a close.  However, it could.  The Jaguars are on a roll, and a few breaks for them, and there’s a chance they could come out on top.  The scary thing is, our offseason could begin tomorrow.

For the Jaguars, John Henderson is probable, and should play.  If the Jags get a good push up front, the could give Brady some problems.  Don’t be surprised if Maroney gets around 20 carries tonight, just trying to keep the Jaguars honest.

The other problem looks to be the Jaguars running game.  Everybody knows they have the big 3 (Taylor, Jones, and Jones-Drew), and everyone knows the Patriots defense is aging.  However, I think the Patriots are going to come out and stuff the run.  Fred Taylor will have about 30 yards on 10 carries, and Jones-Drew about 28 yards on 9 carries (which will include about a 15 yard run).  Garrard will break down a little, throwing 2 touchdowns and 3 interceptions.

The Jags may take an early lead, but the Patriots will take it back and stretch it to 2-3 scores.  The Jags might get a late touchdown, but it will be too little to late.

Greg’s Prediction: Patriots 34 Jaguars 24


7 Responses to Patriots vs. Jaguars: Open Game Thread

  1. Chris says:

    And I was always taught that “cheaters never prosper”. Well I guess we should never tell our children that again, because we will have the 2007 New England Patriots to disprove this statement. 17*-0.

  2. gopats says:

    Great win! I was never scared, although that touchdown wasn’t a touchdown

  3. jdt says:

    pretty good predictions Greg. You had the score close and Jacksonvilles total rushing yards close, too. Pretty impressive.

  4. Jeff says:

    Chris, you sound bitter.

    Greg, great job on the predictions.

  5. Rak says:

    Hell of a job on the predictions. I cant wait to play the whiny immature Chargers

  6. go bolts says:

    GO CHARGERS!!! Show those bad accent having cheeters how the game is played. By the way its Boston not Baassten

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