Take Moss Out of the Game, and his Presence is Still Felt

This has nothing to do with the battery charges, just a thought about the Jaguars game.

 On Saturday, perennial wide receiver Randy Moss caught only one pass in his first playoff game as a New England Patriot.  In fact, the ball was only thrown his way once?  Why? Because the Jaguars double and triple teamed him.  They put one on the line, one back, and a safety over the top.  Just about every play.

 Essentially, you could state that the Jags took Randy Moss out of the game.  He couldn’t make any plays.  Yet, Tom Brady still throws 26/28 with three touchdowns.  However, those record breaking stats can be most attributed to Randy Moss.  Because of the attention he garnered on the outside, the middle of the field was opened up for Welker, Faulk, and sometimes Gaffney.

Randy Moss makes the offense that much better, whether or not he is making plays.  If we do lose Randy, whether to suspension for the battery, or to free agency (which I doubt), it will be detrimental to our offense.


5 Responses to Take Moss Out of the Game, and his Presence is Still Felt

  1. R1zzo23 says:

    I think it’s games like last Saturday’s that truly show Randy Moss’ dominance on the field. To demand a double and even triple-teams on every play really speaks to a player’s talents. He definitely opens up the rest of the offense and makes Brady’s job easier. I doubt he will be leaving via Free Agency and I think it is highly unlikely that he is suspended over this incident.

  2. Suspence says:

    I agree with everything you’re saying. Moss, like every player who takes this great game of football serious, have one burning obsession that they want to fulfill: Getting a championship. He is TWO victories away from something he’s been waiting his whole life, as are a number of Patriots who have already tasted greatness in the form of a perfect season. Anyone with half a brain recognizes this bad press will not shake Moss from his goal… and Olshanksy will join Anthony Smith and Paul Spicer the Patriot’s cemetary of doubtful advesaries… Go Pats

  3. jakeJakeJAKE says:

    I wonder how Jaws (Ron Jaworski) thinks about Randy Moss when he isn’t the primary receiver? Well I’ll side with you not Jaws. Randy Moss doesn’t only do good when the ball is thrown his way but, he is so key because of the double and triple teams the defense throws at him. He opens up space for guys like Wes Welker, Donte Stallworth, Jabar Gaffney, Kevin Faulk and even for Lo Mo to bust loose. I’m sure that the patriot offense would still be great without him, but not legendary.

  4. Lightning Strikes #56 says:

    A new pro-bowler Antonio Cromartie for the SD Chargers is the king of takeaways including the season’s most spectacular interception against Peyton Manning. For those of you who saw the game (Colts @ Bolts), you know this was his THIRD interception of Manning. I know Brady has been careful, but did you see our linebacker Weddle last week intercept one from Manning as he was being shoved backwards by a Colt offensive lineman? The interceptions coming from the Chargers happen when you least expect them. This is a factor Patriot fans.

  5. Greg says:

    Interceptions are never a factor. Pass coverage is a factor, and I admit the Chargers are very good in that facet of the game.

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