Patriots vs. Chargers: Open Game Thread

Finally, the Patriots are back in the AFC Championship game.  One year ago, we saw the team collapse in the second half, as the team blew an early 18 point lead.  But things are different now.The Patriots went out and improved themselves in every facet of the game.  They made pickups defensively (Adalius Thomas and Brandon Meriweather) and even more offensively, (Wes Welker, Randy Moss, Donte Stallworth, Kyle Brady).  The team was hyped from the beginning… if Tom Brady led the team to the AFC Championship with Big Eyes as their go-to guy, what could he do with a top end receiving corps? Lead the team to a 16-0 regular season and 50 touchdowns.But the undefeated record no longer means anything.  Right now, the Patriots are back to 0-0.  A loss means a losing season, but a win brings the Patriots their sixth all-time Super Bowl birth.All is on the line.  For some guys, like Tedy Bruschi and Troy Brown, it will be their last chance at another Super Bowl.  Others, like Wes Welker and Laurence Maroney have a long road ahead.All that stands between the Patriots and the Super Bowl is sixty minutes of football.  I can’t wait!Greg’s Prediction: Patriots 34 Chargers 17The score will be a lot closer than it should be.  The Patriots will essentially blow away the Chargers.If Rivers plays, he will struggle, throw 1 td with 3 ints.  LT, should he play, will have some effectiveness, but overall, he will be shut down.  His stats will be something like 20 carries for 77 yards..On the Patriots side of the ball, Randy Moss will explode for a huge game.  My prediction is that he will lay his aggression for this weeks game out on the field.On defense, Mike Vrabel will tear it up.  Why? Because I’m wearing his jersey to the game.GO PATS! 


5 Responses to Patriots vs. Chargers: Open Game Thread

  1. Rak says:

    Raks Prediction= 31-13 Pats…

  2. Pat Patriot says:

    Great game! Defense was more dominating than ever.

    Who else thinks Junior Seau had a great game?

  3. Tiffany says:

    Found a cool video on the ‘Superbowl Radio Row’, to all sports fans out there, enjoy!

  4. Alex says:

    Also found a cool video on the Patriots Fan Club…check it out!

  5. bevolexnik says:

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