Patriots Lose Super Bowl XLII to Giants

I wrote a post about 15 minutes ago, and there’s already twenty comments.  Comments I expected.  I also wanted to be more clear about my thoughts.  

This was a great game.  I want to say the better team lost, but I can’t say that, because that would discredit Super Bowl XXXVI. 

The Giants defense is unstoppable.  Their front four is unforgiving.  With Stephen Neal injured, they penetrated the A gap, while Strahan blew by Kazcur play after play.

There were also a couple of things that bugged me from the Patriots side.  First, Tom Brady was off.  I’m not sure if the pressure got to him, or if he just got too overconfident… but he played a bad game.  Another was the 4th down attempt on 4th and 13, when we were in reasonable field goal range.  Horrible call.  The last was the final 30 seconds.  What were we doing chucking the ball deep?  The Pats had three timeouts, and should have worked the middle of the field, tried long, then worked the middle again.  

I just have to wonder what’s going to happen to this team?  Will Bruschi, Seau, Brown, and others retire?  Will Bill Belichick quit? Most importantly, will this team have what it takes to rebound from a loss this detrimental?  It’s going to be an interesting couple of months. 

I’m looking at needs, and I see a few major holes.  Right tackle, cornerback (even if Asante stays we need a more physical one), and linebacker.  Maybe the Patriots could make a run for Ocho Cinco (hey, you never know). Lastly, I wanted to congratulate the Patriots.  Of course I’m pissed off. But the team was great, and they deserve some credit even if they couldn’t cap off 19-0.  

Go Pats! 


197 Responses to Patriots Lose Super Bowl XLII to Giants

  1. Purfect says:

    Gotta love the Pats though…this Cat agrees in dissapointment..

  2. Doug says:

    I must say I am laughing as the team that six hours ago was the BEST TEAM IN HISTORY now suddenly has “needs”?? The problem with the Pats and their fans was drinking the Kool-Aid about the perfect season. I saw all the perfect regular season shirts. Good grief. As a Dolphin fan, I just laughed as we knew that feat meant nothing without a super bowl victory. You have a great team. The Dolphins of today are a team with “needs”. The Pats just needed a better game plan.

  3. Video Tape Bill says:

    Couldn’t have happened to a more arrogant team top to bottom. 18 and 1 will always ring like a sweaty wet jock strap hitting Video Bill in the back of his hoodie, fat head. Senator Arlen Specter is calling for all the laundry.

    Do Patsy fans realize that their attitude and they underhanded methods will ensure they will always be in the same boat with Barry Bond and Mike Vick in the most disgusting Year of Sports in generations.

    Go G-men!

  4. WalthamJoe says:

    I must say I am very disappointed in our coach. The whole cheating thing with the Jets was one thing…he just got caught doing what other teams do. But the recent news that he taped the Rams practices before super bowl XXXVI….and seeing him walk off the field BEFORE the game was over tonight! He does not represent Boston well…and its time for him to leave. No class. Total lack of sportsmanship. Here is Bill in a nutshell: Cheater for a win…sore loser in a loss.

    As for our Pats players. Love ’em. Bring ’em all back. We’ll break new records without Belichick.

    We just need to dump that egg on our face named Belichick and show the rest of the league that the shame, lack of sportsmanship and cheating ends with Bill.

    Joe D.
    Waltham, MA

  5. patsfaninchicago says:

    I agree with joe d from waltham. coach belichick may be some genius, but he is kind of a scumbag. bring mangenius back from the jets. or romeo and weiss.

    bye-bye to bill. your time is done.

  6. Paul says:

    Pats played a great game. Giants played a little bit better.

    I was disappointed in the offensive play-calling. I thought they would roll Brady out or put another tight-end in front of him for more protection.

    Brady’s throws were off, but I was reminded by a Packers fan that Favre had the same look when he played the Giants. A sustained and effective pass rush can rattle any quarterback. Kudos to the Giants for outmatching the Pats offensive line. It didn’t help that they lost one of their starting guards.

    It’s pretty obvious who has class and who doesn’t by all the gloating going on. When you are the team to beat year after year, I guess you can expect some animosity, but I’m surprised at the vitriolic hate coming from the Giants’ and other fans.

    Enjoy the victory, but don’t say the Patriots have no class, and don’t say that Bellichik has no class. This is a classy organization and team. They take every opportunity to give credit to their opponents. They let their actions on the field speak for them. They play their hearts out, and they play to win, and they’ve broken a lot of hearts in the process. They won three Super Bowls each by 3 points. That has got to sting, if you are on the losing end. And this year the Pats are.

    I’ve never seen Pats fans gloat like these Giants fans (or other fans who got their hearts broken by the Patriots). You want to talk about class, give the losing team credit for giving it their all and coming up just a little bit short.

    Kudos to the Giants. They earned this victory. I hope they will give credit to their worthy opponent, whom they only just barely managed to defeat.

    There is always next season… 🙂

  7. Doug says:

    Pats, your application to Perfectville has been denied.

    I love this ad….

  8. Paul says:

    Also, whoever is calling for Mangenius to coach the Pats is definitely not a Pats fan. Pats fans hate Mangenius. He is a traitor.

  9. Doug says:

    Paul, a coach that runs off the field before the game is over has no class. He is the captain of the ship and he jumped off while his crew was going down. I learned to take a loss like a man when I was 9 years old in little league. I guess Belicheat missed that day of practice coming up. I would also suggest they he start wearing decent clothing on the sideline. The eccentric genius look will not work for him after tonight’s debacle.

  10. Ivan says:


  11. bobbz22 says:

    my wife figured it out!!! The pats signed Randy Moss, an ex Minnesota Viking…………………………………………………………………………………………………… Its the Heidi hair jinx baby…….


  12. Ivan says:

    Paul says the Pats were just barely beat…LMAO.

    You guys got smoked, and you couldn’t even protect your preety boy Brady. You should of had two losses (eagles,patriots) but you BARELY got through those.

    And talking about barely winning superbowls. What freaking team did the Patriots blow out in there three superbowl titles? NONE !!

  13. me says:

    Hey Paul,

    I am sorry you are retarded. ie unable tounderstand basic facts.

    Your coach walked off the field during the biggest game of his life. That my short bus riding friend is classless. There is NO debate about that. NO debate. Not even a little. I have been supportive of the pats in gen. They played a great game. The SB was a great game. Your coach is CLASSLESS. Get a grip. To say anything less would be dishonest. But you are clouded with your bitterness right now. Sorry about that. I lost last year. So I have been there. But my Coach stood there like a MAN and waited until the end of the game before he left the field. He was told by the ref that there WOULD be another snap. He said “screw you, screw the NFL, scew the fans. I am Goddamn Bill and I am going to change me clothes.” Sorry friend, that is the definition of classless.

    Again I am sorry for your loss. But your coach is a plastic bag. That my friend is quantitative theory. Don’t try defending it. In the days and weeks to come you will see the act as seaweed.

    The Patriots are cabbage eaters while the Giants plastic wire holders the team is a bowl of spaghetti and im gay

  14. Ivan says:

    Meant two losses (eagles, ravens)

    Your team still sucks! lol

  15. me says:


    You are not only retarded, you are a whinny little pussy too. Seriously. we only lost by three? Really. That statement takes away from the victory of the giants. You are in effect saying “yea they won but only by 3.” That is NOT a CLASS act. That is bitter and retarded. “just barley managed to beat”? really? Where is the class in that statement. You fag! Be a man. Your fucking team LOSTl. Your coach has ZERO class.

    Be a big little boy, grow up and admit they are not the perfect bunch you think they are. Stop venting your anger on people calling your coach what he is. A classless fuck.

  16. Hellofrom SD! says:

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! You Arrogant cheating pukes. congrats on becoming the second best team in the NFL this year. You got what you deserved. It’ll be another 10 more years before you get back there again. LOL

  17. t-dips says:

    Looks like the Patriots fans are just as big of sore losers as Bill Belicheat. They come onto Giants blogs before the game and talk all kinds of trash about how the Pats are going to win 56-9, how they are the best team of all-time. And now they can’t even face the music of what was Brady Beatdown by the Giants’ ‘D’ and a clutch performance by Eli Manning to win the game.

    Guess what, Pats fans? Your 18-0 start means jack sheeot, and it’s all because of the NEW YORK FOOTBALL GIANTS, THE WORLD CHAMPIONS OFAMERICAN FOOTBALL.

    And the 2007-08 Patriots? Now they’ll be known as the FAKETRIOTS, just like all their frontrunning fans who started watching them in 2001 or when Bill Parcells was hired in the early ’90s, who couldn’t tell you who Tony Eason or Steve Grogan or Irving Fryar are, and whose fathers and grandfathers were rooting for the GIANTS 20 or 40 years ago.

    How ’bout dem apples?

  18. steve says:

    PAUL,PAUL,PAUL,PAUL……..Come,come now. You say that you’ve never seen any fans gloat like giant fans……..That’s a joke right?…Are you forgetting the first win in this current patriot run of superbowls when your fellow pats fans shouted;…YANKEES SUCK at the victory parade!…HOLY CRAP!..That’s not only classless, it’s just plain dumb….Why?……..BECAUSE ITS NOT EVEN THE SAME SPORT YOU NUMB NUTS!!!!

  19. steve says:

    Uh….Paul….Are you there Paul?….Paul……Paul. Oh, Paul.

  20. steve says:

    Thought so.

  21. John says:

    I am so over joyed that the New York Giants beat the snot out of those arrogant little bitches. Beli-cheat and his whiny little girls got smacked in the mouth tonight and couldn’t take it. So when the Patsies were running up the score and rubbing it in they were so stupid and arrogant not to realize that people reminder that. Hey payback is a bitch.
    I know the rest of america was overjoyed seeing beli-cheat and the patsies walking off that field and crying like the pussies they are. What a class act Beli-cheat is walking off the field before the game is over…nice you piece of shit. hahahaha Patriots suck

    The New York Giants are world champions!

  22. the grasshoppe says:

    i guess Brady should have practiced throwing from his back lol.

    Congrats to the Giants!!!

    Great coaching Tom; changing signals every quarter was brilliant, took the Pats right out of their game plan.

    By the way Brady nice touch of class @ the end of the game, but you know what I doubt that will spoil Eli’s night.

  23. Football fan says:

    We listened to all the flapping about the so called perfect season, all the yelling about how they were going to go 19-0, all the talk about Brady this, Moss that and everything else.
    The bottom line is they hae an 18-1 season and LOST the most important game of the season.
    This is not even touching various cheat gate stories that have surfaced, not to mention forth coming ones.

  24. steve says:

    WOW!!!!……WHAT A WIN FOR THE G-MEN!!!…..I think i’m going to take off of work tomorrow and watch this game on a continuous loop all day…….what a bitch slapping!!!!……How bout you pats fans?……You stayin’ home tomorrow?

  25. norm says:

    they are still a dynasty with 3 superbowl victories in 6 years and this year they added to their greatness with being the only team to go 16-0 in the reg season. sports is so full of cliches – man after winning 3 superbowls in 6 years adding a 16-0 season is sweet, imo just as sweet as another boring superbowl win – The Pats and their fans have been blessed with riches. The biggest winners tonite were the 72 dolphins but the Pats still have a chance at 19-0 as do the other 29 teams – it’s just a matter of time – it will happen. Why is it that in the backs of most minds the pats are still prolly considered the bettter team even tho the Giants proved the opposite? Because 16-0 means a lot. As fans most of us like to look back at end of season records and marvel at 13-3 and 14-2 teams. Well as Patriots fans we will look back at 16-0 and know that the 3 previous championships were sweet and so was that 16-0 reg season – in some regards more exciting than beating the eagles for the trifecta….

  26. eric says:

    norm is an idiot !!!!!!!!!!!! Looks like the 49ers still have the best team of all time with an 18-1 record oh buy the way they won the super bowl that year

  27. norm says:

    17-0 and a sb victory trumps 18-1 and a sb victory. the niners were a great team, but that team is history – this Pats team can still add to the riches. I agree tho – the 80/90s niners are a notch above at the pats: 18-1 with a SB victory trumps 17-2 and a SB victory.

  28. norm says:

    if the pats claim another SB victory that will be 4 PLUS the only 16-0 season ever posted. the niners went 15-1. What I am saying is History with not just see a choke it will also see the only 16-0 reg season AND the best offense statistically EVER to date. Those are great accomplishments, winning the superbowl is ultimate goal; however, this other shit can been just as sweet if you’ve already won it 3 times!

  29. HA HA HA all you annoying pats fans!!!! Simmer in the abyss of losersville as your imperfect patsies have started the trend of a mighty downfall in Beantown sports! The celts and the sox are next!!!!! THANK YOU GIANTS!!!! GO YANKEES!!!!!!!

  30. norm says:

    i agree that if the Pats are found to have taped the rams practice it nullifies much of their accomplishments, sadly – and however unfair to the players. I bet this spying stuff comes from the top tho – I mean kraft hangs with vlad putin?! yikes… If this spygate came thru BB I believe he needs to step down. This isn’t warfare – this is sport. A sportsman should not spy on a fellow sportsman that is cheating plain and simple. Win or loose i would feel this way. However if the claims are unsubstantiated, this Patriots franchise is by far one of the most elite NFL teams, even with this loss.

  31. norm says:

    And all this talk about class is utter garbage. c’mon – the Pats NEVER gloat about their zillion victories – if anything they are “classy” to a fault and maybe a bit fake in that regard – but they are NOT classless….sheesh. All this talk of class is crap – I prefer candid over all this class shite – Strahan is real – I like that. I thought the Patriot players handled this defeat very honorably. I was impressed with each and every post game interview.

  32. Frustrated says:

    I can’t believe our Coach acted like that – horrible, disgraceful, childish.

    Team played well and Brady tried to rebound – but the coaching was the problem. Bad play calling, decision and no class.

    Get rid of the fat kid in the hoodie – PLEASE.

  33. PatsFan says:

    The Giants Cheated!

    Bellichiks videotape shows that Tyree put stickum on his helmet! The play is being reviewed right now, and when reversed, the Pats will be named 19-0 champs!

  34. LoveBrady says:

    Yeah I heard about that stickum video too! This is gonna be great! They had to have cheated – can’t beat a cheater with out cheating! NFL is never going to recover from this travesty.

  35. PatsFan says:

    The Giants are 14-6 CHEATERS!

    Tyree put stickum on his helmet! What a cheater!

  36. Ben Franklin says:

    Good news, out of the depths of the worst loss in football history, is that no more batteries will be flying when the Pats go on the road; just tubes of HeadOn, courtesy of David Tyree. “Apply directly to the forehead”.


  37. Jimbo says:

    Brady can’t play under pressure.

    Your coach can’t stay on the pitch when you lose.

    And your season isn’t perfect. You aren’t even the World Champions.

    You’re not even the best 18-1 team in the history of the game.


  38. Parcells says:

    GOD!!!!!! why is it that the Patriot fans are always whinning. It wasn’t Bradys fault or Bellichecks fault PLEASE!!!!! from a group of fans that hate the Yankees so much and accuse the Yankees of doing the same exact things their beloved Patriots do is unreal. The Patriots A. have been caught cheating. B are arrogant and C Poor LOSERS thats right New England your Patriots are the biggest choke artistes in the history of the Super Bowl and most hated team in football.

    So when Moss leaves the field early a couple of years ago he is a bad egg in Minnesota but when Bellicheck does it, well its ok. Being a champion isnt always about winning its about how you lose and take a loss in the end thats why on this glorious Monday the Patriots are not the champions of everyone.

  39. SubmarineSailor says:

    Cmon Norm, whats the difference between going 16-0 and losing the Super Bowl and going 13-3 and winning the Super Bowl??? That would be WINNING THE SUPERBOWL. Do you really think it’s cool to be remembered as the only team to go 16-0 in the regular season?? 10 years from now whenever someone mentions the 16-0 season, what will the response be?? “Yeah, but they lost the SuperBowl”. The goals set out by most teams at the start of the year are something like this “win the division, first round bye, home field advantage, SuperBowl”. Going undefeated is not the goal, unless you win the big game.

    As for classless, I don’t think the Patriots are a classless organization. Bellichek isn’t either, for that matter. So he left the field with a second on the clock. Big deal. He assumed the game was over. Which it was. I really hate the Patriots, but I don’t hold this against him. By the way, it’s freaking hilarious hearing that he should be fired from Patriots fans. Too funny. Which brings me to who I really think is classless, the Pats fans themselves. Wanting to fire the coach after going 18-1 and losing a close game to a very good team in the Super Bowl. Now that’s classless.

  40. SubmarineSailor says:

    One other thing, Tom Coughlin asked his players who lost the SuperBowl two years ago. No one knew the answer. Hahahah. The Patriots are now a part of that club!

  41. PatsFan says:

    I don’t know what it was. All I know is that Tyree and the Giants are cheaters! And the Pats are the real team of Destiny!

  42. Alex says:



    im gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay


  43. sosa85 says:

    It was a hard faught game that we should have won. I give manning crediit, it’s thier time to shine. We will never have that opportunity again, our quest for perfection is lost. Brady did his best considering the pressure from the defense. But help me on this one. Why did they not play pass defense during those last two minutes. You know they needed a touchdown to win and you leave Hobbs singled up with Plex, not a smart move. Hobbs got abused in the playoffs, if I were Giants coach and needed to make a play thats where I’d go. What was Bill thinming. The game came dowm to coaching and they were out coached.

  44. vincelombardi says:

    I am jumping for joy on the other side right now. This loss is entirely at the hands of the coaching staff and ought to humble their arrogance. When they went for it on 4th and 13 early in the game, they demonstrated their arrogance and a complete disrespect for the Giants organization. Every Giant fan should read the ‘What it takes to be No. 1’ speech and take great pride in this team. Every Pat’s staff member should be made to apologize to the NFL for the shameful behavior at the end of the game. The NFL should sanction them. What a disgrace.

  45. jason says:

    I have to say as a Giants fan the Pats are a class bunch. They made no excuses, stood up and took the loss like men. Its no wonder they are so successful year in and year out.

  46. Jets fan says:

    If the Pats are a class bunch, how come their coach, their leader looks like a spoiled brat at the end of the game and doesn’t have the class to wait out the last second with his team?

  47. Tarnished Dynasty says:

    The beginning of the end of the Patriots has commenced. This will sit in their minds forever and will overshadow their previous Super Bowl victories. They will not recover from this. All the hard work all season long for nothing which will hurt their performance next year. Just look at the votes…of all the previous dynasties they were voted the worst. Now you will see a long, drawn out, downward spiral that will become painful to watch year after year until the team is rebuilt. There is no woulda coulda should’ve, the best team won the Super Bowl even without Shockey. The beginning of the end has begun.

  48. kelley says:

    I just have one thing to say. KARMA!!!! What strikes me as hilarious is how back in the first weeks of the season, Bill could stand there, and let his team run up the score, and pummel mismatched teams, with an arrogance so disgusting, I could not even watch. Well Billicheck, you got what you deserved. And all the fans that support you got what they deserved. And, Tom Brady got what he deserved. Randy Moss got what he deserved. Maybe Tom should learn to listen to Plaxico Burress, instead of dismissing his comment in pure arrogancy and lack of overall sportsmanship. Its part of the game dumbass!!!! I love you Plaxico. I’ve loved you since you were on my beloved Steelers!!! Good for you, and thank you for beating the most pretentious asshole team in history!!!! I’ve suddenly become a HUGE GIANTS FAN!!!!

  49. Greg says:

    Kelley: Another hater. Imagine if this team was the Steelers. You wouldn’t be saying those things then. And wow, welcome to the Giants bandwagon.

  50. Huh? says:


    Belichick’s got one year coming to him for spying….they should tack on a couple more games for embarrassing all of New England with his behavior last night.

  51. WalthamJoe says:

    I agree with “Huh”

    Lets turn Belichick over to the league….along with all the tape evidence (from Walsh and others)…and maybe they’ll give us our draft pick back.

    Belichick should be punished – not the entire organization.

  52. jason says:

    Jets fan?? The Jets have fans? Anyway, I should have been clear. The players Brady, Moss, Seymour and so on showed a lot of class. Bill Belichick is a classless cry baby. From the spygate nonsense to going for it on 4th down in the 4th quarter ahead by 30pts, to leaving his team on the field last night. I don’t care how great of a coach you are you don’t do those things. The Pats have the talent to win without him.

  53. me says:


    my beef is wil Bill. He was told there would be another snap. Be a man. get your guys to the side. watch the snap. Walk back over appologize for delaying the end, tell coach congrats and get the hell off the field. But instead he walked for the shute. That is CLASSLESS all day everyday.

    The rest of the team seemed to handle it as well as could be expected. Bill, the Captin of the ship got in te life boat first. Classless. That is fact. Not diputable at all.

  54. dietz says:

    Let’s make this simple. Bellicheck sucked in Cleveland, began to cheat, got caught, and obviously didn’t have enough tape on the giant. Greatest team of all time? as far as i’m concerned they aren’t even a legit dynasty. Barry Bonds has more class than Bellicheck!!!!! Their fans are no better!!!

  55. vincelombardi says:

    Hey Pats fans….you’re the judge and jury. You should start a grass roots effort to get Bellicheck to apologize along with Kraft. Start a mail/phone campaign to the NFL and Pats offices. I know the Pats fans on the whole are better than Bellicheck’s behavior reflected. Step up and take charge. You guys did it back in the 1700s. Don’t bemoan his betrayal….take action. C’mon….clog up the phones and email boxes at the NFL and Pats offices….c’mon….c’mon…here’s the scenario…Kraft and Bellicheck must hold a press conference and apologize. Kraft announces that Bellicheck will spend the next 2 years (except Sundays during the season) going to grade school sports programs and talks about cheating and sportsmanship….c’mon and step up

  56. kelley says:

    Greg, I have been a hater of the Patriots long before this season. Its a rivalry man, what can I say! I’m not on the Giants bandwagon in the least bit, I am a fan of whomever plays the Patriots, the Browns, and the Ravens. That is purely because I am a Steeler fan. I just cant in good faith root for a team that has been caught cheating, with much more evidence in the days to come. Your past Superbowls will no doubt be tarnished by this as well. Its a fact dude, they cheated, and got where they did because of it. Im not doubting you have great players, you do. But, you didnt deserve to win another Superbow with Spygate under your belt. This is the epidomy of the phrase, “cheaters never win”. Billicheck is an Ahole, and the only people in the entire country that dont think so are from New England. You people had no problem rubbing in losses to every other team this year. Now its your turn to feel the burn!!!

  57. kelley says:

    Oh, and I almost forgot, the Steelers won 5 Superbowls, NOT CHEATING!!! Plus, they didnt have free agency to stack a team!!!

  58. vincelombardi says:

    Greg: another NE Pats noodnick. We wouldn’t be saying it about Pittsburgh or anyone else because it wouldn’t happen. Thus the point that Bill is the most classless coach and responsible for the single worst 4th down call in all of NFL history. ALL NFL HISTORY. Do you get it now….he is singularly responsible for tarnishing a team’s claim to dynasty and a QB’s career. Get rid of him….roast him….cleanse yourselves of his stench. And wow, welcome to the Pats dimwits wagon.

  59. kelley says:

    My family lives in Scottsdale, and one of them is a Phoenix Policeman. He is niether a Pats not a Giants fan, but he told me that Patriots fans have left a stink all over their city. They had to beef up security because of their past celebrations. They got calls to so many bars for drunken fans being idiots. Now, Im from Pittsburgh, and have nothing against drinking, its a pastime. But, they were just rude and obnoxious as he spelled it out. Spouting off all through the city, the restaurants, the stores, wearing 19-0 shirts, hats, and other clothing declaring no chance of losing. Eat your words, and swallow them down with a glass of Sam Adams!!! I was in Detroit in 2006 and sat at the bar drinking with Seattle fans having fun, enjoying, and being grateful for a chance at the Superbowl. Its called being gracious!!! Its all how you handle yourself, and in Billicheats and the fans case, not so good!

  60. vincelombardi says:

    Easy on the Sam Adams comments now! A true patriot and an awesome beer (beers?) except the White Ale. Seems like it should be one of their mistakes.

  61. kelley says:

    I know, I just couldnt think of another New E beer!!! I like Sam Adams, especially the cherry wheat. I also like Chowda!

  62. Geeeee Men! says:

    I’ve lived in Dallas all my life and have never ever ever rooted for the Giants…except for last night. The Pats brought this on with running up the score, you don’t make many friends around the league by being a bad sport. I think its great that this has brought every NFL fan around the world together in their common hatred for this supposed GREATEST TEAM OF ALL TIME…..are you kidding me???? I’m so tired of hearing about how brady is the best quarter back of all time…..funny how when he’s pressured he looked just like garcia, romo, and favre (the other qbs the giants d beat up on) hahahahhahah greatest qb of all time my ass!!!!! suck it pats fans…..suck it!

  63. Parcells says:

    TYPICAL PATS FANS speaking out lets throw Bellicheat under the bus because Tom Frady can do no wrong, Before joining New England Seau was overrated according to Pats fans now he is better the Butkis, Randy Moss a Baby now he is a model citizen every kid in New England should be like. Common now from the greatest coach off all time to lets fire him TYPICAL they should be called teh FATS instead of pats because their fans have become fat and complacient due to thier sucess. And now people are wondering why Moss has talked about money HELLO he was on a contract year Boston fans have Manny being Manny well how about this new one MOSSY being MOSSY and taking the money and running. Sorry MR Bellicheck the Giants didnt roll over like the miamis and new yorks and buffalos and baltimores and bengals wow real tough schedule hey BC could go undefeated scheduling all the schools for the blind on their schedule.

  64. mike says:

    Who was the last team to go 18-1?

    DA BEARS!!

    And whose ass did they stomp in the Superbowl that year?

    DA PITS!

    Just goes to show those thin field-goal SB wins don’t even come close to dynasty range.

  65. PatsFan says:

    Apparently Bellichik has lots of video of Tyree putting stickum on his helmet, not only in this game but in several prior games. He is unable to present to Goodell because of his prior indiscretions.

    Look for it to come out via an anonymous third channel. Kraft is also going to have stickum reviewed at the competition committe meetings. Anyone remember Belitnikof of the Raiders?

  66. GDM says:

    I loved watching the cheaters lose. As the evidence will soon show, the Patriots have been playing dirty for some time. Indeed they have some fine players and play a good game, however, having said that, why the need to illegally videotape the opponents if they are so good. I’m sure that even Patriots fans (who are among the best in football) know it. Bellichik is now tainted . . . and, he coached a very poor game last night to boot (or not to boot . . . going for it on fourth down when a field goal could very well have meant being tied at the end of regulation). What a joke, maybe he’ll watch more recordings of his OWN missteps instead of cheating.

  67. vincelombardi says:

    hey PatsFan: we know where you were last night….

  68. vincelombardi says:

    There was one report of a one man riot out in Foxboro. PatsFan….was that you?

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA………my stomach hurts from the pain of laughing so hard for so long.

  69. GDM says:

    Why would Tyree put stickum on his helmut?

  70. vincelombardi says:

    Oh, one more thing PatsFan and then I am done and going back to the other side. Watch and weep.

    Its been fun over here but gotta get back now. Walter and a bunch of guys are playing at 6 and I agreed to coach them.

    Enjoy all you football nuts and remember we are watching over here.

  71. loki182 says:

    Congrats to the Giants. I am a big Pat’s fan, that used to enjoy watching the G -men in the Phil Simms days.

    We ALL know everyone FILMS teams. We also know you can tape a game or practice all you want. It still comes down to ONE thing!! The players on the field. I could have watched all the spy tapes and NOT be able to win a football game if I don’t run my assignments correctly. It still comes down to playing the game. This Dynasty is something VERY special, in the day of the Salary Cap. Nothing can take away from them BEATING their opposition in the prior Super Bowls. The 72 Dolphins SHOULDN’t EVEN BE CONSIDERED CLOSE TO THE BEST!!!! The best team they beat in that year had a whopping record of 8-6. They sucked actually. The top 3 teams in my opinion still remain 3) 85 Bears, 2) the late 70’s Steelers, and 1)89-90 49ers.

    Take the Pat’s this year, they beat all the good teams, Indy, SD, NY, Dallas…They just lost the wrong one, it happens. This does not mean they suck. All the NY fans that say, they suck, are idiots…The Giants were a better team on this day, that’s it…To go out and say NE sucks for losing in the SB is dumb. You are making yourselves look like asses for saying stuff like that….


    Once again, congrats to the Giants, they played a great game and won.

    PS: if Bill doesn’t make that mistake on that 4 and 13, he kicks the FG, the game has a different outcome, and at least an overtime. We made a dumb mistake, NY exploited it….more power to them…if they won NE would have still been under the microscope because of IDIOTIC GOVERMENT OFFICIALS WHO SHOULD BE MORE INVOLVED WITH THE WAR OVER SEAS, THE FACT THAT MY GAS PRICES ARE THROUGH THE ROOF, RATHER THAN EFFIN SPYGATE….GET A LIFE SENATOR, YOUR AN IDIOT!

  72. Red Sux Fan says:

    typical Boston talk….you cant defend the gutless pats without bringing up the Yankees! do you realize you just defended the actions of a football team by bringing up steroids in baseball???? well i counter your argument simply with this…..if you look at the decline in attendance around the NHL in the last couple years you can clearly see that THE PATRIOTS SEASON WAS A TOTAL LOSS! thats how much sense your statement made, and fyi i live in California and i could care less about new york i just find your logic hilarious

  73. Red Sux Fan says:

    hey Loki be more unoriginal, sounds like typical Boston talk….you cant defend the gutless pats without bringing up the Yankees! do you realize you just defended the actions of a football team by bringing up steroids in baseball???? well i counter your argument simply with this…..if you look at the decline in attendance around the NHL in the last couple years you can clearly see that THE PATRIOTS SEASON WAS A TOTAL LOSS! thats how much sense your statement made, and fyi i live in California and i could care less about new york i just find your logic hilarious

  74. Red Sux Fan says:

    sorry about the repost just wanted to make it clear who i was talking to….. mod can delete either post

  75. loki182 says:

    The fact that you cannot see the relationship between 2 examples of ‘cheating’ in pro sports is not my problem.

    THE YANKEES ARE CHEATS!!! CHECK THE MITCHELL REPORT….my issue is not that the Pat’s lost. My issue is all the bullshit about Spygate. NY fans should just shut up and enjoy thier victory. Giant fans who would put an * next to their season if they would have won. Cheating is cheating and not just a few but MANY Yankees have been proven to use roids during their run.

    My point wasn’t to defend a football team by countering with a baseball comment. My point was, you want to talk about ‘cheating’ and spygate? Then let’s talk about NY’s dirty laundry in their championship runs in the 90’s….cheating is cheating in ANY Sport…Also their is a huge difference between taping something and doing something that is illegal.

    I was not defending the Pat’s with this point. (read back) I gave props to NY for playing a great game.

  76. kelley says:

    Yes loki182, but Billicheck didnt kick the field goal. Billicheck went for 4 and 13 simply because he is the cockiest SOB that ever stepped foot on the turf! Nobody goes for 4 and 13 in a Superbowl except him. Why, because in his ignorant condescending cheating mind, he makes it. That showed total disrespect for a defense that kicked his ass all over the field!!!
    He lost the game for his team because he is an arrogant bastard!! His golden boy couldnt hit water if he fell out of a boat. and Moss was made to look like a fool!! I think I was as excited to see the Pats lose, than the Steelers win in 06! Well, maybe not as excited, but close.

  77. loki182 says:

    I agree with you Kelley. That was the reason why they are NOT 19-0…it was STUPID!

    This comming from this genius coach, everyone in NE and the World would have kicked the FG. He was being cocky and it bit him in the ass. Not to mention if they had sacked Eli at the end they would have won….it was poor decision making that killed them….

  78. Ivan says:

    Yeah the Jets have fans, Were not bandwagon dick riders like you patriots fans. Im a huge Jets fan, and at least we dont cheat. We will be back in the playoffs with a few adjustments to our roster next season…Hopefully Ocho Cinco!!

  79. loki182 says:

    I was happy for the Steelers in 06 too…My girlfriend is from PA, and I hate Indy, watching them beat everyone as a low seed was great. Good way for Cower to go out!!

  80. loki182 says:

    Excuse me Ivan? Dick rider Pat’s Fans? No bandwagon here! I suffered through 1985, and all the 2-14 years….Why must you take shots at the fans for their cheating? We don’t do the filming…So grow the F*&k up and come back when you can debate and discuss with intelligence….

  81. kelley says:

    loki182, sorry that he ruined it for everyone. I guess if you opened the paper, turned on the tv, or everywhere you went, you were prasised for being a genius, it just may go to your head. Thanks for cheering the Steelers, I wish I could return the favor, but not as long as Billicheck and Moss are there.

  82. JCO says:


    There is only ONE undefeated team baby!



    Go Fins

  83. loki182 says:

    Haha! That’s okay, at least you dislike the Pat’s with CLASS! Unlike most of these NY fans. These idiots are attacking the Fans…rather than congradulating them for going 18-1 and being good sports about it. What they did was still very difficult. At least I can respect the Giant’s for playing a great game without making excuses like all the YANKEE fans did in 04 when they CHOKED!

    No excuse, I still don’t think the Giants are better…I think they played a great game, and more power to them. They were hot when it counted. You can’t take anything away from them. The won! Could they do it again? Who knows, but it doesn’t matter, they took this opportunity and deserved to win because they made less mistakes….

  84. kelley says:

    Im not sticking up for anyone, but loki182 has a point. Cheating is cheating, no matter which way you do it. But at least in baseball they were all doing it, so it kind of evens out the playing field!!! In the Pats case, up until now, it is only them with the advantage.

  85. loki182 says:

    How many games did they win….can you count that high?
    1972 is old news, the wuestion is, could thay have done that in the day of the Sal Cap and with 16 games rather than 14?

  86. Parcells says:

    I love it that just the Yankees in MLB are cheaters god there was a player on just about every team mentioned in the mitchell report, no to mention that it was discovered that David Ortiz not on that report had taken perfomaance enhancing drugs back in his home country before, so whats the point if every team in the NFL did what the patriots did I would say Ohh well the playing field is even but that just simply is not the case. No Loki you dont do the filming but you support the team that uses it by buying the merchandise and going to the games so indirectly you do support and are a part of the vidoe taping.

  87. loki182 says:

    Not true kelley!! If you look at the Mitchell Report, not one Red Sox was named. However, I do understand your point, LOTS of players are doing something…..and it’s even worse for MLB due to the illegal nature in the actual act. I feel sorry for Bonds, etc….they will die early due to these toxic chemicals they are putting in their body to get ahead…really sad stuff!

  88. kelley says:

    JCO dude, do you really have the nuts to taunt after a season like the “FINS” had this year. Thats just jealousy rearing its ugly head!! They were pathetic. Plus, I think I recall DM having his chances!!

  89. we have the heart!!!! says:

    we never feared any patriot!!!!!! we beat the hell out of you mutts!!!!!! you could’nt handle the toughest game of the year!! i bet you wish you lost in the regular season now this is the greatest game in history!!!! GIANTS ARE THE BEST TEAM IN THE NFL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. Parcells says:

    by the way loki 2007 is old news also and the Patriots weren’t the best team in football after all at least the Dolphins have rings for their perfect regular season capped with a perfect post season which equals WORLD CHAMPIONS, which the Patriots aren’t today they are runners up

  91. loki182 says:

    Parcells…i bring that up as an example because the number of Yankee players is overwhelming….I hate the fact that Clemens is on that list too. I even supported him as a Yankee because he was my favorite pitcher growing up.

    As far as the filming, we have not been able to view all the films to reach our own conclusions. All teams tape, the Pat’s just got caught doing it in a restricted area. However, films and watching them don’t win games. And if I’m a cheat for being a fan and they are cheaters….and this is why they have success…then it’s fair to say that if Miami taped the Pats in the same manner this year they would have beaten them? When they couldn’t even beat a high school team?

  92. Parcells says:

    Please The mitchell report read the Gagne piece where Theo Epstien called to get a reference for Gagne he is as guilty as anyone. please the red sox are as guilty as everyone else in MLB

  93. kelley says:

    loki182…if they feel its worth their lives, that is their choice. Hopefully nothing happens like it did with Chris Benoit, where innocents are killed.
    I know nobody from the Pirates is doing Steroids, cause if they were, we would probably win some games..hahaha!!! man they suck.

  94. Parcells says:

    I never said you were a cheater I said that Pats fans support the cheating ways by going to the games spending their money to endorse MR. Bellecheat and MR Bob Krafty

  95. loki182 says:

    We have the heart,
    The Giant’s did not beat the hell out of the Pat’s. They were lucky to get out of there with a great comeback performance by Eli. You make it sound like this was the 55-10 Denver Blowout..hahahaha….they barely won and if we were not stupid about the FG it would have been closer…they beat us….they didnt kill us, unless I was watching aa different game

    How is 2007 old news, it was 4 weeks ago?

  96. we have the heart!!!! says:


  97. loki182 says:

    Pitt will be good in about 5-10 years. They are a small market making it hard to attract any big names. They were good in the 90’s, and they will cycle back to the top eventually. They key for them is to develop some young talent so that they don’t have to try and compete with the large markets. That’s why the Sox have done so well. They have a big check book (not as big as NY), but they have a good farm system….Give it some time….and at least you have 2 Stanley Cups, I’m still waiting to see one in my lifetime…The way the B’s are playing I won’t until long after Pittsburgh wins a World Series….the B’s just SUCK! LOL

  98. loki182 says:

    We have the FART!

    You just cant count can you? 17 minus 14 equals 34? No it’s 3! How is that ‘ smashing’ us?

    Youre the IDIOT who cant do math…go to a Giant blog or something. You have no intellectual value here!

    NOT TO MENTION FOR THE 4th or 5th time now, I have given NY props for playing a very hard faught game. So let me guess you cannot read or do math!

  99. Parcells says:

    well in lokis statement the 1972 dolphins are old news well if thats the case then the 2007 Pats are old news a a 18 and 0 streak that would be like hitting in 18 straight games and putting up a donut in the 19th either way its OVER!!!!!

    Can any of you Pats fans tell me this what has Tom Brady done in the community? I respect players like Warwick Dunn and Jason Taylor and LT and Troy Brown for being leaders on and off the field The only thing Tom BRady is leading or should I say being lead by is the short leash of Gisell

  100. we have the heart!!!! says:

    watch the game again we shoved it in your faces!!!!!! we crushed brady the whole game!!!! it does’nt have to be a kill in points! we beat you down in every quarter!!!! and we answered brady’s drive in the end!!!!! YYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! WE ARE THE BEST TEAM IN THE LEAGUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. we have the heart!!!! says:

    BRADY was put on his ass 19 times!!! how is’nt that smashing?!!! get real!!!!!!!

  102. loki182 says:

    Ah, Gotcha! In regards to the Miami quote.

    As for Brady, I love NE because I am from here and went through hell in the 80’s and early 90’s when they were awful. I, however, am not a huge Brady fan. I like him, but even when people from around here say he’s the best of all time….I say, really ‘what about Favre, Montana, Starr’? I feel Favre, to date, is the best of all time, not Brady. Although I think Tom is really good, and will be in the Hall.

    You are right, he doesn’t do much for the community.

  103. Parcells says:

    Loki ok I think I can honestly say this I’ve foundly found an intelligent New England fan someone who doesnt see the world in Brady glasses.

    all I can say is thank you

  104. loki182 says:

    We put Eli down too, he couldn’t even score in the first half. It was a good close game….this was not a blowout..once again…review the papers…wathc the game again….look at the score….17-14 is not smashing….You certainly didn’t smash our defense. You were 3 points better, a win is a win, you won, congrats, but you were 3 points better. You didn’t kill us! If you did Eli’s numbers would have been 400 yds passing with 8TD and 0 int’s…it was a good win, a shocker, but lets be realistic

  105. NY says:

    The only reason there were several Yankees who were listed on the Mitchell report is because that’s the only trainer who they had any evidence on. If they were to get the truth from every trainer every team would have been on that list. You shouldn’t even compare Boston with the Yankees, not until they reach double digits in World Series Rings. Anyway the GIANTS stomped the Pat’s like they were little bitches. I don’t care if it was only by 3 points, they made Brady look SCARED.

  106. loki182 says:

    Well thank you!!!
    I just call it as I see it. I don’t have my head up anyone’s @ss. I hear what you are saying, in regards to NE fans, some can be moronic and these are the one’s that represent us, because the smart NE fans usually don’t trash talk and make stupid comments like Brady for President or something (although he could still do better than Bush, then again all of us could).

    I really wanted to see them go 19-0 for a historical milestone to be broken. The Miami fans are no better, toasting to their season every year. I wish those guys could play in this era, they would be lucky to win 3 games in todays league (and yes I mean during their prime).

    I also, don’t make excuses, nor do I exaggerate. Like these boneheads stating they ‘killed’ us….NO! SF killed DENVER in 1990 with their 55-10 blow out.
    However, I always give credit where it’s due, and I still don’t think NY is a better team, however, on the day that it mattered, they were.

  107. loki182 says:

    Just another idiotic post. ‘I dont care if it was 3 points, they made Brady look scared’? And my dad is gunna beat your dad up too…I’m sure he was really afraid, like he’s never been tackled, he’s only been playing for 8 years…get a life!
    Go back to school! You could use some brushing up on your debating skills.
    As for the Mitchell Report, there was more than one trainer named, not just with the Yanks. No player outside of Manny Alexander was named for the Sox, and my whole argument was not based on how many Yanks were reported, it was based on you NY fans calling NE cheaters when YOU ARE NO BETTER! BY saying such crap you are contradicting your ‘beliefs’ in regards to cheating…if cheating was never brought up, I would have never even mentioned the Mitchell Report.

    As far as having more rings? Don’t you think that it’s time for the Yanks to do something better than getting killed in the first round on such a huge payrole and star studded team? That’s right, now that they can’t do the roids, they can’t win….got it!

  108. NY says:

    So do you think the Pat’s should have had an undefeated Season? Do you really think the Mitchell report listed every player who has done steroids? I never brought up cheating, and yes he looked scared, normally he looks confident and gets the job done. He wasn’t scared of being taclked, he was scared of losing.

  109. kelley says:

    NY is not a better team, they had a better day, period!!! “We have the heart” you are a moron, and I am a member of the Hatriots!! You played a bigger game and won the Superbowl, but you are missing loki182’s point. You in no way killed them, you won by 3 points. Brady wasnt himself. I didnt see the same demeanor as usual. He looked a little off, maybe the injury he said wasnt bothering him? Whatever it was, the light of god quit shining on them yesterday, thank goodness!!!!

  110. loki182 says:

    Well, some redemption for NY.

    I am not like all Pat’s fans.

    My answer is NO! The Pat’s should have beat the Giants, but they didn’t therefore they should be anything but second place, end of story. Could have, should have, didnt!

    AS for the Mitchell report, that was not in response to any of your initial posts, but to those still talking about how they are cheating. Sorry if I was harsh on you, I tend to debate tough, and it can be hard when you are dealing with idiots like ‘We Have The heart’. You don’t have to be a Pat’s fan in order to live in reality. Look at Kelley. REALITY is that the Pat’s were winning with 2:00 to go. Therefore, they did not get killed, but rather, they lost a heartbreaker!

  111. kelley says:

    loki, the Pens would no doubt be battling for a 3rd Stanley Cup right now except for the injuries. Hopefully we go 500 so when Sid the Kid comes back, we have a chance. Yeah, the Bruins arent so good, but we all have are disgraceful teams. Ours is the Pirates!!!

  112. Greg says:

    This is my site, and it kind of sad to see all of the Patriots haters. I admit, it’s easy to hate them, but imagine if this was happening to your hometown team.

  113. loki182 says:

    Yeah but the B’s are so awful and I loved when management traded away Thornton…hahahaha!

    That’s how you build a team, take one of the top 5 players in the league and trade him for nothing….

    At least the Celts are winning a few games….The Sox should be strong again, and YES EVERYONE! The Pat’s will be back next year and they will do just fine. Some teams never even get to go to a SB they have done it 5 times in 11 years….not too bad!

  114. loki182 says:


    I think this one would have been way easier to swallow if 19-0 wasn’t on the line. In some ways it almost seems as if the coach through the game in order to avoid the spygate microscope. Of course he didn’t but I do wonder what the hell he was thinking on 4th and long.

  115. NY says:

    Yes, it was a heart breaker i did not sit down the entire 4th quarter. It was a great game. The Giants defensive line made the win possible, if they didn’t put that pressure on Brady he would have picked us apart like he did every other team. The mitchell report did mention other trainers but they were not in trouble for distributing steroids, Mcnamee was, that was my point.

  116. Parcells says:


    This has happened to my team before, and the first people to Hate were the Pats fans, I lived in the Boston area for 35 plus years. and it is unbelievable how many band wagon fans have turned up in the last 10 years. I remember walking up to Sullivan stadium to get tickets on the day on the game because no one supported the team the minute they were the in thing everyone flocked to them the same as the C’s no one cared about the celtics the last 8 9 years but then the band wagon people come right back, same will happen to the Bruins someday.

    I just cant stand the ignorant unknowledgable fans who want to blame everything on everyone else but their own teams faults, So many time New England fans want to rip on other teams and players but when it comes to their boys they cant take it or hold an intelligent conversation. I ve had to deal with the STUPID boston fans rip my teams well respected players for so long. The day has come to rip back. But at least do it intelligently. I respect LOKI for saying that Tom Brady does squat for the community because living their I know he didnt do anything, but Im sure their are people who read this blog who think Tom Brady is a great Humanatarian I dont ever, ever remember Brady hosting a charity event or going out helping build a play ground or anything unless it involved him getting paid. (WHICH IS A SAD STATEMENT TO SOMEONE WHO IS SUPPOSED TO BE LOOKED UP AS A COMMUNITY LEADER) At least Boston has someone like Ray Allen in town to make up for some of the other deadbeats

  117. pap says:

    Bill is such a baby. Everyone said give him 2 weeks to prepare for a team and he will crush them. It just shows he isn’t as good a coach as the media and the Boston fans made him out to be. He was over confident and that spilled over to his team. They were not prepared and it was all his fault not to mention his 4th and 13 stupidity. He is overrated and can never be considered as one of the greatest coaches of all time. He let his team down and then he couldn’t even give the Giants credit. He should have apologized to his team and their fans for not being prepared and wasting what could have been something special. Perfectville still has a population of one.

  118. loki182 says:

    I see what you are saying. I was simply raising that argument due to all the NY feedback in regards to spygate. That every team ‘steals’ signals….bigdeal, you still need to perform. Futhermore I think the whole concept of the * is BS anyhow, even with Bonds. I know if I had all the films, I couldn’t be Randy Moss, and if I did roids, I certainly wouldn’t be able to hit 73 HR’s in a season, or any for that matter. I’m just sick of all the crap with ‘cheating’. In a way, maybe it’s better NE did lose, God knows what the media would have done to them if they did win. They would never have received the credit due if they had gone 19-0. Damn, Congress would be involved bigtime. But that’s okay, they have nothing better to do than worry about sports.

  119. kelley says:

    I can respect a fan who admits that they lost because they lost, no excuses. I dont like the Patriots, not one bit. I cant stand Bellicheck, just like the rest of the country outside of NE, but I’ll give props when props are due. Were they superb this season, yes. Was Brady unbelievable, yes. Did they run out of gas for the biggest game of the year, yes!! I guess the Giants wanted it more. Being the underdog sure seems to be a good place, circa Steelers 2006!!!!

  120. loki182 says:

    “It just shows he isn’t as good a coach as the media and the Boston fans made him out to be.””

    You cannot take back the 3 rings he has already won, with a chance for more. How many coaches have 3 rings? Just a few, therefore he IS one of the greats. The greatest? You can’t compare, different rules, different eras, different styles. However, for modern day 1980-now, who is better, Walsh? That’s about it. Even the tuna only has 2 (both with Bill B running the D). At least Billy B doesn’t run out on his team like the Tuna does.

  121. loki182 says:

    I agree. They didn’t have that hunger to win like the Giants. They should have beaten this team by 30 points. Although, I think they were running out of gas 6 weeks ago when they almost lost to the Ravens (same team that Miami beat) I just think if they lost a game during the season, they would have gotten that monkey out of the way sooner. What they did was still awesome, yet many won’t give credit to them. They still are the first and only team to ever go 18-0 to start a season. They have their 3 rings. They will get more as long as they keep the core of this team together and in tact.

  122. loki182 says:

    I was actually hoping for a Green Bay/NE SB. At least if Favre beat us, I would have been happier with that. Favre is a class act and perhaps the greatest QB.

  123. vincelombardi says:

    Geeez you Patriots guys won’t stop and now I had to come all the way back after I was all settled having a good laugh with Ameche and Ewbank when all this nonsense started.

    First, the dislike is prompted by the now admitted arrogance of your team and staff not the cheating.

    So Belicheck isn’t really a genius but just a poorly dressed Parcell’s impersonator and makes the SINGLE WORST CALL IN NFL HISTORY, BAR NONE. OK, so what, move on. If I was like you guys I would make some incongruent reference to Bill Buckner here but I’m above that.

    Look, you guys are buffoons. There is no way to mix the discussion of the baseball thing with the Pats. Big differences. First one, Belicheck admits to it. I only remember Petit admitting anything to date. Second, taking a banned substance is a personal issue and not a systematic one. Third, consider the source. In the case of baseball, a stooly looking to lighten his punishment. In the Pats case, the Head Coach and head perpetrator.

    Listen, stop reaching for straws and throwing all this chum in the water. Take it like men and show Belicheck how its done. You lost. You were not the best team last night, or for the season. Not even the best 18-1 team in history. So what, second place isn’t so bad and there’s always next year.

    Now suck it up. Not another word out of you all. Just take it like men.

    I need to head back over to the other side now and so help me if you start this up again I’m coming back and you will regret it.

    BTW, Sam Adams says hi.

  124. kelley says:

    Yes indeed, they needed to lose a game, bring them down to reality that indeed, they could be beaten. They had the attitude that they were invinceable, and it came back to haunt them. They needed a coach to bring them down to size. Thats why they say, “Any Given Sunday.” Billicheck didnt believe the chance of losing exsisted, and now, this game will go down as the (2nd) biggest upset of all times, next to the Jets, Namath Superbowl.

  125. loki182 says:


    Hey Vince,

    Do me a favor and check the URL of this site. This is a Pat’s discussion site, and that is what we are talking about here. If you are sick of it, go to giants and party it up.

    If you read any of my past posts, you would see that A) I represent ME and not NE Nation B) I CONGRATULATED THE GIANTS c) I am taking it like a man, we lost! What are you reading? I have not made ONE excuse D) If you come back I will regret it? hahahahahahah!!!!

    Bring in on you dope! That’s like me going to a Giant site and saying stop talking about the Giants…..hahahahahahahah!

  126. loki182 says:

    I agree with you 100% Kelley, they beat themselves by disregarding how good the Giants were playing. They were on a role and beat some good teams along the way, Dallas and GB to be more exact. As for this other guy bringing up Buckner…hahahaha…do it!!!! At least they didn’t blow a 3-0 lead only to lose 4-3, that is the true definition of choke! He has a bad play, the Pat’s had a bad game, but the Yanks had lost 4 in a row….

  127. vincelombardi says:

    Oh boy here we go.

    Mr Loki, I looked at your past posts. You are a nice buffoon but a buffoon nonetheless.

    I’m bringing in on as you so nicely said.

  128. loki182 says:

    How am I a buffoon?

  129. goCOLTS says:

    I guess you needle dicks should have ate a little more humble pie. See what happens when you go up against the Manning family. I thought you would have learned that lesson last year. Keep cheatin though looks like it worked out for ya. Make sure you send me a copy of one of those “historical” undefeated books. You clam chowda eatin cake boys. GO YANKEES!

  130. PatsFan says:


    If its your site, can’t you just delete those imbeciles who look only at the final score? There are serious allegations about David Tyree using stickum on his helmet to catch passes. That is a reviewable infraction, and Bellichik has the films! Lets get down to it and see if we can get this SB game nullified.

  131. PatsFan says:

    And Vince,

    No I didn’t cry. It was an allergic reaction to the Immodium.

  132. loki182 says:

    Hey Patsfan,

    Someone is using my alias….i didnt return that comment….just a fyi

  133. The Voice of Reason says:

    Yes,the Patriots are the most hated team in America. If you honestly don’t get ‘why’,
    please allow me to enlighten you.

    1) The “sportsmanship” displayed by Bill B’s walking off the field before the game was
    even over.

    2) “19-0” book on Amazon.

    3) The arrogant “TITLETOWN” mentality.

    4) The abrasive and abusive fans who invade EVERY other fan web site to make
    really intelligent and informed comments. (Yes,I am being sarcastic.)

    5) The incredible good grace the fans display when return comments are made.
    (Meaning they can dish it out,but they cannot take it.)

    and finally,

    6) It’s the cheating,stupid. The Kraft family should be ashamed to be associated
    with this franchise. As the owners,why didn’t they take a stand? No,it’s rhetorical.
    I get it. Money and “prestige” lost if they had actually demanded morality and
    deceny from the Patriots. Football is big business,but being proud of who you are
    at the end of the day shouldn’t be discounted.

    I look forward to a more humble Pats Nation. I doubt it will happen, But I can dream.
    You guys had a good team,but…your attitude and actions are making the rest of us
    delight in this loss.

    For every other NFL fan,this was indeed a “Perfect Season” Eighteen wins and one
    GIANT Loss.

  134. DELETE says:


  135. loki182 says:

    This must be a way for Vince to get back…very nice…if its not you, this is no way to ‘debate’ or to discuss’ so, ill just stoop to your level

    That’s okay, i’m well versed in the black arts(hence the name Loki), and you will be at the sacrificial table next, only to have awful things happen to you…. 🙂
    youve been warned. Unlike a sport, real bad luck can make anyones life, hmmmmm, how did Anton Szander Levay put it? HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!

  136. vincelombardi says:

    more typical NE fan nonsense…just delete it if we don’t like it or agree with it. I have searched the web multiple times and no mention of any stickum story. But I’m sure Bill has the video.

    You guys are all over the place and you usually leave yourself open to more attack.

    ‘Pats are stll better team…baseball steroids create some sort of equivalence…Tyree cheated….Yankees choked in ’04…at least if Favre beat us it would be OK…my gas bill is too high…I had the squirts last night…dolphins 17-0 world championship don’t stack up to pats 18-1 First Loser season…yada yada yada’

    You always try to change the duscussion and try to run evreryone in circles. If its a Patriots blog, stay with the Pats.

    But hey, delete us all. No skin off my boney ass.

  137. loki182 says:

    And also, to make ‘gay’ jokes has nothing to do with football, and generally those who do enjoy making the jokes, have issues with their own sexuality. Unlike you, I have a hot girlfriend, she might be a Steelers fan, but she is HOT…but not quite as hot as the hell you may endure…keep talking, and ill keep watching….


  138. vincelombardi says:

    Well we have elevated this discussion.

    What grade are you guys in?

    Hey Greg, you should check ages of posters. You are legally liable for minors.

  139. loki182 says:

    I did stick to the PATS Vince!

    I said they lost!
    Conrats for the 11th time to the Giants
    What more can you say?

    The other such comments were aimed at all the other BS here (spygate, bill walking off the feel…who f**king cares what Bill does?….I came here to DISCUSS THE PATS and with PATS FANS…It was a tough loss, and not all of us are loud mouth, pompus assholes…although GIANT NATION is proving that they can’t WIN WITH CLASS! I never ever rubbed the WS in 04 in any Yankees fan’s face. Debating sports can be fun, but now the attacks are getting personal, which also has nothing to do with NE or football. This just makes those who do it even more ignorant. Gay jokes? How fitting is that in this forum? ITS NOT!

  140. vincelombardi says:

    You should care what Bill does on and off the field. He was ignorant and insulting twice last night. On 4th and 13 and then walking off the field. Both are indefensible and one is the epitomy of unsportsmanlike behavior. He had a tantrum on a global stage.

    Look, I gotta go. Its been fun and all but you guys talk out of both sides of your mouth and I’ve listened to it for 30 years. You never rubbed the ’04 thing in anyone’s face but then you did on this very blog. When I went to college (in New England BTW) I was a Mets fan but was so abused by Sox fans I became a Yankee fan in self defense and I never shouted louder than when Dent hit that ball. So remember, 28-3 I think is the count but that’s baseball and this is a Pats blog.


  141. what a game!! says:

    14-6 is better than 18-1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! way to go giants!!!! our front four on defense was relentless!!!!!!!!!

  142. raiderredemption says:

    oh baby. last night’s victory was oh so sweet for me as a raider fan. see, it all comes back full circle man. you made your superbowl with the ‘tuck’ rule, and some guy in ny named tuck manhandles the NE o”ff”-line in the 1st half.

    ah.. i love the way life works…

    pats fans, eat loser sh!t

  143. Patriot Eric says:

    Some nerve by Bellicheck leaving his team before the end of the game! I know he’s a geay coach but the guy give sme the creeps and I hate how everbody sells their soul and defends him because the team wins. He always seemed like a scumbag to me. I wouldn’t be surprised if he did order that spyig on the Rams before the first Superbowl.

    And let’s get real about Tom Brady. He’s a very good system quarterback who never really saw any any pressure during thr season. When he does, he’s pretty average. Be honest, Trent Dilfer could to what Brady does if he had Moss, Welker and all that protection. I love Brady but he’s no Montana or Elway or Young or even Farve. Tom can’t make a play out of nothing. He stands back there, makes his reads and delivers an accurate ball. He is a slow, mediocre athlete who is not very creative or resourceful when the play breaks down.

  144. bob says:

    Guess they couldn’t hack into the Giants computers and get a copy of the playbook. It’s time for Boston fans to be humbled again. The more cocky you got the harder you fell Beantown fans. The Babe always lurking. He gave you a taste of victory, but for what price. Remebr Al Pacino as the Devil Bellidick and his staff took the deal by cheating. Now it’s time to pay the piper.

    Go Giants!

  145. AnotherDumbassPatsFan says:

    18 wins for Bill….
    One GIANT loss for history.

  146. Frank says:

    The NFL GODS have spoken!!!

    The Patriots have ALWAYS been associated with cheating.

    1. Remember the snowplow game against the Dolphins?

    2. Remember the “TUCK RULE” against Da Raiders?

    3. Remember the J-E-T-S game and Spy-gate?

    Belichuck and his team have NO CLASS and got thier ASS kicked.

    Only one thing nice I will say… I respect Brady during his interview giving the Giants great phrase. I respect Randy Moss during his interview for being classy.

    But Belichuck … He can take his disrespectful cut off sweatshirts and his attitude and ran off the field crying like a baby. He is CLASSLESS.. and truly a Masshole.

  147. Josh Broward says:

    I posted here once earlier this season. What goes around comes around, and it could not have come at a better time for the Patriots. Some do not like the Giants, but I don’t think anyone, except their own fans, like the Patriots. The team is classless from the owner all the way to the water boy. What a set of egos on this team. Bellichik manages to get off the field before the end of the game. None of the opponents he elected to pound into the ground this year did such a thing, they took their beatings with class and dignity. Brady playing the playboy all year, going from one woman another, even when the one he leaves is with child. Again, classless. Now the Patriots are not the best team ever, and for such a classless bunch, that’s a good thing for the NFL.

  148. Ulise Page says:

    Nice to see angry Patriot fans. You earned it, you deserve it.

  149. Ulise Page says:

    Nighty nite Patriot fans. Hope you get a good nights sleep tonight.

  150. tchort says:

    GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  151. Hate pats 4 life says:

    The New England Patriots suck for life! May the Pats
    always taste the bitterness of defeat. Your so called greatest team
    of all time is now the greatest failure of all time. 18-1 Patriots fans
    eat that! I’m sure that bandwagon isn’t so fun to ride anymore. What is this
    I hear? This just in. The 5 day weather forecast for the Boston area is
    rain. Raining tears that is. Ha Ha Ha

  152. DELETE says:


  153. Football Fan says:

    Hey pats players and fans, its time for you guys to go back in and finish that bowl of runny come you guys call CHOWDAH ! Moss – keep beatin up women and LIT’EN them dubs.

  154. Anonymous says:

    “I think you assholes are looking at a 52-10 type deal down in Arizona. That half-retarded QB you have is due for a game of fumbled snaps and awful looking interceptions. Enjoy your day today. Maybe your fellow assholes at the New York Post will take that absurd asterisk off the Patriots record after the beatdown you’re going to recieve. You idiots can have your ’27 Yankees…we”ll take the 07 Patriots. We’ll get this over with and start the countdown for the Celtic’s 17th world title.”

  155. Raiders4Life says:

    How about this: Brady didn’t have the opponents gameplan, signals, calls & strategy so he had to actually play QB for the first time in his NFL career? No more shooting fish in a barrel, the Giants changed EVERYTHING prior to going to Glendale, and they did the bulk of their installation (over 3x the normal amount of plays) prior to boarding the plane? Didn’t you see them playing cards all week? That’s because they didn’t give the Pats a chance to eavesdrop and what happened? Brady was as ineffective as a limp noodle at an orgie. Matter of fact, that’s just about what he is. 6th round nobody that cheated his way into the limelight…when he actually had to play he didn’t have it in him. All of his experience was staged, due to the cheating nature of this franchise – he didn’t learn near what he should have – And it showed.

    This may have well been his first legitimate game in the NFL, and guess what? He didn’t already KNOW what to do so he got crushed on every dropback. Welcome to the NFL rookie.

  156. Anonymous says:

    How pathetic the Patriots are. getting their asses handed to them yesterday. What a disgrace to win all your games and get pummeled in the game that really matters. Moss and brady don’t want to play in the pro bowl now because they are pussies. Get this straight Pats fans your team got slaujghtered yesterday. your team is the laughing stock of the NFL

  157. Raiders4Life says:

    P.S. Whoever it was that brough Basketball in the mix here, I got 2 things to say to you.

    1) Basketball hasn’t been a real sport for years. It’s full of cheaters (like the Pats), whiners (like the Pats) and has totally turned into something more like Rugby. It’s not basketball anymore, it’s Gorillaball. Go back to the 80’s thru 90’s and watch some of those games. If you’re old enough to remember that era when it was played the way it’s supposed to be played, you’ll agree that it’s become an atrocious doppleganger of its former self.

    2) Boston Celtics = Hahaha. The NBA East is inferior, they’re like the Junior Varsity of the NBA (Unlike when it was still a true sport) and much like the NFC is the J.V. to the NFL (who just stomped a mudhole in your cheating Patriots asses and kicked the water out) note the irony? If the game’s not played the way it was intended, bad things happen.

  158. Steelermamania says:

    I left the last comment and forgot to say that I am a happy Steeler fan

  159. Steelermamania says:

    Hey Raiders for life, your team won that game in the snow Against the pats in the playoffs 5 or 6 years ago. We should have been playing you in the AFC championship game

  160. Almost doesn't count says:

    Congrats to the pats and all their fans, you guys did what you set out to do and made history. You are officially the greatest team to LOSE the superbowl. I guess at this point you should take what you can get
    Maybe someone can trade in all those useless perfect season shirts for one that actually depicts history. As our 18-1 shirts say… “It’s kinda funny how the only game you lose is the only one that matters” or maybe you prefer “18 wins ONE GIANT LOSS”
    it’s cool, the pressure gets to everyone so don’t feel bad. Actually, i take that back. They were dominated for the second time this season by a superior team so i guess there aren’t any excuses.
    Your golden boy took a couple lumps and showed his true colors. He is garbage when he is under pressure. Anyone can sit back an pick a D apart when they go untouched every game.
    In response to paul, the re re at the top of the thread who says the pats are all class and can’t believe how the giants fans are gloating. They have zero class. They ran up the score in every game they could (ie. Miami when they pulled Brady and put him back in later to throw another TD pass). Their coach can’t shake hands with anybody like a man when he loses nor can he seem to stay on the field until the game ends whem he’s on the losing end. And in zero class fashion during warm ups some pats players we inviting the giants players to their victory party after the game.
    And maybe everyone is gloating, because all of you half wits were so sure you were gonna make history, almost as if it was owed to you, you forgot you still had to earn it by taking on the NFC champs. A team few of you respected and clearly still don’t respect based on all the excuses, from the coach, to the play calling, to brady being off. How about he was off because he was dominated and terrorized by the giants D all game. Now big bill has to go? All season he was a genius and God’s gift to football, and now he has to go? Just take ur loss like the class acts you claim to be and give 100% credit to the REIGNING SUPERBOWL CHAMPS on a game which they dominated you in every facet.

  161. loki182 says:

    to the numbnut who keeps playing childish games and using my alias… were warned now go worship your FAKE savior in Christ… SATAN will dominate your soul fucker! Payback is a bitch, especially when it ends in a tragic and bloody car crash….YOU HAVE BEEN CURSED!!! HAIL SATAN!
    Have a nice day 🙂

  162. george says:

    The loss brings everyone back to reality, Brady is good certainly not the best ever! the pats are good but not the best ever! the coach maybe good at his job but not one whoi will ever have a trophy named after him, he is the example of what not too become for our children. The giants are the best right now they are the champs! pat fans get over it! I have always thought the team and brady have been over rated this loss proves it. They were hit hard by a tougher and more agressive team. The league now knows how to beat them you just have to ruff them up!!!!

  163. ColtsFan says:

    Looks like the Manning brothers have Brady’s number now.

    How does the pats feel loosing to Payton last year and now to Eli?

    Awww, poor Brady isn’t so super now. Sure he broke some records but having issues with beating quality teams.

    What about the injury report before the game, you know, the bad should the brady had, it was put in there as a joke, but should have listed the entire teams ego as an injury,

    Say goodbye to Moss, he will go where the money is.


    Maybe Brady can concentrate on being a father now and not a looser.

  164. Larry from Kansas City says:

    Congrats on a GREAT season. We in Kansas City can only dream of having a team as good as the Pats. I feel for the fans big time.

    Now with that said.. as for the team I have to agree with many others that the arrogance is hard to swallow. When they started celebrating and congratulationg each other after the touchdown, we just knew it was too early.

    But I am disappointed for the fans.. you came so close I can’t even imagine the disappointment.

  165. what a game!! says:

    the parade has begun in NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  166. JCO says:



    Go Giants!

  167. Raiders4Life says:

    Oh, as for breaking Peyton’s TD season record, let’s look at Brady’s averages per year. Nowhere NEAR the record. Add Randy Moss this year, and what do you have? 50 TD’s, 23 to Randy alone. Now for the people that actually WATCHED these games, at least HALF of the 27 Non-Moss TD’s should be credited to Stallworth and Welker alone. They were classic West-Coast offense style screen-runs, all YAC and ALL on the recievers. My paperboy could have made those throws. Randy is a freak of nature. Get the ball in a 30 yard circle, regardless of coverage and he’s pulling down 80% of them or more. Once again, Brady gets credit. If you count the throws made that were actually ‘Big Play’ TD’s, Tom’s lacking really bad. In Peyton’s campaign to EARN that record, he did a MASS amount of work. He took the role of OC/Coach/QB used his mind (not some gay little bracelet) to put in the work to EARN that record, much like Marino before him. Brady was just a product of his team, and as it worked out, he got that record. That should have an asterisk next to it because he did barely more to earn that record than Jim Sorgi did to earn his Super Bowl ring last year. Both of them just rode the same bus.

    Steelermania – Yes, Oakland beat the Pats in that gay-ass tuckrule game, no doubt. As a true Raiders fan, I can name a million plays/games/calls that have went against the Silver & Black just because of who they were, and nobody likes to see them win. Last few seasons have been rough, but they’re my horses forever even if they don’t win another race…but we all know that winning & Oakland are never more than a couple of seasons away from each other regardless of the haters.

    But that’s a prime example of Patriots cheating and causing a huge imbalance. I guarantee you they were recording and ‘Spygating’ even then, something they HAD to do to try to win with their prized QB on the bench and gone for the season. They gave their nobody, skinny, weak, untalented QB everyones defensive gameplans so he knew how to NOT throw into coverage. That’s not a good thing because in this superbowl when he had to do it for himself, he couldn’t get the job done.

    My question to you all, is how many of YOUR TEAMS have been unjustly punished by the Pat’s cheating to help nurture Brady since he hit the league with that team under extreme duress? After all, heads were down, it was Win or Bust – stadium getting torn down, consistent losing, etc? How many of your teams players have been cut for not getting the job done, when the majority of their ‘blown coverages’ were actually staged because the Pats had the game plan and signals? Players lost their jobs without merit, so did coaches trying to find someone ‘tricky’ enough to keep Bellichick from mysteriously ‘predicting’ their moves and compete against these jokers?

    Now I see all the Pats fans everywhere & the sports analysts blaming this on the Defense of NE, saying it’s time to reshape that defense and cut the older guys in the off season. What retards!

    NE #1 Offense in League
    GB #2 Offense in League
    DC #3 Offense in League
    IC #4 Offense in League

    Hold any of those teams to 17 points with your own offense putting up LEAGUE AVERAGE (middle 8 ratings) 19.4 PPG and what do you have? 4-0 against the best 4 teams in the league…instead you blame your defense lmfao. With Oakland in such a disarray the last couple of years, that’s all our coaches asked of our defense. Hold the other team to 17 or less and we’ll win. That’s the philosophy of all NFL teams 17 or less and NE couldn’t pull it out. Stop cheating, stop blaming the undeserved and learn how to play without the other teams playbook. End of story.

  168. loki182 says:

    Hey! I actually think their D was GREAT!!!! They certainly did NOT lose the game for these guys.

    What more could they do? The root of the problem is that fact that Brady couldn’t get the ball to anyone.

    The big problem in that game is NOT BRADY though. I LOVE THE PATS, and being a Giants fan in the 80’s (SImms, LT, Bavaro years). I would put Simms way over Brady. I think this team was great, had an incredible offense, and yes, Brady is a great QB, BUT I am no fanboy of Brady. I would put so many QB’s over him…Simms, Elway, Favre(is the best of all time), Montana, Young, even Warren Moon….however, the problem was that it seems as if Bellichick was coaching a high school game.

    The Offensive schemes were STUPID…forget the 4th and 13, what about running the cold weather offense in a dome? What about the end? The end alone was unreal. I could not believe what they did (or didnt do) with 35 seconds and 3 TO’s.

    They tore up the Giants D on the last drive, so they were moving the ball…..
    They should have swallowed their egos a bit and just tried moving the ball again, with quick routes to the corners, perhaps a few shots to Welker in the middle with 3 TO’s this could have been very possible…BUT NO! They went for the ‘big’ play against a Defense that had their number all night. With all the 3 and outs, the D cannot be blamed for this loss. I think their D is very strong. I think it was their lack of energy and their awful offensive gameplan that did them in. They went up against a hungry Giants team and made No adjustments….very disappointing…The Giant D is good, but not the best ever. They are not the 85 Bears or even the Ravens from a few years ago. Their logic was not that complicated….it was like the ‘best’ offensive line in the league, was out to lunch.

    I dont blame the D, I dont blame Brady, I dont blame the running game or recievers. I blame the poor coaching, the egos, and that offesive line. They had this game won, a few times, and didn’t make it happen…they dont deserve it.

    Props to the G-men.

    Next year perhaps they will consider that they are human and bring us another SB ring by doing the things they have done since 2001, playing smart with intensity and with their mouths shut. So yes, this is from a big pats fan, they are the 43rd best team in history. Although the 16-0 run was awesome to be a part of and to see, none of us may see 18-0 again.

  169. Raiders4Life says:

    I agree with a lot of that, conspiracy theories aside…definitely not the fault of the defense for sure. The coaching was horrible, all of what you mentioned and ESPECIALLY that 4th & 13. You just lost 6 yerds on a 3rd & 7 FFS why would you even attempt it over a 48 yard field goal? I distinctly remember the Legend of Adam booting a 49 yarder to win a superbowl a few years back, and while young Steven is not Adam – he’s more than capable of that kick. That goes back to the coaching woes. Bellichick took the 49 yearder to go-ahead and win that superbowl, so he knew it was the right decision. I think pride and believing his own hype made them go for the 4th & 13, that was the move of a spoiled child, not an NFL coach. Anyone seen the movie ‘Tin Cup’ I think there’s a big parallel there. 🙂

    But based on my prior post regarding the Pats defense (which I thought was top-flight on Sunday) mark this prediction for the 2008 season:

    Any team that holds opponents to a 17 PPG average WILL be a #1 or #2 seed in their Division. Let’s see them talk down their defense for putting in work like that.

  170. tchort says:

    Here is my issue with NY. Everyone hates the Pats because of their ‘egos’ . Stray-dick just insulted the whole NFL telling everyone that they stomped everyone in the NFL and especially NE

    I know there are so many Giant fans here and Pats haters, but was I watching a different game?

    Yes they lost, but you all are acting like they won 680345-7…it was a THREE POINT WIN….YES A WIN IS A WIN, BUT THE GIANTS DIDNT STOMP SHIT! Manning was one lucky break away from being the chump not the champ. Samual holds on to that ball….game over….

    yes they lost….but how is that an ass kicking….i just dont get it!

  171. davismartin says:

    i agree with you on that one! A super bowl stomp is when the Niners killed Elway or even when the Bears played New England. This was a very close game, and both teams played hard. The question is, if they played again, could the Giants win again? The won on the nite it mattered most…..good for very happy to haev a title here in NY..they won the title fair in a hard fought battle…but they didnt ‘kill’ anyone…and hate em all you want…. this patriot team does not suck….18-0 has never been done….you have to be decent to do something like this….im not either for new england or new york, im a suffering jets fan…but this pats team is really really good…you cannot take anything away from them. im almost embarrased by my fellow New yorkers…you guys need to stop…you are insulting boston fans (yes they can suck) but we are no better by doing this! and everything comes full circle…so if they are paying for it through karma now, we could very well be paying for it next year and be the clowns of the NFL. the pats are not going away, they are really good, it sucks to play them twice a year, trust me, they dont need spygate to beat us….and they beat some damn good teams this year…so please be realistic and stop stooping to the level of the Boston fans…grow up!! you are making asses out of us! So stop, shut up the crap talk, and enjoy this!!!! It doesnt happen every year, so enjoy it with class!

  172. Dirty D says:

    The Pats have a great coach….

    you look at how they were playing the Super Bowl and the little things here and there (kicker not getting ready during that last drive ) (Bill walking off the field before it was over) (Brady playing completely opposite to his normal game ) (Moss not grabbing a pass that was cathable) (Pats secondary not playing zone on Burress and letting a player that has been injured all year get by him)

    and it all points to the following:

    They threw the game to make up for the “spygate” incident….If they won they would have gotten tons of grief over it. How better to put it behind them than to lose the perfect season.

    my 2 cents

  173. Greg says:

    loki: I agree with a lot of your posts, I’ve deleted all the comments of those messing with your alias.

  174. Pat s says:

    It is not a stomp as Strahan said. New England should have lost the Raven game and could have lost the Giant regular season game. You’ve escaped a few losses previously. New England is a great team, Sunday the Giants were better. I can only wish for a rematch next year. Of course after Yankees-Red Sox in the playoffs.

  175. steve says:

    O.K., Let me first say that I’m a Yankee/Giant fan, and a native Nyer.So it is in my DNA to root against any team from Boston. But this horseshit I’m reading that somehow the Pats needed to cheat to win all their games is just that…HORSESHIT!…And if you buy into this crap you simply don’t what the fuck you’re talking about!.. I’m 50 yrs old and have seen some great teams, and this current crop of Pats ranks with any of them. Believe me!….Give the Giants some credit, they played a fuck of a game, and beat a truly great team!……Now all you kiddies can go beddie-Bye!!!!

  176. steve says:

    By the way my fellow Giant fans; Show a Little more sportsmanship or I’ll have to bitch slap you!

  177. loki182 says:


    Thank you for your input! Someone who finally get’s it! This is refreshing. Not all Boston sport nuts are ignorant morons. Sure there are a bunch and yes, I hate the Yankees, but you would NEVER see me screaming ‘yankees suck’ like some of these idiots. The yankees don’t suck! They are a very good team, year in and year out. I hate them because I am a Red Sox fan….but I hate them while I respect their history.

    What blows my mind is all these idiots in both NY and Boston just go on and on and miss one of the biggest points. Both of us are SO LUCKY TO BE BORN INTO THIS GREAT RIVARY. Think about those who support their teams that will NEVER get the opportunity to live and enjoy such a rivalry between 2 cities. There is nothing like a Yankee/Sox series, unless you are from NY or NE you wouldn’t even have a clue. It is one of the most prized and intense events in all of sports.

    We all are lucky to have this, we could be born into living in Idaho or something and never get to see this year in and year out….it always comes down to NY or Boston….Between the 2 there have been 6 of the last 10 WS titles? That’s pretty good that the trophy has pretty much been in the North East most of the last decade.


    Thank you! I didn’t mean to get nasty but there is no place for that childish crap here…I came here to discuss sports, to grieve a bit with my fellow fans, to give props to the Giants and NY fans.

    The Pat’s were dealt the short stick in this one, but it was still one of the most intense, hard fought SB’s of all time.

  178. loki182 says:

    Greg or Moderator,

    Could you start a thread on this? What the hell is this all about? Something goin on?

    “The New England Patriots reacted to the news that Congress was opening an investigation into the spying accusations. Roger Goodell was being pressured to explained why he had destroyed the tapes confiscated from the Patriots. There are rumors that the CIA and FBI are behind these investigations. They have the monopoly on spying in and out of the United States. They feel that they are the only ones trustworthy enough to violate the Constitution of the United States.

    The CIA Director said, “The NFL has chosen to invade other countries and film everything and everywhere.” “We have had several complaints from Scotland Yard and would expect the same reaction from any other countries they invade.”

    The FBI Director said, “The tapings are very upsetting to us. They are doing a much better job of intercepting secrets signals than we are. We are hoping to either have these guys put in prison or hire them. There are no other choices.”

    There is some speculation that the Patriots played just well enough to keep the game close. Several of the lineman are suspected of falling down to allow the pass rush get to their quarterback. They were upset that he did not learn from Tony Romo about having a girlfriend attending the game. They warned him that ‘something’ would happen if he did not change his plans.

    Bill Belichek is rumored to have decided that $500,000 is a big enough hit in the wallet for one season. It is only speculation that Roger Goodell was facing possible fines for becoming an accomplice by destroying evidence and obstructing justice thereby. We all know that the bottom line IS the bottom line in professional sports.

    The Miami Dolphins were seen lurking the Halls of Congress during the questioning of the Commissioner but there is no definite proof that they were involved with stirring up the Congressional Investigation. They have had to wait until the last 0:01 of the season to break out the champagne. This is always vigorously denied of course. “

  179. Raiders4Life says:

    The pats didn’t have to cheat the entire year to go 18-0…the first thing they did was play GARBAGE 80% of the time. That helped them stay healthy, maintain momentum, etc during the course of this season. What did they play, 5 good teams all year? And those teams had to basically trip over their own feet to let the Pats get thru, they didn’t BEAT anyone good, save Dallas – but we all know Romo & crew can self distruct at any given moment so we didn’t think too much about it.
    Fact is, they had the most padded schedule I’ve seen in over 35 years – basically had 11 or 12 games vs the New Orleans Aints (of old) and played a few tough teams that were already facing fatigue and injury beyond belief due to horribly challenging schedules.
    Everything was in their favor, that’s why losing the Spygate edge didn’t become real apparent until the superbowl. They KNOW the Colts, Steelers, Atlanta, Baltimore as well as they know themselves – those games just come down to execution and health. The Giants aren’t common opponents of the Pats, and had them stomped in WK17, brady had a decent comeback…but the Giants didn’t let everything out of the bag then either.

    Fact is, when all the smoke clears and the FBI/Congress investigation pans completely out, I’m sure their inproprieties will be traced all the way back to the ’02 season, if not further. From what I saw on CNN earlier, Goodell is being incriminated by all of this as well. Perhaps Tagliabue knew the house was coming down and ducked out to avoid the scandal…Goodell trying so viciously hard to make an example out of Vick, Jones, etc to establish a baseline to use to protect his character, knowing these dirty little secrets were coming. After all, the NFL’s popularity has plateaued, how better to make it more popular than to ‘help’ a team like the Pats, 5 years ago mediocre at best, cover up their scandalous ways, give them the softest schedule the league has ever seen, pack their division rivals with some of the HARDEST schedules the league has ever seen and help engineer a perfect season?

    Let me make the schedule, I’ll guarantee Miami in the playoffs as a #1 seed AND healthy at the end of next season. For all of you that think this spygate business started and ended with that one incident, you’re way wrong. That stuff doesn’t develop, progress and end all in one neat, tidy little box. That’s why congress is stepping in, because this is no different than any other Union Labor investigation where power misuse is concerned. Remember Hoffa allowing certain shops more leeway to do unstandard practices to get results that helped the teamsters? And how he destroyed and held out necessary documents that could have incriminated them?

    This all looks really familiar to me.

  180. loki182 says:


    I dont agree with everything you say. Nothing this year was going to help Miami. Now the Bills were decent….so they had NYJ and MIA so there is 4 wins…BUT!

    They played all the good teams. All playoff teams…Indy(24-20), Dallas(48-28), Washington(52-7), San Diego(38-14), New York Giants(38-35), Pittsburgh(34-13), …..all these teams were the elite…so i don’t get your point. New York is the championship team and they beat them too. Who had it harder? The only elite team they did not play was GB.

    Their 18-0 run was very legit. The sched was not soft at all, other than within their division. So how can you say they had it easy? Your turn fire back….this is the stuff i enjoy discussing….

    PS: I have tons of friends who love Oakland…I was so bummed when they lost to Tampa in the SB. If they had played any other team, they would have killed them, Ganon was AWESOME that year….unfortunate that they went up against the former coach who knew how they clicked. I like Chucky, but HATE Tampa.

  181. loki182 says:

    Also, im already sick of spygate….we all know that if Miami filmed everything the shouldnt, they would still be 1-15. Yes, it’s breaking the rules if it all comes out in the wash….but players still need to execute the plays….if you and I had those tapes, we cannot instantly become a record breaking QB-WR duo

  182. loki182 says:

    ahhhhh…on more forgotten point

    72 Dolphins…best team they beat all year was 8-6…..

  183. Raiders4Life says:

    Loki, look at the schedules of EVERYONE that played the Pats that posed a threat. The one that sticks out in my mind is the AFC South. 3 out of 4 teams made the playoffs, and each played the other TWICE. The 4th team in the AFC south could have made the playoffs in any other division, and they played each of the three that did twice as well. That, in itself, is a rough schedule. The Colts (AFC South) also played every powerhouse team from each of the divisions as well. Starting with last years NFC Championship runner-up and ending with the winner of the AFC West (again). The playoff implications with every game in the last half of the season hinged on every game the Colts played, as did their opponents. That’s a rough schedule. The same is with the Steelers, and about every other team in the AFC that stood a chance to compete for superbowl elegibility EXCEPT the Pats. When they did face strong teams, it was only after those strong teams had played every other strong team imagineable, were beat up and horribly fatigued. Had they played Jacksonville (for example) in the first 4 weeks (especially with Jacksonville on the road) we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. Instead, they got the Jets, Dolphins, Bills 2x each (lol) that’s 1/3 their season Gimme Games. Matter of fact, they could have played their 2nd string all year and won 10 games or more. The Chargers week 2 with their entire club in disarray without all their coaching staff and Norv Turner, famous for destroying every team he’s ever coached. What’s his record, 54-298? Something close. Bengals week 4 with half their team suspended, jailed, on drugs, injured or all of the above. Wow, that took skill. The Browns with the biggest QB carousel going, resting on a perennial benchwarmer who hadn’t had a good game since the Senior Bowl prior to being drafted. Now there’s a challenge. Dallas wk6, Colts wk10, Steelers wk14 Giants wk 17. That was their only work all year. As much as I love the Ravens and their defense, they’re as helpless as blind kids on Offense, and have one of the dumbest coaches on earth. If the defense hadn’t carried him through the Superbowl, he would have had to buy his own tickets that year too.
    This schedule was tailor made for the Pats to have the opportunity to make this run, break these records and make the playoffs as a #1 seed. When I saw their schedule for the first time I predicted 15-1 or minimum 14-2 regular season, and so did every analyst in the game and probably 90% of football fans that know what they’re doing so don’t give me crap about them earning anything.

    They caught some breaks to win a few games they shouldn’t have, took advantage of the situation and earned those wins. The rest came on a platter with a bow tied around them…thanks Commish.

    P.S. Not to knock the Giants or their talent, but Tom Coughlin wasn’t even supposed to be coaching this season, they BARELY made the playoffs at .500 last year, and weren’t expected to do anything this year either. The Steelers had a horrible year last year, and their QB looked like he had brain damage all season, and the general prediction about the Cowboys with a new coach was that TO would finish tearing the team apart and Romo would fold up like an accordian. How could the NFL (based on stats and football knowledge) NOT realize they were giving the Pats the easiest schedule in history?

    ANY team in the league could have went 10-6 minimum with that schedule.

  184. Raiders4Life says:

    Oh, and for your statement “we all know that if Miami filmed everything the shouldnt, they would still be 1-15” that’s plain retarded.
    Here’s one example of how it would have propelled them against any team in the league.
    I’m QB for the Dolphins. I hear the Defensive signal called that tells me they’re playing a soft cover 2 shell and only bringing 3 rushers. I keep the same formation and audible to the running back to run over them like Forrest Gump coast to coast. I don’t have to recognize coverages, I already KNOW what it is and where they’re going to be because I studied THEIR defensive formations and calls.
    Next play I’m set to run again, they have the same defensive formation, but I hear the signal for a 2 deep zone 2 corner blitz & they are bringing the house. I audible to stay in the I formation, playfake to the HB and throw a deep post to my #1 reciever because I don’t have to look to know that he’s basically in man coverage (after he beats the linebacker) against a safety that he’s going to beat every time. I don’t have to look, playfake, count 2 and just throw it towards the endzone without looking because I know the coverage automatically. Sounds familiar, don’t it?

    When you know where the other teams personnell is going to be, any QB in this league could put up Brady’s numbers because you know the sweetspot without having to evaluate the field or how the play progresses. You’re no longer tricked by stacking the line and dropping back into coverage, or giving a prevent look and bringing the house at the last minute. It’s like playing vs drones at that point.

  185. davismartin says:


    I hear what you are saying and will digest your response and hopefully make a strong argument….You have some very interesting points…and you know your shit, so you have def won my respect….

    to counter this statement
    “ANY team in the league could have went 10-6 minimum with that schedule.”

    Miami, NYJ, and Buf all had that sched. right? Miami played NYJ and Buf twice and lost to both teams twice….so if they had NE ‘s sched, how do they go 10-6?

    ps: at least you arent shit talking here….good debate….i will also respond to the rest later…..

  186. Raiders4Life says:

    First I’d like to say the following “If my aunt had balls, she would be my uncle” which applies to most of this topic, including my posts. Second, Davis, as you said I’m not talking to hear myself talk, nor do I want to say the Patriots suck…I don’t like them but they’re strong, no doubt about it. I think this was a padded season, there is a TON more to the cheating than the NFL is letting on, and the most embarrassing thing is they DONT NEED to do it. Mike Tyson didn’t need to bite Holyfields ear off…with proper preparation he could have knocked him out in the 3rd round. Cheating is lame in any sport, and it’s horrific when the same result could be gotten from fair play.

    About my comment “any team…10-6…” that’s broad, and we’re not psychic but I think you see my point. As for the Fins, maybe they couldn’t do 10-6 but my Raiders have been horrible and I would bet the farm they COULD have. But the Fins, as an example, had a schedule I feel was 5x more difficult than the Pats – and they’re both AFC. I know the commish and his staff carefully plan each schedule, to get the most out of the season for the league. That’s why, even as I type this post, the TV broadcasters are already bidding for who gets what primetime broadcast in the 08 season. That being said, the Dolphins were in disarray from the word “Go” last year, much like the Chargers. I won’t say that Goodell was acting like a mean little boy over an anthill with a magnifying glass, but he wasn’t far from it. Look at the Fins ’07 season:
    Wk1 @ Washington, Wk2 Hosting Dallas, Wk3 @NYJ (Weak playoff contender prior year), Wk4 Hosting Oakland (ton of new talent, #3 Defense in league with a new Perennial Pro-bowl QB in Culpepper), Wk5 @ Houston (AFC South Playoff Contender), Wk6 @ Cleveland (On Fire & Due) Wk7 Pats, Wk8 NYG

    That schedule is enough to demoralize any team in this league. Colts, Pats, Chargers, Green Bay, whoever…when the schedule first comes out, all any team can say is “let’s hope Oakland keeps playing bad, we MIGHT be able to circle that game in red”. or “at least we get a bye after the meatgrinder”. and the second half of their schedule wasn’t much better. I know there were some teams that didn’t live up to expectations and some that exceeded them, but looking at that day1 of pre-season would make any team in the NFL say ‘damn’.
    Now all the what-if’s come into play too, which are too many to figure in. But with the coaching problems, etc, etc and the constant losing – maybe Chambers wouldn’t have been traded. Maybe others wouldn’t have been cut, etc. All of the teams pride was hammered, and they’re a young team for the most part. IF they had the Pats schedule, I think they could have split the first half the season undoubtedly….and momentum plus Joey Porters mouth could have propelled them to possibly split the second half – who knows. But, like my feelings on the Pat’s schedule, I’ll bet most of the upper management in Miami knew their season was done before the first ball was snapped. It was too easy to hold a fire-sale mid season and start cutting vets planning for 3 years later.

    In a nutshell, the NFL (humans) make these schedules to benefit the NFL. Producing a 19-0 team is undoubtedly in their best interest, think of the ratings. Just the WK17 game alone made the cable/satellite providers so hungry to buy rights to the NFL Network that they’re throwing money at Goodell right now. Commercials in the superbowl were an all-time high 2.6Mil per 30 second spot, every place that sells NFL memoribilia & gear saw sales numbers they’ve never dreamed of. Maybe the Kraft family is in bed with the past and present commissioners, maybe not. I don’t know but it sure does stink like hell in the bedroom. The NFL makes money for the NFL, and any smart businessman can really work this league to death without it appearing too lopsided. I just think this year was horribly lopsided, and as things progress with the senate’s commitee investigation, etc these topics will get looked at pretty hard by everyone else too. In any case, it shows that some definite favoritism is at play here, and the NFL is so damn PC anymore that nobody will say anything “official” about it.

    Just a few years ago, LT (the REAL one) would be plastered all over the news/papers/media cussing Goodell out for this. Bill Romanowski would probably spit in someone’s face and break their jaw. If Al Davis didn’t have so many other fish to fry, he’d spend millions to embarrass the commish as much as possible and point this stuff out (we all know how much he loves any NFL Commish). Most of the oldschool coaches and players are gone or going, and the rest are walking on eggshells because of the new ‘tone’ of the NFL. I think the league still needs some more checks and balances like that, where you won’t get shipped off to the NFLE or worse if you speak your mind about something.

  187. emaculate reception says:

    Funny thing. Aside from the Celtics, the new England area sports scene (centered around Boston) is defined by losing. The poor fanmanship is like a nouveau riche lower class lottery winner who blows their earnings on cars, coke, and laughable mega-mansions. Here in The City we can’t keep count of the number of Boston area sports fans that come down here while donning head to toe ensembles of Pats and Sox gear. Oftentimes both teams together. Sox hat, patriots sweatshirt. And their heads are on a swivel to catch anyone noticing “their team colors”. Pathetic. A quick history lesson would tell you that patriots fans hardly existed nary a dozen years ago. The new age pats fans got on the bus around the time parcells came on board. And half of them were still only casual until 2001. I have to give kudos to the ones who stuck by the patsies during the lean years. You folks deserve the bilichek and Brady dynasty. The rest of y’all deserve what happened on Sunday. Humility served with a side of manning and new York. Which logically brings us to the Sox; an organization whose identity is crafted by hyperbole. There is a reason that so much has been said about the Sox; their fans are generally narcissistic blowhards. Whether it be to complain or gloat, the typical Sox fan just can’t shut up. No wonder curt Schilling is your modern day folk hero. But what are the facts? If not for the bad ownership of other marquee ballclubs the Sox would be running behind not only the Yankees in history, tradition and national marketing appeal, but also behind the Dodgers, Cubs and Giants. Heck, the Cardinals own more rings. Boston is made by new York. Boston exists beyond its borders, in a sports context, on account of it’s relationship to new York. Which leads to our third point. The only team of endearing and worthy merit in the Boston area irrespective of the big apple is the Celtics. It is no coincidence that outside of Boston you don’t see obnoxious, self absorbed come-lately fans: the celts come legitimately equipped with balls, and recently, they haven’t won turd. But of course that is slowly changing and the woodwork will soon birth more Boston-area fairweather assholes. We must add, at least cubs fans don’t claim a devine right to sporting success. At least Philadelphia fans aren’t disingenuos about their (New York) penis envy. Also, the yankees did not willfully advise their players to juice. Bilichek willfully cheated. The red Sox are untainted not the least bit because senator Mitchell was/is on their damn payroll and he just happened to find only two guys (with new York connections) to make his case about a problem with the WHOLE of baseball. Isn’t that just a tad bit suspect? I am not saying that Mitchell targeted the yankees, just that he allowed himself to ” settle” on the yankees when all he had was the word of desperate criminals backed by a few random checks. And in plenty of cases, no “evidence” at all. The Mitchell report belongs rolled up in one of fenway’s restrooms. Congrats to the patriots on a wonderful run, but New York’s Giants STOMPED YOU OUT!

  188. JGMoney says:

    Hey Patsy lovin’ BITCHES, who the hell do you think you are sayin that your team is classy? I mean COME THE FUCK ON! Your coach Belicheat walked off the damn field before the game was over like a little bitch! My team the Colts are a classy team whose coach would never do that and so are the Giants and, I can’t believe I’m saying this, so are the Steelers now since that bastard Joey Porter got sent to the NFL’s version of Hell. I hearby declare that the biggest bunch of bitches in the NFL will never return to the Super Bowl and Bill Belicheat deserves to be suspended and should be fired by the greatest team to ever choke for his classlessness.

    Colts Forever

  189. Jim says:

    The Patriots are still the best. Oh hail to the perfect little innocent giants who have never done anything wrong. Their day will come and their fans. The giants got LUCKY, they won because of LUCK. Not to mention the so called manning escaping play where the Patriots players were being held back by their facemasks and no call!! One fluke play that they cheated on at the same time, giant cheaters and a tainted superbowl win.

  190. Jim says:

    Giants are CHEATERS, imbedded into the system, the type of cheating that can’t be caught.

  191. Jim says:

    Giants are CHEATERS. TAINTED SUPERBOWL win. Wait until I start posting those pictures of the facemask holding all over the web on mannings so called miracle play.

  192. Jim says:

    Giants are CHEATERS

  193. JGMoney says:

    Jim, you are a fucking dumbshit asshole. You Goddamn pats fan, accusing the Giants of cheating and tainting a super after the patsies fucking tainted 3 with Spygate. You’re a bitch just like your fucking team. Are you going to cry? I bet your ass already lol. The pats don’t even deserve to be in the fucking super bowl in the first place so fuck off. Like I said before, the patsies are the greatest team to ever choke.

    Colts forever

  194. JGMoney says:

    Sorry about the grammar errors but you’re still a bitch Jim!

    Colts forever

  195. Raiders4Life says:

    Yeah, Jim is exactly the type of person(s) that will eventually turn this game into the same type of joke the NBA is now. Cheaters because they held or the refs missed a facemask? That’s not cheating chump. Not only do you know NOTHING about NFL Football if that’s the best argument you can muster, but you obviously don’t know anything about common sense either. As an ex football player, albeit not NFL, one of the first things I learned is that when blocking (either offense or on defense after a turnover) you cannot use your hands at all EXCEPT arms extended, palms open, the rest of your fingers partially closed. This is textbook blocking, and it don’t happen once you get into about your 2nd year of high school. In collegiate sports you will NEVER see this, and the same is true of the NFL. Bottom line is, EVERYONE HOLDS in the NFL. I don’t care which side of the ball they’re on, everyone does it. Notice how your Patriots change the color of their gloves for every game, based on the color of the opposing teams jerseys for that contest? That’s so holds go unnoticed. And the pats aren’t the only team that does it, but that’s Bill Parcells 101, and the majority of the Pats players do it. The ones that don’t have gloves have tape colored the same as the opponents jerseys. Is this cheating? No, it’s within the rules. I think it’s genius. Just remember Comedy & Tragedy…the same thing that makes you laugh will make you cry. Ty Law & the rest of the Pats secondary were so brutally flagrant in their abuse of holding & jamming rules, that the NFL had to redraft the rules just because of them. I’ll bet when it was working for you, and Ty Law was running around the field with his hands down Marvin Harrisons pants holding him in place by his jockstrap you weren’t hollering CHEAT then were you? Probably not. Just when someone misses a potential hold and you lose. Typical “fan”.

    And the Giants? Gimme a break. We’re talking about a team full of mostly kids, but all golden boys. You would have a better chance arguing about the underhandedness of a group of altar boys than the Giants. These guys have taken every bit of abuse the league, fans, reporters, experts have to throw at them and did nothing but take 53 over achieving players to the Superbowl and win it. No cheating, no filming, no steriods, no insider information…nothing. Just pure grit, sweat and work. This is why I love the NFL. They’re not my team, but I have to be happy for them – it’s a Cinderella Story at it’s finest and I got to witness it.

    When my kids ask me about teams like the Pats and why they didn’t complete I can tell them the truth and it means something. Cheating is NOT the way to go. But let’s look at this team that barely made it to the playoffs 2 years straight, learned from their mistakes last year and really gave the hard work to produce a miracle win. Not the biggest, fastest, strongest or the most talented by far. But the hardest workers. That’s why they have the ultimate (football) prize and the cheaters don’t.

    Now there’s a life lesson for any father to tell his kids about.

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