Superbowl XLII Open Game Thread: Patriots vs. Giants

This is it. The Superbowl is here.  19-0?  Perfection?  Immortality?  All on the line.  We’ve been saying it for months, and now we’re finally here.

Keys to the Game:

Apply Pressure to Eli Manning – Use Vrabel in stunts, line him up on the outside.  The key is to just get Eli outside the pocket, where he consistently struggles.

Slow Down Brandon Jacobs Early – Make the Giants one dimensional.  Force Eli to step up, he won’t be able to handle it.

Protect Tom Brady – We have to slow down the Giants front four.  They have Tuck, Strahan, Umenyiora.  Look for a lot of Kevin Faulk in passing situations (he is a great protection guy).

Get Maroney Going – Run, run, run the ball.  Get the Giants tired, and open the air for Tom Brady.

Greg’s Prediction: Patriots 38 – Giants 13



6 Responses to Superbowl XLII Open Game Thread: Patriots vs. Giants

  1. Buffalo Bob says:

    The patriots have never been a dominating team. Most of thier scores are close – Tom Brady is over rated and………. they are cheaters. They deserve to lose the Super Bowl …. Never have so many across the country rooted for the Giants…

  2. Hahahah says:



  3. phil says:

    18-1 Yeah. The sweetest numbers that will ever be! Belichek you loser! What a punk. Leaving before the game was over.

  4. utah says:

    This is the perfect example of the pettiness and sophmore bullshit that Bellichek stands for. Leaving before the game was over is inexcuseable. Fuck you Patriots, cheaters never prosper and I’m glad you lost.

  5. raiderredemption says:

    oh baby. last night’s victory was oh so sweet for me as a raider fan. see, it all comes back full circle man. you made your superbowl with the ‘tuck’ rule, and some guy in ny named tuck manhandles the NE o”ff”-line in the 1st half.

    ah.. i love the way life works…

    pats fans, eat loser sh!t

  6. losers says:

    cheaters dont win

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