Is Randy Moss Thinking Twice About Rejoining the Pats? Junior Seau to Stay?

Up until about ten minutes ago, I believed it was a virtual certainty that Randy Moss would be with the Patriots for the 2008 season.  That was, until I read this:

“It just makes me hungry to play football. If I am in a New England Patriot uniform next year, I would love to be in one. If I am not, you know, the show must go on.”

Two weeks ago, it seemed like he wouldn’t even consider moving on to another team.  Now, I think his focus may have shifted.  I think he wants a lot of money, and if he doesn’t get it, he may be willing to move on, although I don’t see why. 

Another big question was if Junior Seau would retire.  This is what he said:

“I haven’t thought about the future. I am having too much fun.”

Junior Seau is just a guy who loves to play football.  As long as he has a role, and as long as he can play, I think he will.  Does that mean he’ll be playing for another five years?  No, but I think he will play for at least another year.


25 Responses to Is Randy Moss Thinking Twice About Rejoining the Pats? Junior Seau to Stay?

  1. Anonymous says:

    I m hoping both stay….Randy should want to stay since he was all but dead until he came here, if not maybe go after chad johnson.

  2. Gerrydee says:

    I don’t think it was right the New England coach did not congrat the
    Giants coach last night..just ran away through the tunnel.
    I know he was disappinted, but so is everyone that does not win.
    I think poor sportmanship on his part!
    He should have worn his raggy lucky winning time to take it off for
    the Super Bowl.

  3. Doug says:

    after the season moss had, he will be expecting a HUGE paycheck. If he gets the huge payday he will stay, if not he will end up someplace with a lot of cap room.

  4. Greg says:

    I would have walked out of the stadium, but good point

  5. gerrydee is blind says:

    Gerrydee – are you blind? What part of bill hugging tom and congratulating him did you miss? everyone thought the game was over, that they were just going to run the 2 seconds off of the clock and then they put 1 second back on. you’re an idiot – spouting off without even knowing a damn thing.

  6. GDM says:

    I loved watching the cheaters lose. As the evidence will soon show, the Patriots have been playing dirty for some time. Indeed they have some fine players and play a good game, however, having said that, why the need to illegally videotape the opponents if they are so good. I’m sure that even Patriots fans (who are among the best in football) know it. Bellichik is now tainted . . . and, he coached a very poor game last night to boot (or not to boot . . . going for it on fourth down when a field goal could very well have meant being tied at the end of regulation). What a joke, maybe he’ll watch more recordings of his OWN missteps instead of cheating.

  7. Indy colts fan says:

    OMG How great was that loss. My 8 year old boy was soo happy that the cheaters lost. I told him that is why you don’t cheat. Classic lessons from the loss.

    Don’t worry, you still had a decent season. No one will remember it though.

  8. Patriot Killer says:

    I have a little jingle for the Patriot fans concerning their perfect regular season….IT DON’T MEAN A THING IF YOU AIN’T GOT THAT RING…DO-DA-DO-DA-DO-DA-DO-DA-DO-DA-DO-DA-DO-DA-DO-DA.

    OH YEAH!!!!!….LOL…..LOL…..LOL…..LOL….LOL….LOL…..LOL…..LOL…..LOL….LOL

  9. Patriot Killer says:

    I slay myself

  10. Patriot Killer says:

    Coach Billy B has been a runner all his life. As a kid he ran from the class bully that chumped him for his lunch money….a little girl name Precious.


  11. Patriot Killer says:

    Twas the day after Superbowl Sunday, when all through the blog
    not a fan was runnin’ their trap about the Pats getting flogged.

    Superbowl champ shirts/caps were hung by the locker with care,
    That by games end another Vinny Lombardi trophy would be theirs……NOT


  12. Tyler Cabbett says:

    Randy Moss is a sorry ass loser and he’s a perfect fit for a sorry team like the PATRIOTS!. Just think about it, Bellicheck gets fined a half million dollars for filming other teams practicing and they still end up losing and getting shit on their faces in front of millions of viewers.

    18 – 1 never sounded so sweet!!!!!

  13. Why are you getting mad. He didn’t see Bellicheck hugging Tom because he was so busy celebrating. Your a freakin cry baby and it’s probably because your a sorry ass losing patriot fan.

    We all rejoice in your loss. CryBABY HAHAHA

  14. Gerry dee is blind reply says:

    Your just mad because, you like the sorry patriots have mud all over your face. I we are celebrating your loss………..HAHA HA

  15. Patriot Killer says:

    I’m a dumass go pats

  16. Patriot Killer says:

    Don’t hate me by being an imposter Patriot Killer…Your dumb for assuming the name Patriot Killer STUPID…..LOL

    For you that’s like a self-inflicting wound…How dumb can you be. OH THAT’S RIGHT…. YOUR A PATRIOT FAN….SORE LOSERS…JUST LIKE YOUR DADDY BILLY B


    IF YOU KEEP TEMPTING ME I’LL TORCH YOU ALL NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Patriot Killer says:

    Tom “A.K.A Jan” Brady got hammered last night!!!! I’m sure he put on some grown-man pampers because…..HE GOT THE CRAP KNOCKED OUT OF HIM!!!!!

    Let me suggest a great movie to help you hurting Patriot fans bounce back from this devastating loss…go rent or buy The Pursuit of Happiness. That’s good stuff to help you get your swagger back….because at this moment you have …..NADA!!!!!!

  18. JLAC says:

    hmm… inretsting that partiots haters are on here, let me tell you something I laugh at the fact that none of your teams made it to the superbowl I laugh at the fact patriot killer is a little geek that can’t even beat up me [a 12 year old] I laugh at the fact that your poems suck, I laugh that you think your funny. Like I say a lot people come on the internet thinking there funny but, sorry your badly mistaken, the fact that you would crap your pants if you ever met Bill. Indy colts fan its really funny how your team gets all the righ calls, suspisous isn’t it. Like last year… Mabey I’m a sore loser but do I car no i don’t. Why I waste my time talking to ppl like you I’ll never know.l

  19. Patriot Killer says:

    Go to sleep my disgruntled little mini Bill with your sleeveless hoody and your cute little footy pajamas for the BIG BAD PATRIOT KILLER scares you with more stories of the night when the PATRIOTS THOUGHT THEY WOULD WIN THE SUPERBOWL!!!!!!


  20. Patriot Killer says:

    man it’s a ghost town in here…..HELLOOOOOOOO-O-O-O…..IS IS IS IS….ANY ANY ANY BODY BODY BODY HERE HERE HERE!!!!!!

  21. Patriot Killer Sucks says:

    Hey Patriots Kill – screw you. We’re just the fans not the team, so go shove it up your ass. I’ve looked at all of your comments, and you suck. You’re the sore one, you can’t get over yourself. Shove off

  22. JLAC says:

    Oh yeah mommy and daddy, funny. I’ll take the mini bill as a complement and wow ppl that get into in argument with a 12 year old HA HA HA HA yourself you slighly nerdy guy/girl/pussy

  23. Pats fan says:

    Let them have their fun. They talk about sore loosers? Sounds like a few in here from other teams. Football is a great game and I will not take anything away from the Giants, they are this years superbowl champs. Congratulations…………Now you guys can pick on them all next season and leave the Pats alone.

  24. loki182 says:

    More idiotic Giant fans…..going to every single blog that has NOTHING to do with the SB. Ive seen it all over the net. This thread is in regards to players coming back. Are you Giant fans that stupid that you can’t even read the Thread title? There is a place for everything and there is a thread on this very blog site that the great ‘fall’ of the pats can be discussed. You people will be hated next, you call us ego maniacs…Tell me Strahan has no ego, and I’ll tell you your IQ is-47. Tell me the NY fans have any more class that some of the idiotic Boston fans. You people are just as bad if not worse.

    The other problem with these NY fans is that they just come here to rant about nothing. There is no substance to their posts…It’s all stupid childish bullshit like…oooo Brady is a pussy….blah blah blah….Belli-cheat sucks the big one hahahahah…blah blah blah…you are ALL MAKING ASSES OF YOURSELF. My perception of the global IQ in NYC has been declining by the hour…YOU FUCKING SHEEP ARE REALLY PRETTY STUPID! Come here and talk about your team, in the appropriate places with some intellegence…Praise your team, you deserve it, point fun without making remarks that Brady is gay or pretty….thats just all childish bullshit that has no place in sporting debates. Lets talk about the game, lets talk about HOW CLOSE THEY WERE TO WINNING, lets talk about how you stole this one, lets talk about the front four and how great they played, lets talk about Eli with his first ring….

    You guys are becoming soar winners! Why can both sides have discussions about the game rather than all the insults. I love all sports. This behavior is a disgrace to your city. You should enjoy your day in the sun because it may be another 17 years before you see this again. You had a good run with some luck, if Favre doesnt fuck up, you aren’t even in this game. You tell us you ‘killed’ us, you didnt kill shit! We beat your asses in week 17 or did we, I think not, I think we beat you in another good game…. a close matchup between 2 very good football teams….and I hope for a rematch next year!

    I enjoyed all the Boston success without going to other fans and rubbing their noses in SHIT! I celebrated by purchasing dvd’s, tshirts, hats.

    When the Sox won in 2004 I had a great discussion with my grandfather and grandmother on how I was so glad to see them see it in they’re lifetime.

    Not all NY fans are bad, just like not all NE fans are idiots…

    However, the ones posting on here are really messing with their own karma!
    Lots of Pats fans including myself have given you NY fans props, can you not accept that with some class and maturity?

    Having said all that!

    I think we will see Moss back here my concern is Samuel. Anyone else thinks that he will price himself out of NE?

  25. loki182 says:

    Patriot Killer is just an asshole…Not to mention he has no clue about what he saying. Typical NY trash. You have to come to a Patriot blog site and act like a fool. You represent yourself and the mental capacity of New York. Your posts have nothing valid but stupid 7th grade garbage.

    I won’t stoop to your level and attack your team. They won a great game and deserve all the credit in the world…and I’m not about that…but I will attack YOU as an indivdual…generally when people act like you, and point fun at others…generally this means they have small feet….small feet equals a small penis. Most men with dicks the size of pencils need to act like this. The have no confidence in themselves because they cant even make a girl ‘moan’. In case you dont know how to make a girl scream and moan…rent yourslef a STRAIGHT Porno!

    So now that I have gone off on that tangent about dickless over there in NY…how does it relate to football? It doesn’t. Pat Killer has an IQ of 3…and thats probabaly how many actual friends he has because generally noone wants to be friends with dick head assholes like that!

    Hey patskiller….why dont you bring some good football points to the table. Lets talk about the game, not about if Brady is a chick…he makes more money that you, has 2 more rings than YOUR average QB, Eli i’m sure also sure BRADY would kick your little trash talking ass if you met him in a dark alley way….why dont you say that shit to his face you coward? Hide behind an alias…you are trash, you are classless…you talk about Bill Bellichick.,…how are YOU any better. Your not! Could you coach any better? Could you pass any better than Brady? NO! Otherwise we’d be talking about YOU being the MVP…then again you just may be the Most Valuable Penislicker!

    Now go back to the bar, drink 15 beers, and then drive home…with any luck, you will be a bloody mess from hitting a telephone pole at 45 MPH and you will be vanquished from this planet you pathetic excuse for a human! May your soul rot in the bowels of the earth as you face the hellacious heat of HELL!

    PS: to cut you off, I’m far from gay so dont even go there….as a matter of fact…i wear a size 16 shoe and I could EASILY STOMP YOU OUT! While pleasing a chick, and laughing at you while your beating off to pictures of Strahan…wondering what it would be like to put your pencil dick in the gap of his front teeth! NOW go away!

    PPS: The Pats will CERTAINLY be a force again next year, and with a chip on their shoulder! Good Riddens…and dont forget to drive drunk, you meathead!

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